Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Favorite Thrift Haul So Far ~!

Hey, everyone! Today I took a trip to my favorite thrift store again~! Though I originally wanted to find some cute t-shirts for this summer, I ended up straying from that plan however and getting a bunch of other stuff!

polkadot tank top , faux leather skort (do you guys remember skorts? Skirts with shorts~! I love that I won't havew to layer bloomers under these!),Adorable hearts and stripes sheets (to use as fabric~), A care bear, a super derpy and adorable unicorn pillow, some wonderful pink sandal wedges, and my absolute favorite find, platform sneakers~! The total for this haul was $18.05, a bit more expensive than my other ones, but I think it was worth it! I was amazed to find platform sneakers in my size as well, since recently I've really been wanting some!

Heres a better picture of them ~

I've washed them now so they're not as dirty anymore! I'm super excited to wear them now ;A;!

Even though the sneakers were my favorite find, I'm so happy with everything! I know I'll get a lot of use out of the pink sandals and the black skort! I'm glad I got at least one top, and I picked up a care bear to start my collection of those, as well as added a charming unicorn pillow to my collection! I'm also thinking about how to use the cute sheet~. I feel like today was the Thrift Day of Laffi or something!

Have any of you guys gotten cool things while thrifting lately? I love seeing others thrift finds ;u;!

Thanks for looking~!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Finally on summer break!! ★Summer Goals List★

Hey everyone!
Yesterday was my last day of school for the year! I'm finally free to be at home and laze around and do nothing for two months. I am super excited~. Even though that sounds like it'll be fun for me for the first two or three weeks, I think I'll get bored with my time at home pretty quickly xD. So I'm going to write up a list on what I want to accomplish over summer break. I started to think that I need to do this and that, but I know that without a nice, neat, star-pointed list I'll never get anything done! So here goes, my summer goals list ~

☆ Make Money! I've been wanting to start an etsy shop and sell a few of my crafts and anything else for the longest time now. Unfortunately, I don't have a debit card or bank account to start up a shop, so I'll need to get that arranged first.

☆Practice Driving! I got my learners permit a couple of weeks ago, but I've only been driving twice since then ;A;. I want to be able to get my licence and maybe a car in a year, so I need to really learn how to drive this summer.

☆ Blog More! Ever since school intensified, I've been pretty lazy about this blog ;~;. I have a few things I've been wanting to write posts about but haven't had the time x^x! Now that summer vacation is about, I'm excited to finish the 30 day challenge and start posting more and more often.

☆Go shopping! Lots of kinds of shopping. I need to go stationary shopping, lolita shopping, thrifting, skin care shopping, nail polish shopping, fabric and craft shopping, just lots and lots of shopping xD. Hopefully I make some money and can do this!

☆Go to meet ups! Last summer I was able to go to lot, but this summer I hope to make most of them! Most of the meet ups are far-ish away from me, and during the school year it's hard to make them. There are a few exciting sounding ones coming up that I can hopefully get to though!

☆Sew and craft! I don't have much summer clothes since I pretty much cleaned out my closet in early spring and got rid of all my older clothes. I'm excited to make myself more cutsews and a simple summer JSK or two. I also want to make things based on SPANK's dresses to wear during summer. I want to make some casual tiered skirts (like the frilly AP ones). I'm hoping to sell some clothes and a few crafts too, once I'm better at sewing properly and keeping the insides clean.

definitely want to make one like this!

☆Hang out with friends! I hate losing contact with friends over summer, so I want to prevent that this year.

☆ Read! It's exciting to be out of school and not have any books to read for that~. I finally have time to read for myself again, So I intend on doing so ~u~!

☆ Draw more! I really want to improve my style and my coloring. Hoping to get a tablet some time soon, but thats probably a later rather than sooner thing that will happen. I'm working on a cute summer picture now though ;u;.

Edit: I've finished it! Do you guys like it?

(full size here at my deviantart)

I'll probably add more to this list as I think more things up! Do you guys have any summer plans? ;u;?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

30 Day Lolita Challenge Day Eight! Music ~♪♫

Hi! Sorry for my absence ;u;. Finals are next week so I've been busy studying for them (and avoiding studying for them lol). Anyways, I have day eight of the 30 day challenge ready today!

★10 songs that inspire you for lolita★

I was actually really looking forward to this post! I don't usually listen to music because it reminds me of lolita, but just because I like it. Even though none of these songs are particularly lolita, they all sound sweet! ...I have no idea how to only embed the sound bar, btw ;A; could someone tell me how? x~x?

☆ One ~ Happiness Land - Aira Mitsuki

☆ Two ~ Darling Wondering Starring - Aira Mitsuki

☆ Three ~ Capsule - Glider rmx

☆ Four ~ Super Speedy Judy Jedy - Capsule

☆ Five ~ 5iVE STAR - Capsule

☆ Six ~ Sugarless GiRL - Capsule

☆ Seven ~ Polyrhythm - Perfume

☆ Eight ~ Lonely in Gorgeous - Tommy February6

☆ Nine ~ BARBiE BARBiE -Aira Mitsuki

☆ Ten ~ Adventure - Capsule

So that's all ten! Again, in no particular order ;u;.

Thanks for looking! Byebye~♪♫ !

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sewing for school ~ Marie Antoinette JSK!

Hello ~! In an earlier post, I mentioned I had something exciting coming up to share with you all!
Well, here it is!
A month or so ago, I walked into my AP world History class and was told that instead of a traditional final exam, we were going to have to pick a historical figure who was important to history and write a five page essay on them. I had thought Marie Antoinette sounded like a fun and easy subject matter. And then I read the second part of the project and completely set my heart on her!

"Create a costume reminiscent of the figure you chose..."

I was so excited at that point! I come to school early the next day to sign up (I wanted to get Marie Antoinette no matter what!) And I got her! Excited, I began sketching the dress I would create for her. And then I left it alone until a good week before it was due (I had other priorities, okay? xD?).

Anyways, the project was due today and through all of my procrastination, I got it done~! I'm pretty insanely proud of the dress, since it's the first JSK I've made that fits me decently (not perfectly, but I still need to practice and improve!) and I'm going to share it with you all!

Here's the original sketch ~

I didn't originally wanted to make it only slightly lolita, but as deadlines approached I decided to stick to what I was familiar with and made it more Marie Antoinette inspired lolita. You can see that I drew this on the back on the assignment paper;;; xD.

And a progress picture~
I started this dress late Saturday night and finished it on Sunday around 5:00 PM ;v;. This picture was probably around 2:00 PM. My face is blocked because I looked terrible from spending all day sewing xD.

This is the outfit I wore today~! A lot of people told me I looked like Princess Peach or Sleeping Beauty which totally made me happy xD.

This is just me derping around a bit. Don't worry, you guys, I know she never said that! It just seemed so appropriate ~

And another nice picture! I think you can see details in the top of the JSK the best from here ;v;.

I had some sewing machine drama while making it though ( All of my needles broke x~x), so the golden accents are all held on with hot glue ;~;. Hopefully, I can sew them on properly soon.

I think I got a good grade! My teacher did say she expected a bird cage or boat in my hair though xD.

So what do you guys think~? I'm really happy with it!

Thanks for looking~ ☆

Saturday, May 14, 2011

30 Day Lolita Challenge Days Six and Seven!

Hello~! Since blogger was down the other day, I'll be playing catch up with both day six and seven!

★Day 6 - 10 things you can't live without in lolita★

☆ One ~ Bloomers! I have become addicted to bloomers xD. I wear them under every skirt all the time when I'm out - lolita or not! I wear my bloomers around the house as well! I only have two pairs though, so I need to make more for myself soon.

☆ Two ~ Petticoats~! You and I both know it's just not as lolita without them!

☆ Three ~ Support. Without my family and friends support in wearing lolita, I wouldn't be able to. I really admire all of the lolis out there that wear it despite their parents wishes or the support of their families.

☆ Four ~ Detachable pieces. I love detachable sleeves! I can wear a blouse in all weather because of them ;A;. Bows that I can take off and pin everywhere are always cool too ;u;! Also, detachable waist ties can be used for making matching accessories!

☆ Five ~ Shoes. Lolita shoes are just so cute and perfect! I wish I had more than I do, I suppose I'll just have to improve my shoe collection over time.

☆ Six ~ Waist ties on JSKs. I don't really need skirt waist ties since I like blouses that have ruffles or detail on the bottom, so I don't tuck in my blouses. JSKs don't always fit me though, and sometimes they're a bit big. I'm glad that I can use the waist ties to get them to fit me better ;u;!

☆ Seven ~ Money LOL. Without money you probably have as much lolita as I do (not much lol). I really need to find a way to make some money in the near future ;~;. Hopefully I can find a job over summer, but most places only hire at 16 or 18 x~x.

☆ Eight ~ Accessories! Accessories really tie your coord together ;u;. I'm not one whos big on jewelry, but I really like the look of multiple wrist cuffs and plastic jewlery~. Hopefully I can order some from chocomint in the near future~

☆ Nine ~ Layers. I really love to layer xD. You can find so many ways to layer on more and more in lolita, so it's a great winter style! In summer, you can always go blouseless or sockless etc. to keep cool too ;u;.

☆ Ten ~ Inspiration! Without all of the beautiful, inspirational lolitas around, it would be much harder to be one! That also brings me to~~

★Day 7 - 10 people who inspire your lolita style★

☆ One~ Julie Doll! I love her style to bits and pieces, both her Lolita and non lolita styles inspire me *A*.

☆ Two ~ Kyandi! I love her casual cute style *A*! She's also a huge inspiration for me with Fairy Kei!

☆ Three ~ Mochi of Kawaiigoods! I love her style, coordinates, and cute accessories!

☆ Four ~ Shelby Cloud. Her coordinates are all so so so adorable! I also really love her youtube videos!

☆ Five ~ Wunderfluff. Not only are her outfits the cutest thing ever, but shes super sweet and totally awesome ;A;!

☆ Six ~ Rinrin! She's just so cute and I love love love her style *A*!

My favorite coordinate by her *A*~~!

☆ Seven ~ Cadney! How can anyone not love her~? Shes so sweet and her outfits are way too amazing!!

☆ Eight ~ Kammie! I love kammie~ she's super sweet and makes the cutest accessories! I love her themed outfits, like this spotty dotty themed one!

☆ Nine ~ Kasumi Pai! Okay, this girl is adorable and I love her outfits so so so so so much. ;A;. Just look at this cuteness!

☆ Ten ~ Whipcreambunn! I love her so much as well! She looks adorable to the max in sweet and absolutely stunning in gothic ;A;.

So that's ten! These aren't in any particular order by the way ;u;!

Thanks for looking ~

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

30 Day Lolita Challenge Day Five! Wishlist time!

Day five has finally arrived! I've been really looking forward to this post!! I have so many items saved in my wishlist folder on my computer, this will be a really hard list to make *A*. I hope you all enjoy it :D! Lots of Angelic Pretty heading your way!

First off is this mysterious new dress by AP! It's been taking the sweet lolita community by storm today with appearances on tumblr, facebook, blogger, and livejournal. Sadly, theres no name for it yet, or any information whatsoever. The pictures are supposedly factory leaked photos. I'm completely taken by this OP though! It's the first OP I've ever wanted! I love every color way, I think I'll strive to collect them all!

Second is pink Milky Planet skirt! I don't really like the way the JSK's top is, but I love the print so much. I love ice cream and these colors and the details of this print are just amazing~!

Starry Night Theater gets third place! I adore circus motifs and when this JSK came out I died! I love it so much! I love the black strapless version of this print the best (I love the tulle accents *u*) and I hope to own it one day *A*!

Fourth place gets Jewelry Jelly. At first It wasn't my favorite, but after seeing so many local lolis rock it so hard it's grown on me completely and filled me with love for it xD. Especially in the mint colorway!

Candy Fairy is in fifth place! I love all of the dot tulle details. I think I'm more of a fan of the blue & pink skirt, but I happen to have this photo on hand already ;u;.

Sixth place is Angel Pony skirt in blue! I love the star and pony cutouts *A*. The scallops and pompom trim (I know it's tacky, but maybe that's why I like it so much xD) scream cuteness to me!

Seventh place goes to this Sugary Carnival hoody put out in 2010 along with the re-release. I was never a super fan of SC, but once I saw this hoody I fell in love with it! I like it the best in pink and black! Hopefully i'll be able to fine one once I can afford one ;v;.

As for eighth place, to continue with the SC series, I am a huge fan of these socks. I didn't think I would include socks in here, but these deserve mention! I have loved these socks since the original release, and the re-release just fueled my love even more! Need to get my hands on these someday!

In ninth place, I believe this is a second version of a Dreamy Doll House salopette. I think it comes with a matching over-skirt as well ;u;. by far my favorite salopette by AP *A*.

Tenth is Pop Day JSK! I really love this series! I love the mint colorway of this as well~! I've seen it around for cheapish on auction sites, so even if it's tenth I'll probably aquire it more quickly than some of the others xD.

I could post so many more items! I'll stop at 10 since thats the challenge's request though xD! I hope you enjoyed my wishlist!

Thanks for looking ~ ☆ミ

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

30 Day Lolita Challenge Day Four!

I am super excited for today because it's the food post!! I LOVE food. I love it so, so, so, so, so much!

★Day 4 - 10 different kinds of food you like ★

So here goes~

☆ One ~ Beef/chicken/goat/veggie curry! I love curry with all of my heart, you guys. It's just so wonderful, and the spices and taste make me want more every single time *A*.

☆ Two ~ Fettuccine Alfredo! Or any kind of creamy pasta, really. Every time I'm at an italian restaurant, or any restaurant happening to have creamy pasta it's my go to dish ;v;. So good everywhere!

☆ Three ~ Pho! I really love Pho ( Vietnamese noodle soup for those out of the know ;u;). I could probably eat it every other day! There used to be a family run vietnamese restaurant about three minutes from me where I could get my pho fill, but they recently closed down ;~;.

☆ Four ~ Pad Thai! In case you haven't noticed by now, I'm a big fan of anything with noodles xD. I really like Thai food in general ;u;!

☆ Five ~ Potatoes! they are so versatile! You have your baked potato, potato chips, french fires, potato curry, potato salad, and there are more! Plus they taste so good and are so good for you. Potatoesss ~~~!

☆ Six ~ Tiramisu! my favorite dessert! Even though I like to dress sweet, I prefer my sweets to not be...too sweet! My eyes are often bigger than my stomach, and I'll go for adorable sweets instead of ones that I would actually enjoy more xD. Thats not the case with me and Tiramisu, though! The bitter coffee flavor suits my taste buds perfectly *A*. I want some now~@

☆ Seven ~ Soups! I really like all sorts of soup xD. I remember chicken and rice soup being my favorite when I was younger.

☆ Eight ~ Mango ANYTHING! Mangos are by far my favorite fruit and my favorite flavor! So tasty~!

☆ Nine ~ Sushi! I absolutely love sushi ;v; never understood how people dislike it without trying it! Usually people have a problem with the whole raw fish thing, but there is veggie sushi and cooked sushi, so it always confused me xD. I love eel sushi the best!

☆ Ten ~ Ice cream! Idk how much of a food this counts as, but oh my god I love ice cream. My favorite ice cream is the caramel swirl with chocolate chunks thing that Publix sells xD. I pretty much enjoy any thing with caramel, cinnamon, or strawberry flavor!

These are some my favorites, but I'm not really very picky. I'm usually okay with anything unless I'm craving some specific kind of food. There are of course things I don't think I'll ever eat though ;~; (intestines or anything like that? Yeah, no thanks ;~;). I want to start posting more food pictures on here! I love looking at pictures of food xD.

Thanks for looking~!

Monday, May 9, 2011

30 Day Lolita Challenge Day Three!

Hey, guys~ Picking up again with day 3!

★ Day 3 - 10 things you hate in lolita. ★

There's not a lot I hate about lolita, so I wonder if I can even fill this up x~x.

☆ One ~ The inaccessibility. It's a lot easier to get that it was way back when, and many would say it's totally accessible now, but you and I both know that you can't stroll downtown and pick up a perfect lolita piece from a mall xD. It's still pretty underground, and while that has it's own appeal, It would be great if it were easier to get.

☆ Two ~ The prices. There are reasons lolita is priced the way it is, but even the cheap stuff runs you more than something similar would ;A; (polka dot summer dress, maybe $35, lolita polkadot JSK from bodyline $60 ;^;). The prices aren't going to change anytime soon, though, and I can't say I would want lolita to suddenly become cheaper. It would be a bit suspicious LOL.

☆ Three ~ The layers! I'm all for layering, I actually love to layer. I also would rather be warm than cold, but when it's 100 degrees out, who wants to wear OTK cotton socks, bloomers, a petti, a cami, a blouse, and a JSK? ;A;? No one! Even when it's not super hot out, all the layers can become uncomfortable x~x

☆ Four ~ How fake it can get. I'm not saying I'll never buy a wig or anything like that, and it really does help pull together that "doll" look to have circle lenses, fake nails, and wigs on all the time, but I dunno. I just don't like it that much for me xD. I guess I would personally rather wear my real hair & nails.

☆ Five ~ No petticoat ;A;. It can look okay when you're wearing a lolita item outside of lolita, but if you're trying to pull off lolita, please invest in a petti or find some way to poof!

☆ Six ~ Color matching. It looks nice to have the same shade of pink everywhere, but I don't really care for color matching at all. xD It's kind of ridiculous to me when someone is made fun of for their shoes being slightly off the pink of their skirt. xD

☆ Seven ~ The way other people see it. Some people see that you're dressed differently and automatically assume it's some pedophilia thing or that you're just crazy. I hate that I can't go out in loli without knowing someone is thinking about it in the wrong sort of way.

☆ Eight ~ Style rivalries. I never even got it ;A;. I still don't get it! Why would you argue because someones wearing pink and the other is wearing black? It's ridiculous xD. Luckily I haven't seen much of that outside of lolita secrets.

I suppose that will have to do! I really can't think of anything else at the moment x~x.

Have a great day! Thanks for looking! ;u;!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

May 2011 Nail Art!

Hi~ everyone! To take a break from my lolita challenge posts, I have a picture of my nail art for this month ;u;! May has always reminded me of flowers, maybe because of the combination of Spring and Mothers Day. Anyways, I decided to try my hand at a flower pattern this time. Even though it was my first time ever doing floral nail art, I think it turned out okay! My family could tell they were flowers, so I think I did well enough ;v;. I'll need to practice the technique more to perfect it though.

What do you think? They make me feel so classy LOL.

Thanks for looking ~☆
Happy Mothers Day!

Friday, May 6, 2011

30 Day Lolita Challenge Day Two!

Hey again! I'm back with Day 2 today! Let's get right to it~

★Day 2 - 10 things you love in lolita★

There's so much I love about lolita! This one will be so fun to answer x3!

☆ One ~ The clothes. Or better, the quality of the clothes. I know, It's kind of obvious, but it's really true! Even lower quality lolita clothes have time put into the design and details of the piece. Solid colored lolita items have more detail in them than most anything you can find in a mainstream store. The clothes are just gorgeous (of course, there are exceptions)!

☆ Two ~ The way it helps you to evolve your style. Before I learned about lolita, I didn't know anything about lace, good vs. bad fabric, color matching/coordinating, and proportions of outfits. Even though lolita is such a a niche fashion, I know that everything I've learned so far from being a part of it has greatly improved my fashion sense!

☆ Three ~ The prints! I have grown to love border prints~! I love the detail in the artwork and the colors and the appeal of having cookies/cake/tea/whatever as a noticeable-by-any-passer-by aspect of your outfit! They're so uncommon in western clothing for some reason.

☆ Four ~ Shaped bags and hats/head-things. Call me ridiculous, But I cannot wait to put a carousel (or plate of jelly, or eiffle tower, or teacup, etc) on my head. And who doesn't find a candy shaped bag appealing!? I wouldn't love lolita as much without them~.

☆ Five ~ The poof! It's just so cool, okay xD. I get the greatest feeling when my skirt takes up two seats on the bus. I feel like I've succeeded on my quest for fluff xD. Plus it's so fun to play with, and the look it gives is so flattering and lovely!

☆ Six ~ The coordinations that break "The Rules". Rules are cool and all, and it's great to follow them at first while you're still learning. But those white blouse + pink jsk + white socks + pink shoes and bow coordinates. They're boring! I love seeing pastel JSK's with black rider jackets, blouse-less or sock-less coords, crazy hair styles and uncommon combinations! Those are the coords that keep lolita so interesting!

☆ Seven ~ The SOCKS. Oh my god, I love lolita socks. I'm a fan of OTK socks mostly. Since my legs are long and skirts don't usually make it down to my knees, I think I look better proportioned with OTK socks or tights. But patterned socks are just amazing to me. I'm lusting after a few specific pairs, but I'll reveal those when I do a sock wishlist post *u*.

☆ Eight ~ The handmade aspect! I've always loved sewing, but lolita is really what got me to improve ;u;. I still have a long, long way to go, but I can bet you sewing lolita will continue to help me get there. There are so many wonderful lolita seamstresses and designers, and almost every lolita has made one or two of their accessories (if not, you should try! it's a really rewarding feeling when it turns out well ;u;.). It's really cool being in a fashion where so many people make themselves their own unique lovely items.

☆ Nine ~ All the information. I swear I use to spend days going though the memories over at EGL. Reading all the essays, familiarizing myself with the origins and history of the style, reading through tons of debates on why it actually is called Lolita. Tutorials, style guides, wardrobe building tips, just everything! I really like that all of that is available just through a few clicks. Theres a lot of cool information about things besides lolita floating around on EGL too, so if you haven't ever sat down and gone through those memories, I seriously suggest you do!

☆ Ten ~ This is my absolute favorite part about lolita ever, and I seriously am so grateful for this all the time. The friends I've met through lolita are so important to me, and I don't know what I would do without you all! I love my local community to bits, even the girls/guys I've just met and started to get close to. Being a part of the Atlanta lolita community is amazing ;u;. Apart from local communities though, the entire lolita community is just superb. There are so many amazing lolitas, so many sweet people, so many awesome people. It's just the best xD. I'm so glad to be a lolita ;u;!

Hahaha, So that's that! I would love to read everyones answers, so feel free to jump in this contest whenever!

Thanks for taking a look ~