Sunday, February 27, 2011

10/7 Challenge End!

Hey Guys! Unlike a lot of others, I actually wanted to wear all of these outfits throughout 7 days. ;u;
Here's what I came up with from using these 10 items for 7 days.

The items~


The Results! I forgot to put dates on them, so
First row: 20, 21, 22
Second row: 23, 24, 25
Third row:26

The outfit from the 24th is me cheating xD. The outfit looked better with that black blazer and I wanted to wear it so I did! I feel that its okay to bend the rules for something like fashion, since it's yourself that you're trying to impress anyways.

Obviously, I didn't just stick to lolita while doing this challenge ;u;. I wanted to wear fairy kei and my own personal casual style as well here! I hardly wore any lolita, really. xD;;;

Thank you guys for looking! :D! Have a great Sunday~

Thursday, February 24, 2011

How to inspire yourself

Hi you guys!

I don't usually write articles or anything like that on here, but today will be a bit more wordy.

Lately, nothing special has been happening (hence the empty blog xD) . Everything is starting to get boring and each day more and more like the others. Fashion-wise and life-wise. But who wants that? Thats so...boring! When this pattern sets in, my favorite thing to do is find a way to make things more interesting. How would one do that?

Well, inspire yourself!

Look through endless pictures of your favorite things (my favorite way to do this is tumblr. If you don't have one, make one right away!), go through the memories of the egl community again, watch a show that you've always loved ( my choice is Sailor Moon~! I always will love it so much ;u;). Basically, immerse yourself in anything that reminds you of fun or interesting times. My initial motive in making my first lolita skirt was that things were getting too boring.

Contrariwise, you could do just the opposite. Do nothing. Except for your favorite things! I promise you it makes unbearable things a lot better. Do your nails before you write that big essay, or have yourself a "spa day". Watch that movie you've been wanting to see, or go shopping ( Not internet shopping this time! in person shopping is good for a change of pace)! I know whenever I'm stressed it really helps to give myself a facial and relax for a few hours with some Sailor Moon or Creamy Mami. Worry about your everyday rituals later, and enjoy a change in activity.

I normally would say the internet is a great place for inspiration, and it is, but when its all you do all day, its better to stay away from it. Try to take an internet break and go outside (there's an outside?!). Go places alone, go places with friends, and switch things up!

Hopefully, you guys enjoyed this post. Maybe it even inspired you to inspire yourself? x3?
Thanks for looking~ ;u;!

Also I feel like I need to post some pictures! these are straight from my inspiration folder ;u;
All found by tumblr. If one of these is yours and you would like me to take it down, let me know!

Byebye~ ☆ミ

Saturday, February 19, 2011

10/7 Challenge START!

I've been so excited since the beginning of the month to start this challenge! I wanted to wait until I had some new items to have fun coordinating with though. If you want more info on the challenge you can find the post on EGL here.
Here are the 10 items I've chosen to wear:

A~ Pink Bodyline Blouse
B~White Bodyline Blouse
C~ Pink and White Polkadot Mini Cardigan
D~ Mint Jacket
E~ Pink Bodyline Petticoat
F~ Bodyline Pink Soft Cream Skirt
G~ Mint-Chocolate-Chip T-shirt
H~ Pink SS Teaparties
I~ Black and White Striped Sweater
J~ Lavender Pleated Skirt

I'm excited to see what I'll come up with this next week~! At the end of the week I'll post all of my outfits together, so look forward to it~.

If anyone else has done the challenge, link me to your posts! I'm loving these :D!

Crafting post~ New Apron!

Hi, everyone! I wanted to share the apron I completed recently~

(sorry about the weird lighting in the photo;;)

I learned that we would be doing pottery in my art class last week, and even though I'm looking forward to it, I kept thinking how devastated I would be to stain my clothes with dark clay ;^;. I decided that I would need an apron to get myself through the class, so last night I finally finished one I started last year xD.

Last year I made the skirt part of the apron, and yesterday I made the heart top part~! It was a lot easier than I thought it would be to make. I'm sure if I wanted to make one to wear as clothing, it would turn out a lot cuter, but I didn't focus too much on making it perfect since I would only be using it for art class or at home.

How do you guys like it~? Ever made a lolita-style apron?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This weeks thrift haul!

Hello again, everyone!
I've been thrifting twice since last time! Once last Saturday with my friends and again tonight with my stepdad. Here's everything I got together ~

I think I'm getting some great stuff for spring! On Saturday, I bought the lavender skirt, cyan skirt, and Cinderella pillow all for $5.27. Tonight, I got the mint jacket, polkadot sweater, mint chocolate chip t-shirt, and cute mysterious stuffed animal for $11.56.
All of these for under $17!

Today was actually another really quick run over, and we got there with just over $15 minutes left. I'm hoping I get to do this 15 minute shop more often, its actually a lot of fun! :D

Also, heres an extra photo of me from Saturday.

We found a really cute Barbie toy car. It even played cute music when you hit the radio button :D!

Thanks for looking and have a great week~!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentines Day! Some art for you~

Hello! Sorry again for not posting as often during the week ;~;. School work makes it so hard to blog! Anyways, tomorrow is Valentines day! I don't have a valentine or anything xD. But neither do my friends, so we're all exchanging valentines cards and candy at school tomorrow ;u;. I usually plan on making chocolate, but don't end up doing it xD. This year was no different, but I had to do something for them! So I decided to draw another two photos. They'll probably be sick of my art pretty soon LOL.

Of course I was planning on sharing them with all of you guys too!

I'd be really happy if you guys liked them ;u;!

Again, Happy Valentines day! What are you all planing on doing~☆?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hawaii Kawaii x Lolita Charm Giveaway

Hey you guys~! Please go ahead and enter this giveaway! It's a pretty sweet deal if you win, and even if not, This store really has some cute stuff! Spring and summer are on the way (even though it really doesn't seem like it yet;;) which means T-shirts are a great thing to start stocking up on now! Georgia weather means when winter is cold, summer is HOT! So theres no way to go without them (somehow I did last year @~@);;

Anyways, Make sure you all check out this shop and enter the giveaway!


Also, I'm planning on hosting a giveaway as soon as possible (meaning once I can get some prize packs together;;) for all of my wonderful followers! Thanks so much for sticking around ;u;!


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Thrift Store Haul!

Today was pretty boring, I had an awkward family event to go to (With my step dads family;;;), which was pretty much terrible all around. However, driving there and back, we listened to Disney music and sang like dorks. Once we got back home, I was prepared to hit the internet and call it a day, however~

My step dad asked about going thrifting, and I'm always all for that! Especially since now I haven't been thrifting since...last year .__.;;. Anyways, we arrived at the store 15 minutes before it closed (what closes at 6:30 on a Saturday!? ;^;.). I found pretty much exactly what I was looking for. Oversized sweaters, a scarf, a cute display toy, and cute patterned sheets for curtains!

☆The sweaters are both pretty large and shapeless, unfortunately. I'll probably alter them soon, but I'm really excited about them, especially the lavender one, because I've been wanting more lavender in my closet for months! Now I can explore coordinates with it!
☆The scarf is really cute, but missing two pompoms. I'm thinking I'll remove one pompom from the middle of one side and put it on the end of the other side so it'll match again ;u;.
☆The cash register toy, oh my god. not only are the colors adorable, and the 'money compartment' works, but it was 69 cents! I adore it and can't wait to put all my jewelery in it x3
☆Last but not least, these Barbie ballerina curtains. When I bought them,
I was freaking out because I used to have the same pattern sheets as a kid. I thought they were sheets, but planned to make them into curtains. I actually found them one minute before the store closed! x3 When I got home and found out they were curtains~. Lets just say my excitement was unimaginable x3!

The kicker is that all together, these items only cost $11.69!! Thrifting really is a great way to get new things~! I'm finally get further on my goal to transition into fairy kei casual styles. Yay!

Have you guys ever had awesome under-pressure thrift finds? I love hearing thrift store stories ;u;!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February 2011 Nails

As promised, I have my February nails done and ready to show you guys!

How do you like them? I really wanted to do a chocolate theme, since Valentines day is coming up. I needed to use pink as well because, well, its February! Thats the month to use pink ;u;. I've also been feeling ink deprived lately xD. I also really wanted to try frosting tips. I feel like I put two or three February themes together xD. I love them though! ;u;.