Monday, April 16, 2012

Craft time~! Majokko☆Bag!

Hey everyone~! I've been excited about this post for a while~! I meant to do this over the weekend so that I could make a post by Sunday afternoon, but my weekend turned out to be pretty busy, so I didn't get to finish this until earlier today! So what is it I'm talking about anyways? It's actually a school project, believe it or not! I take a Fashion Marketing class at school, and our most recent project is to design a tote bag! there are other more school-y parts to the assignment, but all I really wanted to show you was the finished tote bag ;v;!

Ta da~! This is the front~ the "Majoko" Text means Magical Girl in Japanese ;u;. I decided to romanize it because I like the look better~. I originally wanted to put two K's in, since I'm pretty sure that's more correct, but I just didn't have enough room for it. I'm still okay with just one K there anyways, since I think it looks cool haha.

and the back~! Whenever I draw out 'Millions of Bows' it ends up looking pretty much like that~

Since I really don't do a whole lot of painting or coloring (traditional or digital haha) in general, this is a little bit rough around the edges, but I'm still proud of it ;u;! So here are a few close ups~

Starry and magical☆!

The eyes were so fun to do! I absolutely love putting planets and stars inside of eyes ;u;

If anyone is interested, I definitely wouldn't mind hand painting tote bags like this to put up in my shop! Let me know if you're interested in that kind of thing and I'll try my best to get a few up ;v;~

☆Thanks for looking, everyone☆!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

☆Silver Stars and Crop Tops☆

Hi everyone! This is just a pretty quick post of something I did yesterday~! A friend of mine came over, and while we were hanging out in my room suddenly I was struck with the urge to finally remake a too big T-shirt I got while thrifting into an uchuu kei style crop top! I had meant to do this for the longest time, but lately I've hardly been able to craft of sew anything for myself! It was nice to get the feeling of 'Warm up that sewing machine and get going' again, and I'll hopefully be more motivated to craft and sew more and more often from now on for both myself and my shop, since I've got a lot of materials piled up now~! 


That's what I made~! It was made for uchuu kei, which even though I have a master post coming up to explain more completely I'll explain a little bit here, which is a style that draws inspiration from the ideas of popkei and outer space alien cuties! Think stars, planets, metallic, neon, and anything a particularly stylish alien would wear! Since I've been dying to expand my collection of uchuu related goodies, I sketched this out somewhere (probably on school notes;;) and had wanted to do it for the longest time before I finally did it hahaha. Also, if you're wondering, the holographic stars are actually made from paper from a gift bag I had! It was more or less an experiment to see if it would look weird on clothes, but I like it and figure I can hand wash or not wear it enough to wash it anyways, so it's all good~!


And worn! haha, the full pictures I took didn't show anything very well at all so I took a close up this time ;v;

Thanks for looking everyone! See you again soon~ 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hello~! Updates and Spring Break!

Hello everyone! I'm sorry it's been so long! I haven't posted at all this week and I really hate that I've had to leave this blog alone for so long ;^;! I was actually on spring break this past week, and went on vacation with my family. I thought that we would have internet there, but it turned out we didn't! I did mean to make a blog post before we left but there were problems with my internet connection here and it never worked out ;^;! On the bright side though, I did have a fun time on vacation and took some pictures before we left and while I was there ;v;~!

Usually for Spring Break my family has gone to the same place to spend the break ;v;. It's a small beach town in Florida, close-ish to Panama City, but not quite there. I actually really dislike going to the beach all the time so every year I end up super bored and watching way too many movies and eating a ton of not so healthy food. It's usually like any regular break off of school, but more boring because I don't get to hang out with friends or anything. Last break, I was lucky enough to vacation with friends of mine instead, so I didn't have to go which means that this year, I was looking forward to it just a little! I wanted to share some pictures from thing's I've done recently and things I've bought and so on since I only took one picture while I was there hahaha! Since I had no internet connection anyways, I mostly just turned my phone off and went with whatever was going on. anyways on to updates and pictures and all of that ;u;~

First off, I don't think I showed you my March nails yet! I did these for Momocon earlier in the month, and they're not my favorite but I liked them ;v;.

I actually went with my mom to a nail salon before we left and got a manicure~! I almost never go to salons since I enjoy doing my own nails, so this is a fun kinda change for me ;v;. 

I got a pretty cute cover up for the beach too, and put together a beach spring break-y outfit before I left haha

Recently, I picked up reading again, after three years or so of only reading school-assigned books. Since I had a week on the beach I picked up and borrowed some reading material~ I brought a lot of old books that I loved too and ended up reading six books over the vacation! I even bought two more books while I was over there aha

that pretty much sums up my break haha. Basically I read a ton,Went on bike rides, ate seafood for the first time in a really long time, and had a great time hanging out with my family ;v;! I did really miss having internet access though ;A;!

Happy Easter by the way, everyone! I'm not doing anything but unpacking today, but I hope you have a lovely day ;u;~!

Thanks for looking!