Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cult Party Kei, Bakeries, and Shaved Ice~

Hello everyone! Last weekend there was a lolita meetup at a bakery really close to me, and lately I've had a really hard time attending meetups for the longest time because of how far away or expensive they are. I don't in lolita a lot anymore, and fairy kei is such a regular thing to me that I wanted to be just a bit more fancy, so I decided to officially put together my first cult party kei outfit!

Everything is thrifted or handmade by myself or a friend expect for my tights which are welovecolors, and my rocking horse shoes, which are from double decker!

Hair and makeup! I got a haircut the day before so it's a good length again ;v;~! 
Taken in the car because I had forgotten to take one earlier haha

An accessories shot~!

The meetup was a lot of fun, though I was late so it didn't last too long. I got to see Caylee and Jesse again after way too long of a time though!

Caylee had to go pretty soon after the meet was scheduled to end, so Jesse and I left the bakery where the meetup was being held to grab some taiyaki and SunO goodness

yum yum yum~! 

I hardly took any pictures, but we had a really fun time. I like wearing cult party kei and hopefully I can put lots more outfits together~!

Thanks for looking ☆!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

☆Creamy Mami Furniture☆

Hi everyone! Sorry I didn't have this up yesterday ;u;. I had a four day weekend from school, and I wasn't able to take pictures when I finished on Thursday for a weekend blog post! I took pictures at school today though, so I can finally post about this! From the beginning of the semester, my crafts class has been working on furniture reconstruction ;v;. I've always wanted a little table for my room, but they're super hard to find! We've had a really beat up and ugly small wooden table ever since I could remember, so I decided to refurbish that. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to take photos before I started since this was assigned before I got my camera, but I took a bunch of progress shots ;v;. I finally finished it on Thursday! I'm not too sure when I'll be able to take it home, but I'm super happy with it and can't wait to~!

I decided pretty early on that I wanted to do a print based on the 80's magical girl anime series Creamy Mami mainly because of my obsession with Galaxxxy & Creamy Mami's collaboration items, and my love of Creamy Mami ( I have a small blurb on it at the end of this post~) in general. Plus those transformation items are super cute!

They took a really long time to draw perfectly and then cut out, especially because my reference was this button that I had made earlier! the details are all so tiny.

You can hardly see, but next I had to use the paper stencils to draw the print all over the table. There wasn't any method to this, I just placed things where they looked good to me~

And then all the painting! The reason I haven't been taking many outfit shots through February is because I've been painting all the time at school, so I've been wearing lazy day clothes all month ahahaha! It was a ton of fun though

I took these after I was done painting everything! I only had to do small touch ups and outline it after this~

And done!

It's not perfect, but I'm super in love with it! I'm actually planning on doing the small bookcase in my room to match sometime this summer, since a matching set would be super cool! I can't wait to be able to use it in my room either hehehe~

☆Thanks for looking☆!

Friday, February 17, 2012

☆ Lots and Lots of Thrifting ☆ Uchuu Kei and Care Bears~

Hi everyone! ;v;! I'm finally back in posting within three days! Well ,this week I went thrifting twice! I haven't been for the longest time, so I was super excited to go Wednesday afternoon, and then yesterday with friends we went by chance hahaha! Since I was meaning to buy lots of stuff to kick off my uchuu kei wardrobe ( I promise a big old post on this is coming soon!) , and also some things for spring I wasn't too concerned about being super cheap this time hahaha I think from both of the visits I spent close to $35 ;A;. That's not too bad considering how much new stuff I got, but it's painful to spend so much in a thrift store! haha At least my second visit was only $5 though! Anyways, Here are those pictures~ 

Here's most of the haul! Almost everything here is for uchuu kei hahaha ;u;. I'm planning on painting the barbie to look like an alien and then making her a pin ;v;!

These two things I couldn't take flat pictures of without the coloring being weird, so I just threw them on really quickly ;v;. The shawl was actually a blanket, but I made it into a shawl once I got home ;v;! I also got a new bed jacket!

And this super awesome windbreaker! I was so excited to find this I almost died ahaha. The only bittersweet part about it is that it was $10 with some really ugly pants, and since I don't wear pants anyways I decided to only get the jacket. When I explained to the store clerk she said it would still be $10 ;A;. 
It was such a good find though, so I don't mind it all that much! 

I also found some Melissa jelly shoes, but they were too small! So disappointing haha! I'm really happy with all that I got though :D! I can't wait to coordinate it all and reconstruct some stuff as well ;v;

I didn't get as much during the second thrifting trip, since I bought a bunch of clothes the day before, but here's that haul~!
I'm planning on making the lavender sheet into a cutsew or a summer dress or something like that ;v;! I actually bought two more stuffed animals, but one I can't find (I'm sure its here somewhere haha) and the other is a surprise gift so I can't show it!

And my friend Alisha's mom found this care bear blanket and surprised me by getting it for me! Shes just too sweet  ;A; I love it so much!

Now my bed space looks like this hehehe ~ ☆

Also, you would  help me out tremendously by voting for me in this facebook contest for Gothic Lolita Wigs! it only takes two seconds, so please please do!

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Hi everyone! I wanted to wish you all a happy Valentines Day ;v;! Even though I don't really have anyone special, I still love this holiday because of all the happiness and love in the air. And all the pink everywhere ahaha! At school, I helped to sell and organize valentines for other students all last week, and it was neat to see  all the love in the air! I'm just going to share some little things from today, like my outfit and everything I got from friends! 

Sorry for my inability to take non blurry outfit pics lately!
My outfit! 
~top - handmade
~shorts - forever 21
~tights - sweetiecakes
~shoes - secretshop
~scarf - handmade
~accessories - handmade, bodyline

Also, I haven't shared my nails for February yet! 

These are what I did first, but the white I have is so old and didn't stick to my nails anymore ;A; I spent the last week watching the polish basically pop right off my nails haha. The design was candy hearts, but since they chipped away so quickly I had to change my nails again before today ;v;

So these are my nails now! I did them last night so they're nothing too special hehe.

I also made chocolates for all of my friends! I eneded up giving them all out. Though did give a bunch of people 2 or three instead of one. And I ate a few myself hehe. I've always wanted to make and give out chocolate and it was really cool to do it this year ;v;!

This is everything I got from all of my friends, except the stuffed candy heart ;v;. I found that at a thrift store, but it went well with everything else hehe.  There's just so much chocolate! I'm not the biggest fan of chocolate so I have no idea how I'm going to eat it all, but I'm so thankful for friends who think and care about me enough to get me small gifts like these ;A;!

Thanks for looking and Happy Valentines Day !

Saturday, February 11, 2012

☆30 Day Fairy Kei Challenge Days 9-12!☆

Hi everyone! Sorry posts are pretty slow lately, lots of stuff has been going on with school and other things so posting has been difficult ;v;. I do have a few more days of the 30 day fairy kei challenge though ;v;!

 Day nine: Your most treasured piece of clothing.

This cutsew! I made it myself, and even just the materials I used are filled with memories. It really represents my style and I definitely treasure it. 

 Day ten: How do you react to positive comments or people curious about your style on the streets?

Always, greatfully! Getting a complement on my style always makes me very happy, because a lot of people would ridicule it to. It's great to find people who say they admire me for the guts I have to wear the clothes I do. 

 Day eleven: How do you react to the negative ones?
If I overhear something negative, I usually just purse my lips and keep going on my way. It's best to ignore them, since your style is something for you, not them.

 Day twelve: The craziest coord youve ever worn.

Hahahah, I was having a sleepover and we both wanted to play dress up and go somewhere ;v;. Though we only went to the thrift store it was a lot of fun to dress up so crazily and wear it out :D

later on I noticed that I made about 90% of everything I'm,wearing here!

Thanks so much for looking! hopefully I'll be back to posting regularly by the end of the month ;v;!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Could you spare just a minute☆? I need a quick favor!

Hello everyone~! This is my first post in a few days and I'm sorry to say it's so quick! I had a mini photoshoot today for the first time, with my friends as camerawoman and it was so fun! I'll definitely have those pictures in a big post for you all some time soon ;v;.

I'm mostly dropping by today to say that I just entered the Gothic Lolita Wigs Spokesmodel Search and I could definitely use your vote! This is the first online vote based contest I've ever entered and it would help me out SO much for any one to cheer me on! Every single vote counts, and it would mean the world to me to be chosen!

A bunch of my friends are also participating, so please vote for them as well! Here's Jesse's, Caylee's, Ayus, and Malice's.

Thanks so much for looking!