Friday, December 30, 2011

A few outfits~☆

Hello everyone! I haven't shared a few outfits from November and December yet, so I figured I would ;u;!
There aren't a lot, I've been way too lazy about outfit pictures lately haha! Now that I have my own camera I'll probably be taking a lot more though ;u;.

everything is offbrand, thrifted, or handmade here ;u;

Same as above~

Everything here is also thrifted or handmade~

And the same again, except my shoes are from secret shop ;v;.

See? Only four outfits haha! The rest I've shared at one point or another, so there are a few more than just this.

I also really wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Let's hope 2012 will be prosperous and wonderful to all of us ☆!

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Goodies☆!!

Hello everyone! I wanted to share  the things I got for christmas this year ;u;! I'm so grateful that I was able to get these things this year, since last year was a different story haha! It was great to be able to buy my friends christmas gifts this year as well, since I can usually only draw them pictures or something similar ;v;. I still have presents to give out even! Anyways, onto the gifts~

First off, I got a tablet!! I'll probably be posting more art and things on here now! I've been wanting one of these since forever, and I'm really excited to put it to good use ;v;.

There's a program that lets me draw on the screen too!

I have a lot of fun with that!

Then a few gifts I've gotten from friends and myself ahahaha

Codename: Sailor V volume 2 and those sweetie cake tights are both gifts from myself haha!

And last but not least~!

A digital camera!! I can now make posts about anywhere I go to! Look out world! This blog is going to feature lots of unimportant image posts now~ I hope you're all prepared muahahaha!

What goodies did you all get ;u;?

 I hope you all had a wonderful christmas, if you celebrate it! If not then I hope your holidays were wonderful in general ;v;! The new year is only days away too! It's so weird to thing that 2011 will already be over!

Thank you for looking!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Just a very quick post to say Merry Christmas to everyone! If you don't celebrate christmas, then I hope you all have a lovely holiday season!


Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Hello everyone ;u;~! I hope your holidays are all going very well! I know mine are this year! It's so nice that it's much warmer here than last year too, because the south's snowcation in January really left me okay with not seeing snow for a long long time haha. 

A little over a week ago, I arranged to trade some of my old lolita clothes that I haven't worn for the longest time  for her yellow Milky Planet replica JSK :D! I don't plan on really wearing a ton of lolita anymore, but I still want some prints and pieces I can use for fairy kei or casual wear, and some clothes to wear to meet ups (because I love my local community too much to purposefully skip going to one, and I also feel better wearing lolita to a lolita meet even though they've OK'd me wearing fairy kei).

I was on the lookout for this print too, because I had planed to twin with Jesse (visit his new blog by the way guys ;v;) for  Momocon, a convention coming up in March. It's also a dream print of mine! It arrived today hehe~ I'm so happy to have it, I've been pining for Milky Planet since it was released, and when the replica was made it made it just a little more possible! I was planning on selling the old clothes in order to buy the replica skirt, but a trade for the JSK worked just as well :D on to the pictures~

Just a small piece of the print~! I love those star sprinkles *v*

I had a ...lot of fun taking pictures hehehehe

I just wore this at home for a little while today, but the rundown~
Dress ~ Dream of Lolita
Tights ~ we love colors
Shoes ~ Secret Shop
Accessories ~ Handmade
and you can't really tell but I'm wearing my care bear bag as well!

There are so many cute details about Milky Planet~! I really love the shooting stars and melty moons on the print, they're even the same ones they use on Dream Sky! Dream sky is by far my favorite AP dress ever, and Melty Planet is kind of the predecessor, with more details and ice cream! I just love ice cream *u*.

It's also a really great replica! I'm sure there are lots of reviews out there, but there are no problems with the coloring and though the fabric is a little thin, it's great for spring and summer. The lace is all really nice and soft too! 

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

☆ 30 Day Fairy Kei Challenge Days 7 and 8 ☆!

Hello everyone! Winter break has finally started for me! I'm so relieved to be out of school for two weeks *v*! I've been busy with friends and holiday shopping for the past few days though, so I haven't posted anything! Sorry about that hahaha. I'm going to go ahead and continue with the 30 day fairy kei challenge today , so I won't be leaving this blog completely postless ;v;~!

 Day seven: 5 songs that remind you of Fairy-Kei.
These are in no particular order,

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Choudo ii no

How could I not have kyary~? This song in particular might be my favorite from her mini album, and for some reason it does give me a pretty fairy kei feel ;u;.

Aira Mitsuki - Sayonara TECHNOPOLiS

Sonic Coaster Pop - My Star (Star Star Mix)

This song reminds me more of Uchuu kei, but I sort of consider it a sect of fairy kei so it still counts here ~.

KIRAKIRA MAJOCCO CLUV album - Delicate ni Sukishite

This entire album reminds me of fairy kei! Magical girl songs remixed into club music~! The vocals aren't all that great but I really enjoy the interpretations of some of these songs *v*. This is one out of two mixes of the theme song for the 1983 anime, Creamy Mami! I always forget the specific artists names though, since it's a collab album.

Marino - flavor

I think I found Marino a little over a year or so ago, around when I was really trying to get into wearing fairy kei! Her songs are really really cute, and what she has out was also produced by Yasutaka Nakata (produces kyary, perfume, and is part of capsule)!

 Day eight: How do your family and friends feel about the style?

Basically the same way they felt about me in lolita! They accept it easily and support me. The general silhouette of fairy kei is a lot less noticeable than lolita too, so they might even be a little relived? They haven't said anything about it though. I'm so grateful that have such great friends and a wonderful family that will just let me be me ;v;!

Thanks so much for looking you guys! I'll try not to leave you hanging during the break ;v;! I hope everyone else on holiday breaks has a really nice relaxing and fun one, and that you all enjoy the holiday season ☆!

Monday, December 12, 2011

100th post!! Crafting updates and some outfits~~!

Hi everyone! Today's post is the 100th one! It feels really great to be blogging for over a year now and to also have 100 posts! Thank all of you so much for following and reading!! Hopefully I can continue this blog for another 100 posts and beyond ;v;!

I think this is sort of fitting for this post too, since I started this project months and months and months ago, back in Janruany! I started close to when I started this blog, but not exactly ahaha. I'll admit I totally forgot about it through summer, but I picked it up again around October and finally finished today! It's ~~

A scarf! My first knitting project since probably first grade? It started out looking...horrible ahahah, but I finished knitting it on friday and wore it before "fixing" it on saturday.

See? It looks pretty boring here.
~rundown (12-10-11)~
Jacket ~ offbrand
Scarf ~ handmade
Skirt ~ thrifted
Tights ~ we love colors
Bag ~ sanrio
Shoes ~ secret shop
Accessories ~ taobao, handmade, offbrand

I did find the time today to go along with what I planned though, which was folding it over to conceal the various imperfections and sort of Laffifying it xD. 

Me wearing it today!
~rundown (12-12-11)~
Top ~ handmade
Scarf ~ handmade
Shorts ~ forever21
Leggings/tights/socks ~ offbrand
Jacket ~ offbrand
Accessories, wig ~ handmade, taobao

I think I'll probably end up adding more and more to it as
 time goes on though :D!

I also got so used to knitting it in school that I actually just started another one xD I'm not sure yet if I'll keep it or give it away though ;u;~.

Thanks so much for looking everyone~!

Friday, December 9, 2011

☆ 30 Day Fairy Kei Challenge Days 5 and 6 ☆!

Hi everyone! Finals start next week so I don't have any sort of exciting posts prepared for you, but I still want to update on time! Therefore, I'll throw another two days of the thirty day fairy kei challenge at you!

☆ Day five: 5 of your favourite places to buy your clothes.
I don't really buy clothes in many places for fairy kei, it's usually either one of these two.
1. Handmaking stuff - It's really cheap and fufilling! You can also match your style completely when you do so.
2. Thrift Stores - Probably a good 50% of my wardrobe comes from thrifting.

But if my budget allowed for it, I would definitely also be buying tons of clothes from Spank!, Milklim, and galaxxxy.

☆ Day six: Your luckiest thrift-store find.

Probably my platform sneakers! I wear them all the time, and I've been thinking about painting them soon. I sort of wish I could find another pair so I couldhave one painted and the other white, since its nice to have shoes that match with almost everything ;v;.

Thanks for looking! Have a great day everyone ☆!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Updates ~ Super fun times ;v;!


Hello ;v;! The semesters coming to an end now, so I hardly have any time for blogging, or really doing much of anything other than school work ;A;! There are so many last minute projects and tests coming up ;^; I should probably be doing school work at this moment actually, but I feel like I need to post a little something before I disappear for a few days again xD. Last weekend, I somehow got all of my schoolwork done and had a wonderful sleepover with Jesse, hung out with Caylee and Ayu again, and went to my friend Alisha's birthday party the next day ;A;! I'm not sure how I did it, maybe I actually am a magical girl and bent time and space? Ahaha its a mystery! But I wanted to share a few pictures and things from last weekend ;v;~

My outfit for the day~! I attempted twisted kyary horns, but I'll need to practice more to get them right ;v;
Tops ~ thrifted, Secondhand
Skirt ~ Thrifted
Tights, socks ~ welovecolors, offbrand
Accessories ~ meltydream, taobao, handmade,

The started as just plans to meet up with Jesse at some point soon, and then I learned Caylee lived close to him, and so she came along too, which was great! I haven't hung out with Caylee in such a long time ;v;! Ayu works at the mall we were meeting at, and because she was coming over to buy some lolita off of me, it all worked out and we ended up a party of four! My little brother tagged along too, but I don't count him as a person (this is a joke orz).

Jesse and I sneaking a picture together ;u; ~

group/derpalicious shot!

 I already had plans with Alisha for the next day to meet her for lunch and then hang out with a few others ;v;. Jesse tagged along since he already knew Alisha ;v;~. That was so much fun too, but unfortunately I still don't have that camera so no pictures ;A;

I did do some light shopping since I was out though, mostly to replenish my supply of pencils and get a new cute pencil case, since my old ones were stolen ;~;! I still miss them, but I'm glad I finally got some new ones! I also bought a cute scrunchy that I've been eyeing for a while ;u;~

the pink pencil says "Sweet friend / choose the way of happiness leading you to sweet time.", the lilac one says "marshmallow", and the blue one says "Sweet love / I  give to my heart for you" ;v;. 

That was my weekend hahaha! I'm still surprised I managed to fit writing a 10 page paper in there and finish up my science projects display and everything ;v;!

Thanks for looking ☆~!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Art Post! Uchuu☆G!rl!

Hey everyone! I hope your all having great days ;u;! This is just a small post to share a bit of art with you~!
I doodled this in school yesterday and decided to de-stress a bit from all of the studying lately by coloring it today ;v;. Lately I've been turning around the idea of 'uchuu kei', as in space alien (uchuujin, shorted to just uchuu for 'space) style. Basically it's just my idea of what cute fairy kei aliens and space travelers would wear. It's extremely unrealistic and silly, but I like saying it and basing drawings around it lately ;v;! Let me know what you think~

Thanks for looking ☆!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Updates and ☆30 Day Fairy Kei Challenge Days 2 and 4☆!

Hello hello everyone! I just got home from visiting with my grandmother in Florida today and have a few things to share, but nothing too big, so I'll also balance this post out with some challenge days ;u;!

First, I hope everyone who celebrated had a great Thanksgiving holiday, and perhaps caught some great Black Friday deals? I've never been shopping on black friday, but we did stop by a wal mart on Thursday night to pick up some water, and it was already packed with people picking out their treasures ;A;! It seems scary haha xD. Anyways, I wanted to share with you my outfit on thanksgiving

Tops ~ Offbrand, Handmade
Shorts ~ forever21
Leggings and socks ~ offbrand
Accessories ~ offbrand, bodyline, and handmade

and these super cute post cards my grandmother picked up for me while she was in Epcot

The artists, from top left across to bottom right are
Eri Kamijo (both of them)
Imai Kira
Sugizaki Megumi

My brothers and I also got a few new video games, and if you want to see me completely derping out over one of them you can click here~

Moving on to the 30 Day Fairy Kei Challenge~!

 Day two: Why and how you got into Fairy-Kei.

I'm thinking this was in 2008, and then I actually started dressing in fairy kei in 2009, but one of my friends, Rayven, got into it for a while. We were livejournal friends at the time, and I noticed she was following a feed (I'm remembering it was called "FuckyeahSpank!" or something very similar, but I'm not sure at this point;;) so I decided to follow it as well, because she had talked to me about fairy kei and shown me pict6ures and even before then I had seen it here and there. From following that feed I decided I really wanted to dress in fairy kei casually instead of wearing lolita all the time. I didn't really get to wardrobe building until winter 2009 though. The reason I got into it was because I found it unbearably cute, though, and I really liked the aesthetic!

I'm skipping day three because I've posted a room tour back on the 30 Day Lolita Challenge Day 22

 Day four: 5 of your style-icons.


One ☆ hahaha, of course! Number one is Tavuchi herself~ The founder and owner of the Spank! stores.


Two ☆ No surprise here, another Spank! shopgirl, Eric! But can you blame me? These chicks have the greatest style!


Three ☆ Candy~! Can I direct you to her wardrobe post? And her super cute creations

Four  meow80s! I'm not sure of her name, but you can find her blog here
Her outfits are absolutely killer!

Five  I hate to only pick one of the two, so Yuka and Vani from 6%DOKIDOKI! These two are unbelievably adorable, and though I tent to stick to more subdued pastels, how can I not admire their super pop 6% style? Also, I adore this photoset of them *u*

Thanks for looking you guys! I should be back to posting regularly sometime after finals, but schools certainly killing me so I won't have a whole lot of interesting content until after then. I am, however working on items for that shop I'll soon be opening, so don't think I've abandoned that idea just yet!