Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Hello everyone ;u;~! I hope your holidays are all going very well! I know mine are this year! It's so nice that it's much warmer here than last year too, because the south's snowcation in January really left me okay with not seeing snow for a long long time haha. 

A little over a week ago, I arranged to trade some of my old lolita clothes that I haven't worn for the longest time  for her yellow Milky Planet replica JSK :D! I don't plan on really wearing a ton of lolita anymore, but I still want some prints and pieces I can use for fairy kei or casual wear, and some clothes to wear to meet ups (because I love my local community too much to purposefully skip going to one, and I also feel better wearing lolita to a lolita meet even though they've OK'd me wearing fairy kei).

I was on the lookout for this print too, because I had planed to twin with Jesse (visit his new blog by the way guys ;v;) for  Momocon, a convention coming up in March. It's also a dream print of mine! It arrived today hehe~ I'm so happy to have it, I've been pining for Milky Planet since it was released, and when the replica was made it made it just a little more possible! I was planning on selling the old clothes in order to buy the replica skirt, but a trade for the JSK worked just as well :D on to the pictures~

Just a small piece of the print~! I love those star sprinkles *v*

I had a ...lot of fun taking pictures hehehehe

I just wore this at home for a little while today, but the rundown~
Dress ~ Dream of Lolita
Tights ~ we love colors
Shoes ~ Secret Shop
Accessories ~ Handmade
and you can't really tell but I'm wearing my care bear bag as well!

There are so many cute details about Milky Planet~! I really love the shooting stars and melty moons on the print, they're even the same ones they use on Dream Sky! Dream sky is by far my favorite AP dress ever, and Melty Planet is kind of the predecessor, with more details and ice cream! I just love ice cream *u*.

It's also a really great replica! I'm sure there are lots of reviews out there, but there are no problems with the coloring and though the fabric is a little thin, it's great for spring and summer. The lace is all really nice and soft too! 

Thanks for looking!