Sunday, January 29, 2012

Update! Fun weekend~!

Hello everyone! I had a really fun Saturday so I thought I would share it with you all ;v;~! Jesse and I made plans to meet at Atlantic Station, which is a trendy shopping district in downtown Atlanta, mostly so we could check out the H&M there ;v;. My little brother and I met Jesse and his friend Victoria later than we expected to, so we only had time to do a bit of shopping and then get some munchies before we had to go. It was still a ton of fun though, and I took plenty of pictures~

My outfit for the day! It's the first time I've worn this bed jacket out ;u;. I was scared to! I was expecting overhearing lots of comments and noticing a bunch of stares, since when I'm uncomfortable I usually notice it, but I didn't notice anyone at all~. It's unnerving to catch people staring no matter what so it's great when I don't notice it haha

- Top ~ handmade
- Shorts ~ forever21
- Tights ~ sweetiecakes
-  Bed jacket ~ offbrand
- Accessories ~ bodyline, handmade, offbrand
- Shoes ~ thrifted

It ended up being a really windy day, even though it wasn't too cold out. I thought I would be fine, so I didn't bring a jacket or anything warm, and ended up pretty cold whenever we were outdoors and I've got a cold now ;A;. It was worth it for sure though! I had such a great time shopping with Jesse~

I took another picture of my outfit in the changing room of H&M hehehehe

This was the active wear display~! I liked it a lot, it really makes me think of Spank! I kept oogling it and finally decided to get a picture u v u

We went to a sandwich shop called "Which Wich" after that. It's a really cool place with really yummy sandwiches ;A;!

I think mine was roast beef with spicy mustard, bacon, avacado, and other things I cannot remember. It was sooo yummy!

A really great thing about the shop is that you can draw on the sandwich bags and hang them up for others to view!

When we walked in, Jesse spotted this Sailor Moon one hanging up!

I didn't draw anything too nice since I wasn't quite feeling it, but Jesse did ;v;

what a cutie~! I love this drawing~

He drew little chibis of our group too! I'm so impressed at how much they resemble us all :D! We hung them all up near the sailor moon one hehe.

I drew on the little square at the bottom left haha, didn't take a picture because I was just doodling ;v;. He's a little alien I've loved doodling recently ~.

This is the only picture I have of Jesse and Victoria somehow! they both looked great and were a lot of fun~.

I had to go right after that, but I did end up purchasing some sheer dot tights from H&M since the last ones I had were horribly fragile and had runs in them as soon as I put them on.

I layered them over some white tights here ;u;.

and since I wore makeup, I took a close up picture of that too! I hardly ever wear make up since its such a pain to take off haha

And that was it~ ;v;! It was such a great day~!

Thanks for looking everyone~

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Spank! badges~

Hello again~! Sorry I really haven't been on top of posting this month! I've been busy with a lot schoolwork this week, and there's only more coming up so I might be posting lots of 30 day fairy kei challenge posts until I can get time to finish up the uchuu kei post I've been working on ;v;. I'm just dropping in today to share that I finally got around to making I ♥ Spank! buttons ;v;! I got these templates from pastelraindrops and luckily enough my teacher has that button maker so it was all free!

That's all I have to share for now, unfortunately ;A;! I thought about taking a hiatus because schoolwork is really intensifying, but I'll still try to post when I can and I promise I'll have those 30 day challenge posts up in between ;v;. I originally wanted to open my shop before February, but It could be during or even after the month ;A; sorry about that! I promise I'll be opening it soon though ♥! Thanks for looking!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Updates! Lots of outfits and other goodies~☆


Hello everyone! I'm so sorry I disappeared like that ;A;! It was really hard to get back into the routine of going to school, and for about a week I was absolutely exhausted and feeling really down about it ;^;! I'm all better now though, and I feel bad for not at least posting a 30 day challenge update or something ;^;. I have been taking lots of outfit pictures this month so far though, so I'll share those with you! I'm going to skip out on rundowns for these though, since I've worn all of these before or mentioned them on this blog once or twice ;u;. If you want to know where anything is from, feel free to ask!


I think this was the first day back at schools outfit ;u;~


Right now, this is basically what I wear on school days when I don't feel like putting effort into getting dressed or If i'm doing something messy in crafts class

I worse this to school last Friday and then to get hot pot afterwards with friends ;u;! It was a lot of fun to hang out with them and be dressed up  after a long week of readjusting to school ;A;

This is the first Uchuu kei outfit that I put together ;u;! I've mentioned Uchuu kei before when I posted my drawing of an uchuu girl, but I'll make a post pretty soon to explain it a bit more ;u;


This is a really toned down uchuu kei outfit too, I was going to put together a super over the top outfit and and do crazy makeup, but my parents told me we had plans to go to dinner with my stepdads parents so I had to tone everything down haha. I did do my makeup for the first time in FOREVER though, so I'll share that too ;v;!

and just my eyes~

And I also haven't shared my nails for this month! I don't think I posted my December nails either, I swear I had a picture somewhere but I can't find it at all now! They were pretty similar to these though, but they had alternating red and green bows and some pearls on the white snowy tips ;v;

You can probably tell that the thumb and pinky nails are fake this time. those two nails ended up breaking really short, and I don't have the willpower to cut the rest of them, so I've been wearing fake nails on those two fingers since sometime in December I think haha.

I also finally bought one of those sailor moon t-shirts from Hot Topic! I'm trying to expand my magical girl clothing and accessories collection, so I'm so glad I finally got my hands on one~! I also bought one of those snap bracelet watches, it's all sparkly and a really nice shade of purple ;v;

And the other day, my fashion marketing teacher informed her classes that she has a button maker! She got it out for everyone to make one button, but then she left the classroom for a while and a bunch of us made two (shhh~! don't tell her haha)

Both of the ones I made are Creamy Mami! I wanted to make an I Spank! button for myself, but I wasn't up to searching through pages of google images with those keywords at school haha. She said it should be fine to make more sometime, so I'll be sure to have them ready.

Thats everything I've been up to recently ;u;! I will try my hardest not to abandon this blog for so long again ;A;! I also promise I haven't given up on opening my shop, I'm just trying to make a few more items before I open it ;u;!

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How I spent New Years Eve! ☆a very sparkly post☆

Hey everyone! I'm sorry I haven't updated yet ;A;! School started up again yesterday, so I was scrambling about Sunday and Monday trying to prepare myself. I hope the new year has been kind to you all so far ;u;!

On New Years eve, I was originally expecting to be at home and help my mom prepare food all day, sit around and not do much of anything. Thankfully, My friends Kira and Katie invited me to hang out with them and craft a little bit, but we mostly played dress up hehehe. It was a lot of fun! And since I have that digital camera now, I have a few pictures :D!

This is what I wore over ;v; A little casual since I thought we were just going to craft~

I didn't take a picture of Kira before she changed clothes for some reason, but I did get Katie ;v;! I love Little Bears Cafe so much and it's so cute on her ;v;~ I only know that her dress is from Dream of Lolita on taobao and some accessories are from chocomint.

After a little while we all changed clothes haha! Kira changed into what I was wearing already, and Katie put on a penguin kigurumi that Kira has ;v;. They both looked adorable!

Kira asked me to try on her gothic lolita coord, so I did ;v;. It felt really weird not being in all pink like usual!

And then I tried on Katie's dress ;v;! Little Bears Cafe is so cute *^*

We took this right before I had to go, so I'm back in my outfit haha ;v;. It was a really fun day~
I'm also not entirely sure why I felt the urge to cover these pictures is an insane amount of sparkles, but I did!

I did have to go home for the evening though, which was fine! I think it's three years now that we've celebrated New Years by making lots of appetizers and snacking until midnight and then going out to play with fireworks ;v;. I had a lot of fun going outside with my little brother and playing with sparklers and stuff hehe

My stepdad took that photo while I was talking or laughing or something so I blocked my face since not even I can handle all of that derp ahaa

For resolutions, I don't really have many this year! I still want to drink more water, and I want to sew more and stop procrastinating on everything so much. Other than that I'm pretty content with everything ;u;.

Did you all have fun celebrating New Years~?

Thanks for looking!