Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Art Post! Uchuu☆G!rl!

Hey everyone! I hope your all having great days ;u;! This is just a small post to share a bit of art with you~!
I doodled this in school yesterday and decided to de-stress a bit from all of the studying lately by coloring it today ;v;. Lately I've been turning around the idea of 'uchuu kei', as in space alien (uchuujin, shorted to just uchuu for 'space) style. Basically it's just my idea of what cute fairy kei aliens and space travelers would wear. It's extremely unrealistic and silly, but I like saying it and basing drawings around it lately ;v;! Let me know what you think~

Thanks for looking ☆!


  1. I like it! I find her shoes funny ^-^ And the planet headbow is a good idea!

  2. Thanks! I think so too haha I wonder what kind of shoes would even be appropriate xD.

  3. Aww, I actually think her outfit is adorable! I especially love how you colored her eyes! :)

  4. omg that's so cute~ makes me wanna draw some art of uchuu kei too xD

  5. thank you ;v;! and you should ;u;~!

  6. super cute illustration! :)