Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Update ~ MLP T-shirt And even more outfits!

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't been updating as frequently as usual xD! Summer is so relaxing and nice, I've pretty much just been staying at home and doing nothing ;v;! Of course, that makes for a boring blog xD. I have managed to go out a few times though, so I thought I would share the outfits with you all! ;v;!

tops are offbrand
tutu is bodyline
tights & socks are offbrand
shoes are SS
Accessories are taobao, mintymix, and handmade
bag is handmade

I had a good friend stay over with me last weekend ;v;. Though for the most part we just lazed around my room and watched anime, we did go to the thrift store which gave us a chance to play dress up!

~cutsew and salopette are handmade
~tights are offbrand
~socks are bodyline
~shoes are SS
~accessories are mostly handmade, some offbrand, and prettypop designs,
~bag is handmade

She really wanted to wear my big straw-hat-turned-bonnet, so I figured I would match the OTT ness of that by putting...a LOT of things on my head xD. We had fun walking around the thrift store piling more things on ;v;.

Both of us (faces blocked because omg derppp).
~friends rundown ~
cutsew, bonnet ~ handmade
skirt ~ bodyline
socks ~ offbrand
accessories ~ taobao, handmade, bodyline, offbrand

I got a few nice cheap things while thrifting, the best thing being a vintage MLP T-shirt!

How great! The best part is that (even though it's adult sized) it was classified in the children's clothing section, making it only $.99! so cheap and cute *u* It's a little loose fitting so I'm still not sure I'm going to take it in a little to fit better or just keep it as a cute loose fitting T-shirt ;v;.

And finally, I'll share my outfit for today!

Just something simple for meeting with Caylee again today~!
top ~ thrifted
shorts ~ forever21
socks ~ offbrand
shoes~ ss
acessories ~ taobao, mintymix, offband

I hope you all have a good day! I'll try to think of more exciting posts soon ;u;!

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

30 Day Lolita Challenge Days 12, 13, and 14!

Hi everyone! I haven't done a lolita challenge for a while, so I'll be doing three days in one today ;v;. First is

★Day 12: A picture of yourself before lolita came into your life★

This ones rather embarrassing ;~; It's also a bit inaccurate xD I became interested in lolita before I was able to regularly take/post pictures online, so the only picture I have is one of me while I did know about lolita, but my style hadn't changed yet ;v;.

face is blocked out because derp ;~;

★Day 13: A picture of my favorite sweets★

Away from embarrassing photos, My favorite sweet would have to be Tiramisu! In Italian, "Tiramisu" means "Take me to heaven" ~! It definitely has a heavenly taste *u*

★Day 14: A picture of your dream item★

As for my dream item, It's still Dream Sky! As I've mentioned before I love every piece, every style, and every color of this set! *u*! My absolute favorite is actually the OP though ;v;. I'm still not sure on which color I like it best in, but it's probably between pink, lilac, and navy. and blue. xD I like all of them too much!

So there you go! 30 day challenge days 12, 13 and 14! I promise I will eventually finish this! haha xD. Thanks for looking ☆ミ!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tutorial: Turning a Care Bear Into a Backpack~!

Hello everyone! In my last thrift store haul post, I showed you all a big Wish Bear that I got! A day or so after having it sit on my bed with the rest of my stuffed animals, I realized that it was the perfect size to turn into a backpack! I have a tutorial of exactly how to do that here for you~

Here are the supplies~

☆ A Large Care Bear (or any stuffed animal~)
☆ Fabric (for the inside of the bag and straps)
☆ Scissors
☆ Needle & Thread (There's a lot of hand sewing ;^;)
☆ Zipper (so the bag can close)

And some things I forgot to show here are~

☆ Pins
☆ Iron

Now that all of the supplies are gathered, lets begin!

First, use the zipper to approximate where you'll cut the openging and mark it with pins, or draw a dashed line with a fabric market or pen or something like that.

Now it's time to cut that opening, and take out a bit of the stuffing. If you don't remove the stuffing, then nothing will be able to fit in your bag! Be careful to remember this step.

Next, cut a square or rectangle of fabric. This is going to be the "bag" part. Make sure it's wide enough to fit into the opening that you cut before you sew up 3 of the sides.

Note: When you sew this, make sure that the right sides of the fabric are facing each other!

After you have that done, stuff the pouch of fabric inside of the opening in the bear.

Then pin the edges in place.

Now comes the time-consuming part! You should probably switch a movie on or something, because you'll be sewing by hand for a while ;~; (can you tell I really hate sewing by hand? xD?)

Sew the pouch into the opening

And then pin and sew the zipper into the opening (this by hand too ;~;)

Make sure the zipper can close. Now you're almost done! Next you just have to make and attach the straps. Also the hand sewing ends here for a while ;u;!

Cut two long strips of fabric, fold them in half (wrong side of fabric showing) and sew the edges together. Then turn them inside out (this takes a good while too ;~;) and iron them to get this~

Pin the straps on, and try the backpack on to see how it sits on you. Make any adjustments and as soon as you're satisfied sew them on.

had to hand sew this as well ;^; I think I'll go back and super glue the straps in place, I don't trust the way I sewed it xD.

But now it's done! Here are some more pictures~

This is what it looks like open ;u;

And there it is worn!

I made the pouch deep enough to hold a lot of items. I can fit my phone, iPod, wallet, mirror, notepad, pencil, and nail file in with quite a bit of room left! Though the hand sewing was tedious ( I'm sure it's obvious how much I dislike it by now xD!) and the actual opening looks ~odd~, It definitely works as a super cute backpack! I can't wait to wear it around ;u;.

What do you guys think? Will you be turning your stuffed animals into all sorts of bags? I would love to see if you do!

Thanks for looking~!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cute stationary and fabric! Janetstore review~

Hi guys, I come with a review today!

In case you guys didn't know, I really love stationary. Though cute mechanical pencils are my true weakness, adorable letter sets and stickers definitely have a place in my heart *u*! Unfortunately, locally those things are usually $10 and upwards, which in my opinion is way too much (LOL I'm very frugal). When I found out about Janetstore from this blog post, I pretty much spazzed out and disected the site. It's full of cute stationary and other small goodies for SO cheap! There is a spending limit of at least $10 (plus $7 flat rate shipping), and I was determined to spend as little as possible. I was able to get four items for just above that limit ($17.54).

Package ~!

Everything was wrapped inside of this adorable bag *u*!

My items! Rilakkuma stickers, Little Twin Stars fabric, Rilakkuma Meets Honey letter set, and Little Twin Stars wrapping paper ;u;

A close up at the fabric ~ isn't it cute? I've already made two puffy bows from it ;v;!

I requested an invoice be sent to my email instead of paying right away so I did have to wait for quite a few hours before completing my order, and when I did pay the status of the order did not change from billing. Nearly two weeks later, I decided to send an email asking why the status was still billing though I had payed, and Janet cleared it up right away ;u;. She shipped the order the same night that I requested an explanation and everything went smoothly!

Just to get the timeline right, I ordered on June 15th, was dumb and didn't notice that the order hadn't shipped for a good two weeks, emailed Janet on June 28th, and received the package 9 days later on July 7th.

Overall, I would say Janet store gets a 4/5 with me, mostly because of the long timeline this time around. I definitely plan on ordering more cute things from her in the future!

Thank you for looking ~!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lots of sewing lately! Cutsew Remake!

Hello everyone! In my last post I showed you a few things that I got from a thrifting adventure, and one of them was a too big pink t-shirt that I bought for the purpose of remaking it into something I could wear! I've been without a nice cute pastel pink T-shirt for a while so when I found it the other day I was so happy! Here's how it turned out~

All I did was trace a T-shirt that fits me well, cut the pink T-shirt up, add the patches and lace (SO much lace @~@) and then sew the sides back up! Really easy and quick, super cute AND cheap! I finally decided to cut those barbie sheets/curtains and use them for clothes decorating too, so I plan on using them more in the future.

Here's a worn picture from yesterday~!

What do you guys think? I'm not quite done with editing the things I got while shopping, so expect a tutorial soon on turning a care bear into a back pack~!

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July Thrifting~

Today I had plans to meet with my friend Raven at the thrift store! I always have fun while thrifting with friends, it's much more amusing when you find those ridiculous who-would-buy-that-ever?! things to share with someone else xD. Anyways, though I don't have pictures of us two together today, I have my outfits and my lovely finds!

T-shirt, shoes ~ thrifted
Skirt ~ handmade
Tights ~ we love colors,
Accessories ~ handmade, offbrand, bodyline, prettypopdesigns, my sweet victoria,
Bag ~ sanrio

So this is what I wore out to meet her and thrift! It was extremely hot today though so later on after the shopping trip I changed into this

~Same as above but the tops and skirt are thrifted!~

which is an outfit made up two of the things I got!

I always find it helpful when going to have an idea of what you want when you go thrifting. It helps to be open to everything, but I always give myself a goal like "new tops!" or "pink shirts" so that I don't end up being overwhelmed and not get anything...or get everything haha. Those were my guidelines for today ;u;. Here's everything that I got~

The pink T-shirt is a super perfect pink color, and it's big enough for me to remake it and add some great cuteness to it nile perch style ;u;!. The black tank top with white dots isn't the best fitting thing in the world, so I'll have to edit that too. The pastel blue mini skirt is great though! It reminds me of some things I've seen on the spank! girls. I am also thrilled to have found this pastel windbreaker (? not sure of the correct term for it ;^;) and super cute giant Wish Bear!

I didn't find any cute sheets to use as fabric this time around, or any neat shoes, but I'm very happy with my finds! I think the price of everything was close to $14. Not too bad at all for so many things!

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Even more outfits! Fairy Kei Time~!

Hello everyone! Sorry for not posting for a good while, I spent this weekend at my grandmothers house and I had expected her to have a computer or internet or something. Well, she didn't xD. I'm glad to be home and finally able to post something else! I have my fairy kei outfits from mid march until recently ready for you all, So that will be this post!

I find it really nice to wear fairy kei in the summer, because it's a lot more forgiving to the weather than lolita can be, so recently I've been wearing it a lot ;u;. Sorry about the blurriness of some pictures!

Blouse, tutu ~ bodyline
Tights ~ we love colors
Socks ~ offbrand
Accessories ~ taobao, bodyline, chocomint, handmade, offbrand
Shoes ~ secret shop

Sweater ~ thrifted
Blazer ~ forever21
Tights, shoes ~ offbrand
Accessories ~ handmade

Sweater, jacket ~ thrifted
Skirt ~ handmade
Socks ~ offbrand
Accessories ~ handmade, offbrand

Cutsew, skirt ~ handmade
Tights, socks ~ offbrand
Accessories ~ handmade, chocomint, offbrand

Very similar to above outfit except socks are bodyline,

Jacket ~ thrifted
Tutu ~ bodyline
Tights ~ we love colors, offbrand (dot tights are layered over but its so hard to see!)
Accessories ~ prettypop design, bodyline, handmade,
Shoes ~ secret shop

T-shirt ~ thrifted
Mini cardigan ~ offbrand
Tutu ~ bodyline
Tights ~ offbrand
Accessories ~ pretty pop designs, handmade, chocomint

Sweater ~ thrifted
Shorts ~ forever21
Tights ~ leg avenue
Accessories ~ pretty pop designs, taobao, handmade,

5-21-11 (even though this is mainly a lolita coord, I thought it would be fine to post here!)
Cutsew, skirt ~ handmade
Tights ~ offbrand
Accessories ~ handmade, bodyline, mintymix, offbrand,

5-22-11 (same with this one ;u;)
Cutsew ~ handmade
Skirt ~ taobao
Tights ~ we love colors, offbrand (dot tights are layered over, but hard to see! ;u;)
Accessories ~ Taobao, mintymix, handmade, chocomint
Bag ~ sanrio

Cutsew ~ handmade
Skirt ~ thrifted
Tutu~ bodyline
Tights ~ leg avenue
Accessories ~ pretty pop designs, mintymix, handmade, bodyline, chocomint, offbrand
Bag ~ sanrio
Shoes ~ thrifted

T- shirt ~ thrifted
Mini cardigan ~ offbrand
Shorts ~ forever21
Socks ~ offbrand
Accessories ~ taobao, chocomint, handmade, thrifted, mintymix
Bag ~ sanrio
Shoes ~ thrifted

Yellow tank top ~ offbrand
Polka dot top ~ thrifted
Tutu ~ bodyline
Socks ~ bodyline
Accessories ~ taobao, handmade, offbrand
Bag ~ sanrio
Shoes ~ thrifted

T- shirt, skirt, shoes ~ thrifted
Tights ~ we love colors
Accessories ~ taobao, mintymix, handmade
bag ~ sanrio

Top ~ handmade
Shorts ~ forever21
Tights, socks ~ offbrand
Accessories ~ bodyline, handmade, offbrand, thrifted
Bag ~ sanrio

☆omake☆ from 6-2-11 ~

Thanks for looking~!