Wednesday, July 20, 2011

30 Day Lolita Challenge Days 12, 13, and 14!

Hi everyone! I haven't done a lolita challenge for a while, so I'll be doing three days in one today ;v;. First is

★Day 12: A picture of yourself before lolita came into your life★

This ones rather embarrassing ;~; It's also a bit inaccurate xD I became interested in lolita before I was able to regularly take/post pictures online, so the only picture I have is one of me while I did know about lolita, but my style hadn't changed yet ;v;.

face is blocked out because derp ;~;

★Day 13: A picture of my favorite sweets★

Away from embarrassing photos, My favorite sweet would have to be Tiramisu! In Italian, "Tiramisu" means "Take me to heaven" ~! It definitely has a heavenly taste *u*

★Day 14: A picture of your dream item★

As for my dream item, It's still Dream Sky! As I've mentioned before I love every piece, every style, and every color of this set! *u*! My absolute favorite is actually the OP though ;v;. I'm still not sure on which color I like it best in, but it's probably between pink, lilac, and navy. and blue. xD I like all of them too much!

So there you go! 30 day challenge days 12, 13 and 14! I promise I will eventually finish this! haha xD. Thanks for looking ☆ミ!


  1. I think you look cute at you old picture :P I don't like Tiramisu, but that's may be because the one I got was a disaster :S

  2. haha thanks! I've had some pretty terrible tiramisu myself ;^;. The bad ones are baaaaaad, but the good ones are just SO good *v*!

  3. I would have never thought you dressed like that before you got into lolita! I was actually (cyberish) goth lol. Dream Sky is an amazing print to O.o. Pink Op for me!!!

  4. haha it's a bit surprising, right? xD
    Isn't it? *u*! it's so prettttyy~!