Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Art Post! Uchuu☆G!rl!

Hey everyone! I hope your all having great days ;u;! This is just a small post to share a bit of art with you~!
I doodled this in school yesterday and decided to de-stress a bit from all of the studying lately by coloring it today ;v;. Lately I've been turning around the idea of 'uchuu kei', as in space alien (uchuujin, shorted to just uchuu for 'space) style. Basically it's just my idea of what cute fairy kei aliens and space travelers would wear. It's extremely unrealistic and silly, but I like saying it and basing drawings around it lately ;v;! Let me know what you think~

Thanks for looking ☆!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Updates and ☆30 Day Fairy Kei Challenge Days 2 and 4☆!

Hello hello everyone! I just got home from visiting with my grandmother in Florida today and have a few things to share, but nothing too big, so I'll also balance this post out with some challenge days ;u;!

First, I hope everyone who celebrated had a great Thanksgiving holiday, and perhaps caught some great Black Friday deals? I've never been shopping on black friday, but we did stop by a wal mart on Thursday night to pick up some water, and it was already packed with people picking out their treasures ;A;! It seems scary haha xD. Anyways, I wanted to share with you my outfit on thanksgiving

Tops ~ Offbrand, Handmade
Shorts ~ forever21
Leggings and socks ~ offbrand
Accessories ~ offbrand, bodyline, and handmade

and these super cute post cards my grandmother picked up for me while she was in Epcot

The artists, from top left across to bottom right are
Eri Kamijo (both of them)
Imai Kira
Sugizaki Megumi

My brothers and I also got a few new video games, and if you want to see me completely derping out over one of them you can click here~

Moving on to the 30 Day Fairy Kei Challenge~!

 Day two: Why and how you got into Fairy-Kei.

I'm thinking this was in 2008, and then I actually started dressing in fairy kei in 2009, but one of my friends, Rayven, got into it for a while. We were livejournal friends at the time, and I noticed she was following a feed (I'm remembering it was called "FuckyeahSpank!" or something very similar, but I'm not sure at this point;;) so I decided to follow it as well, because she had talked to me about fairy kei and shown me pict6ures and even before then I had seen it here and there. From following that feed I decided I really wanted to dress in fairy kei casually instead of wearing lolita all the time. I didn't really get to wardrobe building until winter 2009 though. The reason I got into it was because I found it unbearably cute, though, and I really liked the aesthetic!

I'm skipping day three because I've posted a room tour back on the 30 Day Lolita Challenge Day 22

 Day four: 5 of your style-icons.


One ☆ hahaha, of course! Number one is Tavuchi herself~ The founder and owner of the Spank! stores.


Two ☆ No surprise here, another Spank! shopgirl, Eric! But can you blame me? These chicks have the greatest style!


Three ☆ Candy~! Can I direct you to her wardrobe post? And her super cute creations

Four  meow80s! I'm not sure of her name, but you can find her blog here
Her outfits are absolutely killer!

Five  I hate to only pick one of the two, so Yuka and Vani from 6%DOKIDOKI! These two are unbelievably adorable, and though I tent to stick to more subdued pastels, how can I not admire their super pop 6% style? Also, I adore this photoset of them *u*

Thanks for looking you guys! I should be back to posting regularly sometime after finals, but schools certainly killing me so I won't have a whole lot of interesting content until after then. I am, however working on items for that shop I'll soon be opening, so don't think I've abandoned that idea just yet!

Monday, November 21, 2011

☆ 30 Day Fairy Kei Challenge START!☆


Kind of silly to start another one so soon, don't you think? Oh well, I've already missed having it around just for the sake of easy posting xD.  I have a lot of projects I should be working on and finals are comming up pretty soon, so I probably won't have much to actually update on for a little while (Unless you're interested in my science fair project, but lets face it, I'm not even interested in that). Like when I started the 30 day lolita challenege, I figure it will help me to post something or another even during really busy times ;u;. I won't be doing the ones that are similar to prompts I've done for the 30 day lolita challenge though~! I'm pretty excited about this one though, a lot of the days seem like a lot of fun :D! 

Day one: 5 things you like and 5 things you dislike about Fairy-Kei.

Day two: Why and how you got into Fairy-Kei.

Day three: A picture or video of your bedroom.

Day four: 5 of your style-icons.

Day five: 5 of your favourite places to buy your clothes.

Day six: Your luckiest thrift-store find.

Day seven: 5 songs that remind you of Fairy-Kei.

Day eight: How do your family and friends feel about the style?

Day nine: Your most treasured piece of clothing.

Day ten: How do you react to positive comments or people curious about your style on the streets?

Day eleven: How do you react to the negative ones?

Day twelve: The craziest coord youve ever worn.

Day thirteen: What do you carry in your bag?

Day fourteen: Do you have any hobbies that you could consider Fairy-Kei?

Day fiveteen: Something you or a friend made themselves
Day sixteen: How did you dress before Fairy-Kei?

Day seventeen: Do you dress in also another style, e.g. Lolita.

Day eighteen: How do you dress when you go to school?

Day nineteen: 5 of your favourite toys.

Day twenty: What do you see in Fairy-Kei in general in the next 5 years?

Day twenty-one: 5 of your favourite cartoons.

Day twenty-two: The most expensive thing youve ever bought.

Day twenty-three: 10 of your favourite foods.

Day twenty-four: Your favourite motif.

Day twenty-five: How do people in school/work react to how youre dressed?

Day twenty-six: If you could put any phrase on a conversation-heart sweet, what would it be?

Day twenty-seven: Your dream job?

Day twenty-eight: 5 of your favourite places.

Day twenty-nine: Your favourite colour-combo.

Day thirty!: Do you see yourself wearing Fairy Kei in 5 years time?

So lets begin with day 1!

Day one: 5 things you like and 5 things you dislike about Fairy-Kei.

Here are five of my favorite things about fairy kei~

1. The freedom of the style! There's just SO much you can do with it. Theres no way to really define what
fairy kei is, aside from some elements of the style that are commonly used (colors, characters, fabrics). That means its different for everyone and you can really be free and express yourself throguh this style! Thats the best aprt abou tit in my opinion ;u;!

2. The colors! I can't tell you how it brightens my day to see a bunch of pastels in my closet ;u;. Also, it really saves time doing laundry xD!

3. The stereotype. I know it seems a bit odd, but in my mind the typical fairy kei girl is all about breaking free from society and drowining in cutesy creativity. An adorable anarchy girl!  I personally really like that sort of image xD

4. The community ~ It's really quite relaxed! There's really little to no hate around it and that's extremely refreshing coming from lolita, where there can be a lot of negative energy.

5.  Last but not least, The handmade aspect! A lot of popular fairy kei accessories and even clothes are easy for anyone to make! Even some the Spank! brand things have that handmade cuteness~. It's really very cool to me how common crafting and sewing is within fairy kei. Even with thrifting or going second-hand shopping it's just great how you can find items that characterize your own one of a kind style~.

And 5 dislikes!

1. The names for the style. I'm more or less indifferent about it at this point, but a lot of discussion and no real solution always comes about with the three different names fairy kei, spank! kei, and popkei. I personally consider spank! kei a thing (though many others don't, and that's okay too!), but I group all of these sects of the style under the name "Fairy Kei". I just dislike how complex it appears to be.

2. The community. Confusing, huh? There are a few aspects of the community that I wish were different, and mostly it's that we're not as close knit as we could be! I know of a few fairy kei girls and guys, local and not so, and I really really wish that we could get closer. Maybe having an active local lolita community has spoiled me, but I think we should totally have fairy kei meetup or something too~!

3. It's still pretty unknown in the west ;A;. On a few occasions people have asked if I was in lolita while in fairy kei, and while I love how known lolita is becoming, I wish fairy kei would reach that level too! There's some great stuff going on to remedy that though! Check out Sweet Streets, for example, who just recently had a Spank & Chubby Bunny pop up shop in LA! 

I really can't think of any other things to dislike! xD I suppose that's a good thing though ~ ;u;  I'll try to maybe finish this one in less than six months, but who knows how long it'll take me?

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Meltydream Modeling ~

Hello everyone! Lately schools been pretty intense, and even though we have a break right now I have about three projects to work on, so forgive me if updates are a bit slow ;u;!

A few days ago, I was asked by my friend Ayu to help her out by modeling for her shop, meltydream! I wanted to share the pictures (and also advertise for her a little bit~)

She makes the msot adorable things~ go and check it out ;v;!

Thanks for looking~!

Monday, November 14, 2011

30 Day Lolita Challenge Complete! Days 27-30!

Hey everyone ;u;! Sorry again for the wait. Life's been pretty intense lately with finals coming up and all ;A;  I'll try to not let another week pass between now and the next post! Anyways, today I'll be finishing up the 30 Day lolita challenge. It's so strange to be finishing up this challenge, finally! I started it in May, six months ago! Definitely not completed in 30 days but I'm so so so glad that I've finally gotten there. Anyways, lets go ahead and finish it all up!

Day 27 – One song that fits your favorite lolita style.

It doesn't fit literately with either the lyrics or the visual, but I feel like the sound of it in a roundabout way sort of gets at what the style I like ~ elegant and sweet ;u; Plus I really like this double single perfume put out earlier this month xD.

Day 28 – A picture of the perfect lolita location.

At first it was hard to think of a perfect lolita place, but then it hit me! Somewhere just as magical and wonderful as the style itself - Disneyland! Unfortunately, Disney is pretty well known for refusing people too elaborately dressed entrance to their parks, mostly because of the possibility for people to mistake them as employees and somehow disgrace the park ;^;. I'm sure I've seen pictures of loltias at Tokyo Disney, though, so it might just be a U.S thing. I'm not entirely sure ;A;.

Day 29 – A picture of a lolita you would love to meet for real.

Julie Doll! I can't explain how much I admire her and adore all of her outfits ;v;. She seems like so much fun too ;v;. I'd love to meet her and hang out some day ;v;~!

Day 30 – A photo of yourself taken today and 3 good things that’s happened over the last 30

Me today~! Not in lolita (or really dressed up at all ) you'll surely notice haha xD
Moving on to the three good things that have happened~

The first good thing thats happened has been my family getting our first dog, Bear! I love him too much to type out hahaha xD Sadly I don't have any pictures of him handy right now ;A;.

The second good thing has to be that everything is still going well for me! It's certainly wonderful that nothing horrible has happened in the last six months ;u;.

The last good thing that's happened over the last six months is that I've sort of fallen out of love with lolita. It's probably weird that I'm counting that as a good thing, but to me it's sort of like moving on and figuring myself out just a little bit more.
I still really do enjoy looking at the style and occasionally wearing it but something about it doesn't give me the same feeling it used to. It's maybe just that my tastes have moved on to more fairy-kei style things. I won't say that I'm "leaving lolita" or not ever going to wear it again, because I surely will. Probably only for big events or the occasional meetup though. It's just that it's not as big a thing as it was for me six months ago, and I'm happy that I'm finally okay with that!

Thanks for looking~!

Monday, November 7, 2011

☆ Happy Birthday ☆ Millions of Bows! ☆

It's true! As of today, November 7th, 2011, this blog is one year old. I never thought when I started this blog that I would abandon it, an I'm glad that I've kept it going for so long ;u;. Hopefully there will be many more years of blogging! Thank you all so so much for reading, commenting, befriending me, and even writing your own blogs that inspire me so much. I'm really grateful for all of you, thank you so so much! I drew this today for this post ;u;. The colors were obviously a tiny bit rushed, and like everything else, the sketch looked better, but I hope you all like it anyways!

I also wanted to share a few things I found at the thrift store last weekend. It was honestly a little bit dissapointing, I didn't find anything that I figured I had to have this time around like usual, but I'm pretty happy with what I did get and I'm hoping to go and check again tomorrow~

and the clothes I got worn~

I would also like to announce a project that my friend Jesse is starting up, the Urban Tribe Zine! Taken from the websites info, it's to be an online magazine that

"Will be a zine of articles, tips, tutorials, illustrations, and pretty much anything else relating to J-Fashion. We will feature independent brands and show coordinates of all fashion styles. Urban Tribe wants to help the Western Japanese fashion community stay genki! ♥ "

Pretty exciting~! He's still looking for submissions and contributors, so if you're interested please do contact him (there's a place to do so on the site) to tell him so ;u;! I know I'm looking forward to contributing, and seeing a successful online J-fashion mag would be wonderful!

The mascot is really adorable too ;v;

Thats all for today, but again, thank you all so much for sticking with me this past year!

☆ Thanks for looking!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

November Nails ☆ミ!

Hiya everyone~!  I'm going to share with you my nails for November today! Luckily, I've had a really relaxed week and was able to do these on the 31st. That hasn't happened for a while, so It's a bit exciting :D I hope it means I'll have more leisure time this month ;u;. Anyways, here they are~

Shooting star nails! It doesn't really have anything to do with the fact that it's November, but who cares? Not me!

It's weird for me to have my nails painted all black , but I'm really digging the contrast and all the sparkles! It's a great distraction during class xD. The blue blobs are supposed to be planets, but it's more or less hard to tell ;A;. I also found a better way to do stars! Just place a dot of nail polish where you want the star to be, and from that dot drag the color into 5 points. I feel like I'm going to have stars on my nails for the next forever because of this discovery xD.  What do you think~?

Also, Any lolitas if you would all be so kind to check out this post on my friend Hexi's blog, she's doing a project and filling out this short questionable would really help her out!

Thanks for looking ☆ミ!