Friday, November 9, 2012

Outfits!! Sooo~ Many Outfits!

Hey babes! Luckily it's been a good deal shorter than it was last time for an update here ahaha!  I found a pocket of time and really wanted to get back to posting, I miss you guys so much!! I've been pretty lazy about taking daily outfit shots, but the ones I do have have been piling up since September! I've finally got em all ready for you, so I'll go ahead and share up until today~

Heh so I don't really have the dates recorded for most of these! Sorry about that! Also, I'm sorry I'm back to iPhone quality pictures. My cameras been acting super strange lately so I've only got super grainy photos for now ~v~

This one was from my birthday! I'll definitely post more pics from that when I get around to making a September events post!

OctoberHeheheh I really love using more black when it gets colder! I totally neglected outfit shots for the first part of the month though uhuhuhu


Went to a Halloween parade in Little 5 Points ATL! It was tons of fun~ I'll post a little more about that when I do an October Events post ;u;!!

My theme was "sassy grandmother" huhuhuhu

It was spirit week at my school! Seniors wore purple that day


10-28-12 (heh I could only take shaky blurry pics this day;;)


11-9-12 All black! you can't tell but my tights are lurex sparkly in rainbow colors! pretty neat *v*



So that's all my outfits so far! 19 of them!! And that's after having been super lazy about it through like, all of October ahahaha! If you're curious about the outfit rundowns, just let me know which photo and I'll answer you in the comments ;v;! Anyways I'm trying hard to get into the habit of posting more often!! 

Thanks so much for droppin' by!