Saturday, September 1, 2012

☆Tattoo Tights☆ Trendy Tutorial!

Helloo everyone~~! So sorry that I missed a week! Last weekend ended up being super busy, and so did my week! I ended up staying after school just about every day this week, which totally cut down on my ability to do a blog post. I'm still going to try to post as often as possible, but I'm a lot more busy now, so bare with me! Anyways~ Last night I finally made myself a pair of Tattoo Tights! In case you don't know of them, Tattoo Tights are sheer stockings with sections colored in black/whatever color that have totally been trending lately in J street fashion! Since the tights are totally clear or skin toned, it appears like a tattoo! It's such a cool concept and always looks killer worn ( here are a few examples) that of course I had to jump on that bandwagon.

But no way am I paying a ton of money for them! anything over $10 for these is unacceptable for me, and ordering them online almost guarantees that due to shipping ; A ;! Luckily they're not hard to DIY at all~ They're so simple, but I thought I would put together a small tutorial or something in case you want to know exactly what I did for these ones~ ;u;!

So here's what you need~ 
☆Paper (preferably thick; I used a page from the sketchbook where I did the design)
☆Pen or Pencil
☆Sharpie in whichever color you want your "tattoo" to be~
☆Sheer tights/pantyhose 
☆Optional: star/heart/whatever you want templates

So~ first you draw out the parts of your tattoo. You'll have to place these sections under your tights and draw over them, so I just drew an outline, and then cut them into the sections I needed.

After that, you basically wear your tights, slip the papers underneath and place them where you want the design to go, and color it in with sharpie! You have to wear them while you do this so that the design turns up the right size and in the right place. It's also important to use the paper and not just color in the designs, because the ink does go through the tights!! You don't want to get sharpie all over yourself (though it will was off if you get a little on you)!

Basically just keep on replacing your hearts/ stars/ whatever design you want! within your tights and coloring over em with your sharpie until you're done! it comes out looking really great, even if you're coloring doesn't seem totally consistent.

This is what mine looked like after I took them off! Super cool right? The best part is I can easily add more to these if I ever feel like it, and they only cost as much as regular sheer pantyhose! score~!

And here they are on~

I can't wait to properly coordinate with these! I'll be sure to show you guys my outfits with them soon!!

Thanks for stoppin' by ~☆!