Sunday, August 19, 2012

All I ever do is draw cute girls☆彡

Hi cuties! I've just had a really normal week at school so not much exciting lately hehehe~! First off I'll share the one outfit shot I took ahaha

this is from 8-14-12 ~ everything is thrifted, except the skirt is from H&M and the tights are from welovecolors~ 
Not sure why this was the only picture I took! I've gotta get back in the habit of taking more outfit shots hehee

Anyways though, lately I've been so inspired to start painting! I draw a lot, but usually its just sketches for fun and to pass the time, whereas now suddenly I've been totally hit with the want to actually improve in coloring and lineart and produce actual art! I'm regretting it never hit me earlier, but I think I'll probably be keeping it up for sure! I've been taking progress pictures and stuff so I'll share with you what I've got since last week u v u~

This is a cutie I did for Candy~! I drew the sketch sometime last year and decided that she would be fun to paint maybe monday~? Colored with watercolors and white acrylic accents ;u;~

Oddly enough, when I was going to school the next morning ,this is what the sky looked like! It was so pretty I had to snap a picture, but only later realized that the colors are the same as what I had painted the night before! Prophetic painting skills? ahahaha~

I also did Creamy Mami as a practice~ This was before I started inking her u v u

And everything I've been up to lately! I thought all my things looked so cute out on my bed like this ahaha! My room doesn't have enough space for a desk, so my bed is both where I sleep and where I work, unless I can fit everything on my Creamy Mami Table.

Together~ I'll probably draw a lot more cuties and every now and again share them all with you! there are obvious flaws in all of these (at least I think they're obvious u v u) but I'm starting to really like where my style is going and since I'm practicing as often as possible I know I'll improve ;v;!

Also, I want to share that I recently made a Pinterest (I know I know, you guys can laugh at me for it) and its really such a great way to keep your inspirations organized! Tumblr is cool, but its its hard to find specific things you're looking for. So yeah, if anyone else even uses pinterest let me know~ I'd love to see more sweet images on there!

Thanks for droppin' by~

Monday, August 13, 2012

School days☆cool days! Art too~

Hello everyone~! I'm definitely going to try and keep a weekly post instead of every thee days, sorry about that ;u;! since school started last Monday, It's been really hard to readjust and get used to it all! I'm still in summer mode ahahaha~ Anyways, the Sunday before school started, the wonderful Jesse  came up to hang out one more time before heading off to college ;v;~ it was a totally fun day and though I'm still bad about taking pictures of ~everything~ I did take quite a few ;v;!

My outfit for the day! I think everything is thrifted or handmade, but the tights are from Sweetiecakes

I actually wore makeup too ;v;!
We met up and went to eat pho, and afterwards headed over to Super H-mart to pick up some snack and do some light shopping ~ v~! A bunch of people came, since it was a meetup, but by the time we left H-mart we were all split up into little groups hahaha! I ended up hanging out with Jesse of course, My friends Katie and Raven, and Caylee! I'm really glad I got to spend a good bit of time with Caylee again, though somehow I only have her shoe shot!
clockwise from me (black reeboks), it goes Katie, Raven, Caylee, and then Jesse ;v;!
They have this sweet reflective surface that I've been trying to take decent pictures in forever! I think this one turned out alright u v u~ Katie, me and Jesse ;v;!

And a picture with Jesse ;v;!! I'll miss him so much since hes moving waaaaaaay further away u A u! But it was great to hang out and have so much fun before summer ended!

The first week of school ended up being pretty stressful! It took 4 whole days for them to sort out my schedule so that I would have the classes I signed up for u A u!! But everything is worked out now, and I'm ready to enjoy a super lazy senior year! To distress from all that school junk, I decided I should try and draw something~

click through for the full size on DA!

This one I started today in school hehehe! I have a really sweet and lazy schedule and lots of time to work on whatever I want, thankfully! But I'm not sure how I'll color it yet ;v;! 

Mostly I need to work on keeping my lines a little smoother though, but It's nice that I'm finally in the mood to practice it!

Hehe so that's all I've been up to lately~ 

Thanks for stoppin' by☆!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Updates!! My Summer~ ☆彡

Heh, Sorry I totally dropped that posting schedule again! I ended up throwing myself into summer socializing, and spent a lot of time out doing things with friends ehehehe! After that I pretty much just took a good week to be lazy and do nothing while I still had the time to ahahahaha! School starts for me on Monday, so I've gotta get over my lazy streak and get back into the swing of things what with today being Saturday @A@! The best way to do that is to update my blog, for sure, and hopefully get back on schedule! I can't promise it though, since, well, school u A u!! So get ready for a looong~ post of lotsa pictures! ahahaha

Anyways, really soon after my last blog post, a really great friend of mine, Rayven, who I don't get to see very often spent around 5 days with me! We ended up doing lots of great things and having a ton of fun together~! 

Rayven's such a stylin' cutie ~

We visited the High Museum of Art in Atlanta the next day~! We really liked the KAWS exhibit, and most of the other neat things on that level

After the museum we had lunch at a burger joint and then headed to Piedmont Park to walk around and hang out ;v;

trying to take pictures of the brownie sundae we ordered hehe

We took outfit shots style for fun ehehe~

At the park~ We sat on the dock for a while because the view was really gorgeous!

We went to SunO and Karaoke the next day, but I didn't take many pictures, since its something I like to do all the time ;u;! I haven't done karaoke since my birthday though, so it was nice to do that again!

Hehe Rayven got a picture of me while I was high energy singing Laser Beam by Perfume and it turned out looking so cool~
We also went rollerskating, but didn't take any pictures at the rink or even an outfit shot! whoops!

Rayven had to go back home, but it was so much fun hanging out with her!! A few days later, Jesse was in town so we organized a small group to meet at the mall and hang out~

hehehe my favorite picture from that day! Me, Jesse, and my friends Katie and Raven! 

Since then I've just been sitting at home and not doing a whole lot of anything, though I did start taking weekly belly dance classes ~ u ~! It's been such a great summer, what with my adventures in Europe and seeing so many dear friends of mine ;v;! I'm not too sure how I feel about school starting up again, but I'm sure I'll have a wonderful senior year! By the way, I'm not sure if I've mentioned it here, but I have an iPhone now! It's nice to be out of the stone age of cell phones (I've only had flip phones before this ahaha)! But If you're interested in seeing more of my day to day life you should follow my instagram! I'm serepuff on there (and pretty much everywhere else) so don't be shy to share yours too ~ v ~!

Thanks for stoppin' by ☆彡