Sunday, August 19, 2012

All I ever do is draw cute girls☆彡

Hi cuties! I've just had a really normal week at school so not much exciting lately hehehe~! First off I'll share the one outfit shot I took ahaha

this is from 8-14-12 ~ everything is thrifted, except the skirt is from H&M and the tights are from welovecolors~ 
Not sure why this was the only picture I took! I've gotta get back in the habit of taking more outfit shots hehee

Anyways though, lately I've been so inspired to start painting! I draw a lot, but usually its just sketches for fun and to pass the time, whereas now suddenly I've been totally hit with the want to actually improve in coloring and lineart and produce actual art! I'm regretting it never hit me earlier, but I think I'll probably be keeping it up for sure! I've been taking progress pictures and stuff so I'll share with you what I've got since last week u v u~

This is a cutie I did for Candy~! I drew the sketch sometime last year and decided that she would be fun to paint maybe monday~? Colored with watercolors and white acrylic accents ;u;~

Oddly enough, when I was going to school the next morning ,this is what the sky looked like! It was so pretty I had to snap a picture, but only later realized that the colors are the same as what I had painted the night before! Prophetic painting skills? ahahaha~

I also did Creamy Mami as a practice~ This was before I started inking her u v u

And everything I've been up to lately! I thought all my things looked so cute out on my bed like this ahaha! My room doesn't have enough space for a desk, so my bed is both where I sleep and where I work, unless I can fit everything on my Creamy Mami Table.

Together~ I'll probably draw a lot more cuties and every now and again share them all with you! there are obvious flaws in all of these (at least I think they're obvious u v u) but I'm starting to really like where my style is going and since I'm practicing as often as possible I know I'll improve ;v;!

Also, I want to share that I recently made a Pinterest (I know I know, you guys can laugh at me for it) and its really such a great way to keep your inspirations organized! Tumblr is cool, but its its hard to find specific things you're looking for. So yeah, if anyone else even uses pinterest let me know~ I'd love to see more sweet images on there!

Thanks for droppin' by~