Monday, October 31, 2011

☆Updates~ Cult Party Kei! Shopping and Outfits☆

Hello~ everyone! How are you on this wonderful Halloween? I hope it's full of spooky treats and sweets for all ;u;! Sorry for once again breaking that three day schedule I had going (for like, two posts xD) but this weekend was super busy and a lot of fun :D! It was actually the wonderful Jesse (Teenmermaid) 's birthday this past Sunday, and on Saturday I went to meet him and a few others to celebrate! The next day, Jesse and  I headed out to Little 5 Points, which is a great place near downtown Atlanta full of second hand and specialty stores. There was some really cute stuff that I spotted while we were out, even though I couldn't take pics while I was out (I promise I'll have a camera soon!), so here's what I got!

This from Junkmans daughter! I remember pulling it from the rack like "haha watch this be $40" but it was only $10! I really love it *u*!

And this long pink robe, only $9! 

A little bit different from my usual style, right? Lately I've been really interested in Cult Party Kei! It's not any kind of actual cult or anything like that, so no worries! The name of the fashion derived from the store Cult Party, which is now The Virgin Mary . If you've heard of Dolly Kei, it's a very closely related style to that, but with slight differences such as a more subdued color pallet like pastels and creams, cutesy motifs like anime characters  or vintage toys, lots of sheer fabrics, and more flowy,  light silhouettes. To me it seems like a cool, extremely feminine cross between dolly kei and fairy kei and I've been drawn to it for a while, but haven't gotten started on collecting a wardobe for it or anything. I did try my finds on to take a picture, but it's not really a ready coordinate yet, I'm still missing a lot of things! Hopefully I can go thrifting very soon and find some more useable stuff as well as make a few things for it ;u;!

I also bought these leggings! What a find ;v;! Only $6 in a small wig and accessories shop that happened to have a lot of tights and leggings. I'll probably end up using them a lot!

I'll probably love polka dots forever ;u;. 

I have a couple of outfits from october as well :D! This month was pretty work intensive at school, and I didn't go out too often so I sort of slacked on taking pictures. I only have four pictures from this month haha!  I hope you enjoy anyways ;u;.

Just for school ;u;.
~ Rundown ~
Tops ~ thrifted, secondhand, offbrand
Shorts ~ Forever21
Tights, socks ~ eBay, offbrand
Shoes ~ thrifted
Accessories ~ handmade, offbrand, taobao
Wig ~ toabao

So I caved and totally decided to wear this shirt normally hahahaha
~ Rundown ~
Shirt ~ offbrand
Skirt ~ bodyline
Tights/Socks ~ offbrand
Accessories ~ handmade/offbrand

~somewhere in here I got really lazy about outfit pictures and didn't take any xD~

Different right? This was for a school event ;u;.
T-shirt ~ Self altered
Skirt ~ thrifted
Tights, socks ~ offbrand
Accessories ~ Offbrand, handmade

Halloween! At school I was Barbie ;u;. I'm not going out tonight though(it's a school night and it's too cold!).
Dress ~ Handmade
Jacket ~ Offbrand
Tights, socks ~ offbrand
Shoes ~ Thrifted
Accessories ~ Offbrand, Bodyline ,Taobao

Thanks for looking! And of course I hope you all have a perfect Halloween ~ ☆

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sewing Away~ Creamy Halloween!

Hi everyone! As you all know Halloween is coming up very very soon~! I decided sometime near the beginning of  the month that I wanted to be either Sailor Moon or Creamy Mami this year, because I wasn't able to do Sailor Moon last year and I'm crazy about the cute and magical design of Creamy Mami's dress~!

In case you don't know about *Creamy Mami, this is the dress I'm talking about!

The month ended up passing by much too quickly though, and I wasn't able to go fabric shopping once for halloween! I didn't want to be without a halloween costume again this year ( though I'm not planning on trick-or-treating, it's always fun to have a costume!) . I figured I could find ways to coordinate Mami's dress so it's not so costumey, which would be pretty impossible with a Sailor Moon costume, so I decided to sacrifice my barbie fabric to make something very~ similar!

It took me most of Monday afternoon to make, and I'm really happy with it! I haven't been sewing much at all lately because of not having fabric ;A;. Basically you just make a basic tank top and add a gathered skirt and sleeves to it, so It was pretty simple! I did lose my measuring tape, so I made this without taking any measurements hahaha. It was hard to get things right, and my boobs are a bit squished in it but I'm happy with it anyways ;u;.

Here it is worn!

Since I couldn't go shopping, fabrics and colors are obviously way off, and it gives a different effect. It fits in with my wardrobe a little better like this though, so I don't really mind ;u;. Hopefully I can still make a more accurate one sometime in the future~. 

It's pretty impracticle for the upcoming winter, so it will sadly have to wait until spring and summer to be worn regularly ;~;. Being so close to Halloween though, of course I'm going to wear it! I'll probably be thought of as "Barbie" instead though, which I'm also totally okay with xD.

So what are your halloween plans~? Are you going to be dressing up as well?

Thanks for looking~!

*Creamy Mami is a Magical girl anime animated in 1983 from Studio Pierrot. She is a magical idol singer, who changes from 11 year old Yuu into famous the idol Creamy Mami due to magic the alien pinopino granted her for a year. Basically she sings, resolved supernatural flings, and helps out her friends with her magic! It's a very cute magical girl series, you should all check out if you haven't already ~!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

October Nails and 30 Day Challenge days 23-26!

Hey, everyone! I'm so sorry for that unannounced blogging hiatus there @~@! Last Thursday, I caught a cold and pretty much slept through Friday and Saturday. I did go out with friends on Sunday, but because I'm still camera-less I couldn't really document it for a post ;A;.The truth is, lately I haven't really been up to anything whatsoever (other than schoolwork and avoiding said schoolwork), which makes for a seriously boring blog xD. I feel pretty bad leaving you guys hanging for so long, and I wish I had some sort of knock-your-socks-off post, but all I've got are my October nails, and a few days of the 30 day lolita challenge for you!

These were my nails for AWA! I left them out of that post on accident, but I still want to show you ;u;. I did them really hurriedly to match Fantastic Dolly, since that's what I was wearing on Saturday ;u;.

I actually planned on only wearing this design for that Saturday, and doing different nails for sunday but I was way too exhausted after I had arrived home to even think about spending an hour on my nails xD

And these are my October/Halloween nails! I probably did these around the 16th or 17th instead of the 4th or 5th like I had planned, mostly because of school work and not having time to sit and relax an paint nails ;A;.

So you can see the "bats" and "pumpkins" right side up

I do like them a lot though, even though some of the "bats" are more like blobs, and I don't know if I should even call those orange blobs pumpkins xD. I did it without any special art brushes or pens though, and so far people have been able to tell that they're not just color blobs, so I guess that's good! They're pretty messy and rushed  though xD. I had no patience to tape for the stripes this time haha.

Now for that 30-day challenge~  I'm going to do quite a few days since I've been gone so long! It's weird how close I am to finishing it!

Day 23 - A picture of your handwriting

hahaha my handwriting is a mess xD I've always been jealous of people with perfect tiny neat handwriting, but think this sort of suits me, however messy it may be! I remember in 5th or 6th grade practicing really hard to change my handwriting so it looked more like this instead of however it used to be, so I've no real complaints :P

Day 24 - A picture of you from a meet

I feel so sad because I haven't been to a meet in a while! This was the most recent one I went to where I was actually in lolita, and it was back in June I think. I miss going to them so much though, I hope I can make some of them this month or next.

Day 25 - Your favorite lolita themed artwork

It's so hard to choose! I really love the Lolita themed art my friend Ayu does, you should all check it out!
I think this one might be my favorite that she's done ;u; Click on the picture for a link to her DA!

I also really enjoy Crazy Spork I Am''s art! Even though this isn't a finished picture, It's my favorite thing I've seen form her, probably because I'm such a Dream Sky fan! Click on the picture for a link to her tumblr! (Not sure if thats where she mainly posts art, but she does post it there!)

Day 26 - Your Facebook profile picture

Oops~! This one's not a lolita picture at all! I'm sure you guys don't mind too much though ;u;

I think thats still from my birthday haha! I should change it soon~
I don't mind anyone adding me on my facebook by the way, so if you'd like to don't hesitate ;u;! A note that you were directed from my blog would be nice though~

Thanks so much for looking! I'll be sure to not let another week or longer pass between now and my next post. Thanks for sticking with me ;u;!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Anime Weekend Atlanta 17! So much fun!

Hi everyone! Finally I've got my AWA post ready for you all! This post caused me a lot of stress haha. I eneded up deleting it on myself and this is the second time I've typed it all out and put all the pictures in. xD 

I only went to the con on Saturday and Sunday. I've mentioned before that I was planning on twinning Fantasic Dolly with Jesse of teenmermaid at AWA on Saturday, but unfortunately his package didn't arrive in time and we weren't able to! I wore the coordinate we had planned anyways though ~

Tops ~ bodyline, offband
Skirt ~ taobao
Tights, bag ~ offbrand
Accessories ~ 6%dokidoki, taobao, offbrand, bonjour honey, handmade,
Shoes ~ secret shop

I also ordered my first wig in that taobao order! It actually turned out to be a Prisila brand wig and ordering through taobao it was only around $20! I really really like it and I'm glad I finally got one ;u;. I'm not quite addicted to wigs yet, but who knows what the future holds haha xD,

Saturday of the con was a whole lotta fun~! You guys know that I'm still camera less, but Jesse being the sweetiepie he is, took a few picture for me and is letting me use them to post ;u;!

Around mid day or so, Jesse and I went on an adventure to find his hotel so he could change. We took some time to take pictures together while we were there! Excuse my infinite derptastic faces throughout this post if you will xD. We couldn't twin outfits exactly, but we're wig twinning and tight/sock twinning a bit here to make up for it ;u;.

POV shot of us both!

Dark Magician and I~! Haha I was so suprised and excited to see this costume, I had to get a picture ;u;.

Amber (who runs a shop stuffed with cuteness here) looking super cute~! I didn't get to see her much at all sadly ;A;!

These three are friends of mine from school as well as some of the cutest/most awesome girls ever ;v;! My buddies Katie, Raven, and Kira!

Tori~! A really adorable sweetie pie that I'm so glad I met! :D I can't get over how adorable she is haha!
She runs an online shop here!

I kept spying these two around the con :D I love Genderbent Adventure Time, so I was really happy to see a few Gumballs and Ice Queen's around ;u;.

Sasha~! What a cutiepie ;u;! It was so nice to see her~!

On Sunday while I was keeping Jesse company this super cute cult party kei girl strolled by! I'd yet to see the style worn in person yet and she looked super cute in it *u*! I feel like I need to try it out once or twice!

My mom dropped by the con later on in the evening as well, to see the mini fashion show that the temp. lolita boutique Frill put on (In which I was a model) and took a few pictures.

My little brother (who refuses to look normal in pictures haha), buddy steven, and my good friends Alisha and Juliana who I brought with me to the con on Saturday hanging out while I was getting ready for the show ;u;.

The show really did end up being a mini fashion show, and I think it dissapointed a few people. Last year, the lolita fashion show was the "main fashion event" of the con, I suppose, and this year the h.naoto show was. Sad to say, I ended up missing it, but I'm sure there are photos floating around if you're interested in seeing how it went. Either way, since the show was sooooo short, we all lined up after the show to let pictures be taken.

After all of that I was completely exhausted, as were my friends! We were all so ready to go home and get to bed, which we happily did! 

Sundays outfit!
Tops ~ offbrand, thrifted
Skirts ~ forever21, handmade
Tights ~ we love colors, offbrand
Shoes~ thrifted
Accessories~ handmade, offbrand, bodyline, mintymix, bonjour honey

Sunday was a LOT more relaxed and overall chill. Alisha (who was my ride on sunday!). my little brother and I decided to wake up much later than the previous day since we were so utterly exhaused, and we got to the con around 12:30 or 1:00 if I remember correctly. Not that we missed a lot, the programming for Sunday was nothing of interest to any of us, and we spent the day basically walking around until we joined Jesse in the artist alley to keep him company for the rest of the day.

Jesse and I did walk around for a while and I asked for a picture with one of the bands that preformed on saturday night, Though I missed the concert, I thought they were all really cute ;u;. I listened to some of their stuff later, and though it's not my usual taste, I still enjoy it! Check it out~

That was basically it for Sunday! 

Here's everything I ended up getting from the con~!

Yep, thats totally a Yu-Gi-Oh! T-shirt haha xD. I've mentioned a few times that I'm an anime/manga fan on here, and lately I've totally been into Yu-Gi-Oh! It's totally a Magical  (boy??) Girl series in my eyes! xD That probably explains a few of the pictures above xD I wasn't expecting to see any Yu-Gi-Oh! cosplayers for whatever reason, so I was also very excited to run into a few! 

Other than that, I got two bows, a drawing, a mini foxtail, and a really cute pin from Jesse, earrings and a necklace from Tori, A Yu-Gi-Oh! button from one of the artist in the alley, and Sailor Moon and Sailor V manga! 

I didn't buy the Sailor Moon or Sailor V mangas , though. Those were birthday presents from the ever so sweet Caylee of like candy floss. Thank you again, Caylee~!

Overall, I really enjoyed AWA this year! It was fun and I got to see some people I haven't seen in a while ;u;. I still hold last years as my favorite AWA though, since I wasn't always running to meet up with someone and had a lot more down time, which is what makes cons fun to me!

☆Thanks for looking~!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

200+ Followers Giveaway End! Here are the results~!


Hi everyone! Today is the day that my giveaway ends ;u;. Thank you all so much for entering! Thank you all for the birthday wishes as well! I'm really glad I was finally able to hold a giveaway and I thank all of you for following my blog and reading it ;u;.

Again, this is everything that you can win! Remember, I'm planning on opening a shop for my crafts and designs sometime before the end of this year. Items like these will be available there once it's open!

I bet you want to know who won though, so without further ado~ I give you the winner! 

☆Congratulations to ルキ 築山 of Galaxy Bunny! ☆

I'll be sending you an email shortly to get your information in oder to ship your prize to you ;u;!

I'm hoping to old more giveaways in the future as well ,so please dob't be discouraged if you didn't win this one ~ ;u;

Thanks for looking! I'll have my AWA post up very soon~!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Netherworld Haunted House~!

Hello hello everyone! Sorry for again taking a break longer than three days ;u;. AWA was this past weekend and I needed the extra time to prepare for that ;v;. I'll have a post up on that in a little while, but for now I'd like to recount a few weeks ago when I went to Netherworld haunted house with a few friends! ;u;

It's October now, so spooky things are starting to come out of their hiding place ~! I may not look it, but I certainly enjoy this time of year ;u;.  Fall is my favorite season and I think it can almost be characterized by the "Halloween Spirit" of creepy and haunted things!

For those unfamiliar with Netherworld Haunted House, it's the #1 rated haunted house in Georgia, and the #5th rated haunted house in the nation! When my friend invited me to go along with her, I jumped at the chance, never having been before (everyone in my family is too afraid of that sort of thing ;^;).  They change the themes each year so the house is always a new experience. The theme this year for the larger haunted house was "Nightmares" while the theme for the smaller one was "Raw Meat".

You're not allowed to take any pictures inside of either of the houses, which really is a shame! There are "monsters" outside the house to entertain you while you're waiting in line, however and they gladly allow pictures with them!

My friend named this one Meldorph for some reason xD. He was our favorite monster for sure! We kept stopping to talk with him ;u;.

This one she named Brock xD. Again, not sure why haha.

She was waaaay adorable, I had to get a picture!

My friend Alisha and I with a huge killer bug and I suppose she was either a zombie or vampire of some sort ;v;.

The group I went with, me, Juliana, Alisha, and Alisha mom in our souvenir picture. ;u;. 

By the way, sorry about the pictures quality ;A;! I promise I'm working on getting a camera some time soon!

To kind of review the houses, I hated Raw Meat xD save the extra money to go in that one, unless you're a particular fan of people screaming at you, chasing you, an extremely cramped and dark area, wet floors, and being forced to crawl through a tunnel in the dark ;^;. I still have bruises on my elbows and knees from going through that stupid tunnel! xD  Looking back on it, I was incredibly scared while I was inside the house, but now I feel like it was just sloppy and all together bad. If I return next year, I'll be skipping the smaller house for sure.

The Nightmare house is an entirely different story though! I LOVED it! Most of the effects were amazing, and the animatronics were in a word impressive. I did end up running right into a yucky pigs snout though ahaha. I probably jumped 5 feet in the air when I noticed xD. A lot of the rooms were really well put together and fun! I can understand why its such a high rated haunted house! There was one that made you extremely dizzy, you had to walk through a tunnel which was bright green with dark blue dots on it, and I think the tunnel turned. It somehow made everyone really dizzy and it felt like the walkway was turning instead. That may have been my favorite part ;u;. In the smaller house, the actors yelled at you and chased you, but they didn't at all in the larger one. Definitely a plus. It was really nice! I'd definitely check that one out again~ ;v;.

Thanks for looking you guys~! I hope you end up having lots of fun spooky adventures this October!