Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Netherworld Haunted House~!

Hello hello everyone! Sorry for again taking a break longer than three days ;u;. AWA was this past weekend and I needed the extra time to prepare for that ;v;. I'll have a post up on that in a little while, but for now I'd like to recount a few weeks ago when I went to Netherworld haunted house with a few friends! ;u;

It's October now, so spooky things are starting to come out of their hiding place ~! I may not look it, but I certainly enjoy this time of year ;u;.  Fall is my favorite season and I think it can almost be characterized by the "Halloween Spirit" of creepy and haunted things!

For those unfamiliar with Netherworld Haunted House, it's the #1 rated haunted house in Georgia, and the #5th rated haunted house in the nation! When my friend invited me to go along with her, I jumped at the chance, never having been before (everyone in my family is too afraid of that sort of thing ;^;).  They change the themes each year so the house is always a new experience. The theme this year for the larger haunted house was "Nightmares" while the theme for the smaller one was "Raw Meat".

You're not allowed to take any pictures inside of either of the houses, which really is a shame! There are "monsters" outside the house to entertain you while you're waiting in line, however and they gladly allow pictures with them!

My friend named this one Meldorph for some reason xD. He was our favorite monster for sure! We kept stopping to talk with him ;u;.

This one she named Brock xD. Again, not sure why haha.

She was waaaay adorable, I had to get a picture!

My friend Alisha and I with a huge killer bug and I suppose she was either a zombie or vampire of some sort ;v;.

The group I went with, me, Juliana, Alisha, and Alisha mom in our souvenir picture. ;u;. 

By the way, sorry about the pictures quality ;A;! I promise I'm working on getting a camera some time soon!

To kind of review the houses, I hated Raw Meat xD save the extra money to go in that one, unless you're a particular fan of people screaming at you, chasing you, an extremely cramped and dark area, wet floors, and being forced to crawl through a tunnel in the dark ;^;. I still have bruises on my elbows and knees from going through that stupid tunnel! xD  Looking back on it, I was incredibly scared while I was inside the house, but now I feel like it was just sloppy and all together bad. If I return next year, I'll be skipping the smaller house for sure.

The Nightmare house is an entirely different story though! I LOVED it! Most of the effects were amazing, and the animatronics were in a word impressive. I did end up running right into a yucky pigs snout though ahaha. I probably jumped 5 feet in the air when I noticed xD. A lot of the rooms were really well put together and fun! I can understand why its such a high rated haunted house! There was one that made you extremely dizzy, you had to walk through a tunnel which was bright green with dark blue dots on it, and I think the tunnel turned. It somehow made everyone really dizzy and it felt like the walkway was turning instead. That may have been my favorite part ;u;. In the smaller house, the actors yelled at you and chased you, but they didn't at all in the larger one. Definitely a plus. It was really nice! I'd definitely check that one out again~ ;v;.

Thanks for looking you guys~! I hope you end up having lots of fun spooky adventures this October! 


  1. I actually prefer the smaller one! I haven't been this year, but every year they have a very specific thing for the small one, as to where with the large one they just have a lot of the same stuff from last year, with a few added things.

  2. I'm probably just bitter about it because it was really short and I have bruises haha xD It was also entirely too dark to really enjoy the entire theme! Maybe I'll eventually give it another chance.

  3. creepy :S but your just too cute :D

  4. I didn't get to hang out with you at all at AWA :(

  5. @Churi Chan ~ haha Thank you!
    @LaLy ~ me too hehe <3
    @Thea ~ I know! I didn't get to hang out with a lot of people ;^; I saw everyone for a little while but never got to chill. saaad.

  6. I love the contrast with your sweet colors and the creepy people xD


  7. You're so brave for going! I'd probably scream at everything. I can be a very big scaredy cat and my friends tease me about that! XD

  8. Haha I was definitely screaming a lot while in the smaller Raw Meat house xD! It was so scary! It ened up all being okay, though I still am bitter about the bruises I got xDD.My firend Alisha who I went with didn't scream once! I admire her bravery ;A;.