Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Anime Weekend Atlanta 17! So much fun!

Hi everyone! Finally I've got my AWA post ready for you all! This post caused me a lot of stress haha. I eneded up deleting it on myself and this is the second time I've typed it all out and put all the pictures in. xD 

I only went to the con on Saturday and Sunday. I've mentioned before that I was planning on twinning Fantasic Dolly with Jesse of teenmermaid at AWA on Saturday, but unfortunately his package didn't arrive in time and we weren't able to! I wore the coordinate we had planned anyways though ~

Tops ~ bodyline, offband
Skirt ~ taobao
Tights, bag ~ offbrand
Accessories ~ 6%dokidoki, taobao, offbrand, bonjour honey, handmade,
Shoes ~ secret shop

I also ordered my first wig in that taobao order! It actually turned out to be a Prisila brand wig and ordering through taobao it was only around $20! I really really like it and I'm glad I finally got one ;u;. I'm not quite addicted to wigs yet, but who knows what the future holds haha xD,

Saturday of the con was a whole lotta fun~! You guys know that I'm still camera less, but Jesse being the sweetiepie he is, took a few picture for me and is letting me use them to post ;u;!

Around mid day or so, Jesse and I went on an adventure to find his hotel so he could change. We took some time to take pictures together while we were there! Excuse my infinite derptastic faces throughout this post if you will xD. We couldn't twin outfits exactly, but we're wig twinning and tight/sock twinning a bit here to make up for it ;u;.

POV shot of us both!

Dark Magician and I~! Haha I was so suprised and excited to see this costume, I had to get a picture ;u;.

Amber (who runs a shop stuffed with cuteness here) looking super cute~! I didn't get to see her much at all sadly ;A;!

These three are friends of mine from school as well as some of the cutest/most awesome girls ever ;v;! My buddies Katie, Raven, and Kira!

Tori~! A really adorable sweetie pie that I'm so glad I met! :D I can't get over how adorable she is haha!
She runs an online shop here!

I kept spying these two around the con :D I love Genderbent Adventure Time, so I was really happy to see a few Gumballs and Ice Queen's around ;u;.

Sasha~! What a cutiepie ;u;! It was so nice to see her~!

On Sunday while I was keeping Jesse company this super cute cult party kei girl strolled by! I'd yet to see the style worn in person yet and she looked super cute in it *u*! I feel like I need to try it out once or twice!

My mom dropped by the con later on in the evening as well, to see the mini fashion show that the temp. lolita boutique Frill put on (In which I was a model) and took a few pictures.

My little brother (who refuses to look normal in pictures haha), buddy steven, and my good friends Alisha and Juliana who I brought with me to the con on Saturday hanging out while I was getting ready for the show ;u;.

The show really did end up being a mini fashion show, and I think it dissapointed a few people. Last year, the lolita fashion show was the "main fashion event" of the con, I suppose, and this year the h.naoto show was. Sad to say, I ended up missing it, but I'm sure there are photos floating around if you're interested in seeing how it went. Either way, since the show was sooooo short, we all lined up after the show to let pictures be taken.

After all of that I was completely exhausted, as were my friends! We were all so ready to go home and get to bed, which we happily did! 

Sundays outfit!
Tops ~ offbrand, thrifted
Skirts ~ forever21, handmade
Tights ~ we love colors, offbrand
Shoes~ thrifted
Accessories~ handmade, offbrand, bodyline, mintymix, bonjour honey

Sunday was a LOT more relaxed and overall chill. Alisha (who was my ride on sunday!). my little brother and I decided to wake up much later than the previous day since we were so utterly exhaused, and we got to the con around 12:30 or 1:00 if I remember correctly. Not that we missed a lot, the programming for Sunday was nothing of interest to any of us, and we spent the day basically walking around until we joined Jesse in the artist alley to keep him company for the rest of the day.

Jesse and I did walk around for a while and I asked for a picture with one of the bands that preformed on saturday night, Though I missed the concert, I thought they were all really cute ;u;. I listened to some of their stuff later, and though it's not my usual taste, I still enjoy it! Check it out~

That was basically it for Sunday! 

Here's everything I ended up getting from the con~!

Yep, thats totally a Yu-Gi-Oh! T-shirt haha xD. I've mentioned a few times that I'm an anime/manga fan on here, and lately I've totally been into Yu-Gi-Oh! It's totally a Magical  (boy??) Girl series in my eyes! xD That probably explains a few of the pictures above xD I wasn't expecting to see any Yu-Gi-Oh! cosplayers for whatever reason, so I was also very excited to run into a few! 

Other than that, I got two bows, a drawing, a mini foxtail, and a really cute pin from Jesse, earrings and a necklace from Tori, A Yu-Gi-Oh! button from one of the artist in the alley, and Sailor Moon and Sailor V manga! 

I didn't buy the Sailor Moon or Sailor V mangas , though. Those were birthday presents from the ever so sweet Caylee of like candy floss. Thank you again, Caylee~!

Overall, I really enjoyed AWA this year! It was fun and I got to see some people I haven't seen in a while ;u;. I still hold last years as my favorite AWA though, since I wasn't always running to meet up with someone and had a lot more down time, which is what makes cons fun to me!

☆Thanks for looking~!


  1. You look so pretty in the new wig!

  2. Ahhh, you're too sweet! It was nice to see you too!!

  3. @Sascha ~ You'll be at momocon too right? ;u;?
    @cora ~ It was! ;u;!

  4. That's so cool that you went with such a huge group of friends! I wish I could do that, but we can never coordinate with each other to go on the same day! XD

  5. This is actually one of the smaller groups I've ever gone with! Once there were around 15 or 20 of us and it was a nightmare xD