Saturday, October 8, 2011

200+ Followers Giveaway End! Here are the results~!


Hi everyone! Today is the day that my giveaway ends ;u;. Thank you all so much for entering! Thank you all for the birthday wishes as well! I'm really glad I was finally able to hold a giveaway and I thank all of you for following my blog and reading it ;u;.

Again, this is everything that you can win! Remember, I'm planning on opening a shop for my crafts and designs sometime before the end of this year. Items like these will be available there once it's open!

I bet you want to know who won though, so without further ado~ I give you the winner! 

☆Congratulations to ルキ 築山 of Galaxy Bunny! ☆

I'll be sending you an email shortly to get your information in oder to ship your prize to you ;u;!

I'm hoping to old more giveaways in the future as well ,so please dob't be discouraged if you didn't win this one ~ ;u;

Thanks for looking! I'll have my AWA post up very soon~!

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