Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sewing Away~ Creamy Halloween!

Hi everyone! As you all know Halloween is coming up very very soon~! I decided sometime near the beginning of  the month that I wanted to be either Sailor Moon or Creamy Mami this year, because I wasn't able to do Sailor Moon last year and I'm crazy about the cute and magical design of Creamy Mami's dress~!

In case you don't know about *Creamy Mami, this is the dress I'm talking about!

The month ended up passing by much too quickly though, and I wasn't able to go fabric shopping once for halloween! I didn't want to be without a halloween costume again this year ( though I'm not planning on trick-or-treating, it's always fun to have a costume!) . I figured I could find ways to coordinate Mami's dress so it's not so costumey, which would be pretty impossible with a Sailor Moon costume, so I decided to sacrifice my barbie fabric to make something very~ similar!

It took me most of Monday afternoon to make, and I'm really happy with it! I haven't been sewing much at all lately because of not having fabric ;A;. Basically you just make a basic tank top and add a gathered skirt and sleeves to it, so It was pretty simple! I did lose my measuring tape, so I made this without taking any measurements hahaha. It was hard to get things right, and my boobs are a bit squished in it but I'm happy with it anyways ;u;.

Here it is worn!

Since I couldn't go shopping, fabrics and colors are obviously way off, and it gives a different effect. It fits in with my wardrobe a little better like this though, so I don't really mind ;u;. Hopefully I can still make a more accurate one sometime in the future~. 

It's pretty impracticle for the upcoming winter, so it will sadly have to wait until spring and summer to be worn regularly ;~;. Being so close to Halloween though, of course I'm going to wear it! I'll probably be thought of as "Barbie" instead though, which I'm also totally okay with xD.

So what are your halloween plans~? Are you going to be dressing up as well?

Thanks for looking~!

*Creamy Mami is a Magical girl anime animated in 1983 from Studio Pierrot. She is a magical idol singer, who changes from 11 year old Yuu into famous the idol Creamy Mami due to magic the alien pinopino granted her for a year. Basically she sings, resolved supernatural flings, and helps out her friends with her magic! It's a very cute magical girl series, you should all check out if you haven't already ~!


  1. Oh my god, that's really cute! And I love those purple tights (they are purple, no?).
    I'm definitely checking that show out c:
    I was thinking of dressing up as Wednesday Addams or Morticia... Or a cat :/ But I'm too lazy to make it orz
    And buying it is out of the question xD

  2. Very cute! I'm being a gijinka-esque Hello Kitty.

  3. @Felicia ~ Thank youu! They're a sort of purplish pink haha, it might be the lighting making them more purple ;u;. It's a really cute show I hope you enjoy it :D!
    Gurl you can make it! there's still time!

    @ Sascha ~ Awww, that sounds adorable :D!

  4. Once again my mind is blown at your making talent. Im having crafting withdrawl symptoms. Been too busy with uni work that i have completely not had time for personal sewing! Looks awesome and i totally prefer it in barbie fabric. XD

  5. I love what you did with the fabric! I think it's cute for everyday fairy-kei and your Creamy Mami inspiration!

  6. @ Hexi ~ wow, thank you! I know that feeling xD I had to sort of pull my self out of that because of Halloween, and I'm totally dying under mountains schoolwork right now xD.

    @Churi Chan ~ Thanks <3!

    @Victoria Suzanne ~ Thank you so much!! I think so as well, I'm really glad that it comes across that way :D!

  7. I love that fabric - and the dress even more! ; u ; It's so cute, I can't wait to see the coordinates you use it in when Spring comes around! :3

  8. @Puffi Dust ~ Thanks!! I'm excited to try out lots of fun things with it :D!

  9. That dress is so cute!! you must be an expert atsewing! lol, not me... but i have a question, you know japanese, right? is miko a girl name???

  10. Thank you! I'm no expert though haha! I'm self taught, so I definitely have a lot of things to work on. I do know a good bit of Japanese, and I suppose it can be used as a girls name, yes ;u;.