Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year's Resolution Time~

With New Years right around the corner, I wanted to share my resolutions for 2011!

I have...well, tons of resolutions this year having to do with fashion and otherwise. I'll only post the main ones, though.

~Fashion resolutions~

~ Improve on Fairy Kei! I've been wanting to get into it for ages, and I finally did start to around august. However, I still have hardly anything that can work well for fairy kei, and want to change it my casual wear. I want to really start collecting and building my fairy kei wardrobe.

~ Build my lolita wardrobe! I still need a lot of basic things, like the perfect white blouse, an actual petticoat (which I still don't even have after 2 years ;;;), a parasol, and some other things I should have bought a long time ago xD.

~ Attend more meetups! I haven't been to a meetup since November, and I haven't seen some people since September x~x. I miss my community so much. I need to attend more meets in the Future!

~Other Resolutions~

~Drink more water! I hardly drink water, but I really do need to start ;~;

~Find a means of acquiring money! Not many places hire 15 year olds, so I'll have to be more creative. Money is good for just about everything up there xD.

~Learn to drive! I turned 15 in September and don't even have my permit yet @~@. Things would be so much easier if I could drive, so I need to get to that;;

so thats everything I am determined to do in 2011! What about you guys? What are your resolutions? I think its important to share them, because you can inspire other people to make new resoultions as well :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Bodyline Coat and Clobbaonline /Secret Shop Tea Parties Reviews!

Today was a lazy day at home~. All I did today was stare at my computer screen, walk around my house, study, and eat! While playing around on the computer, I figured I should make a post reviewing my most recent purchases.

Okay! so my Bodyline coat:

And worn..

(see the weird bulge? orz;;)

It's surprisingly warm, first off! Wearing it keeps me nice and toasty. I've worn it out in snow and at 6:00 in the morning (coldest 14 degrees F) and stayed warm. I was worried it couldn't keep me warm in crazy weird Georgia weather, but it has proven me wrong. However, it's not layering friendly. When you use more than one or two waistbands underneath it, the midsection bulges a bit ;~;. Also, I've already had one button fall off and the others are a bit loose. The hook that secures the capelet also seems like it'll come off soon. But of course, these are all easily fixable. Other loose threads and normal Bodyline flaws are around too, but usually easily fixed or nothing to really fret over.

Overall, it's a 5/5 for ordering through Bodyline (shipping is always prompt, easy to deal with, no problems, etc, etc. The norm.)
and a 4.6/5 for the coat (I really wish it didn't bulge x~x)

Next off, my tea parties!

I bought the light pink Secret shop Tea Parties from Clobbaonline via pre-order in September, and after the release date getting constantly delayed, they finally came! Clobbaonline was wonderful to order from, and I would definitely order from them again and recommend them. They always responded very fast to questions and sent out emails to let me know about the release date extensions. The shoes finally shipped out on December 11th and arrived the 22nd or 23rd (I wasn't home when they got here;;). The tracking sucked, but thats not clobbas fault xD.

About the actual shoes:
The bows on the front of the shoes look a bit rushed. Instead of a folded bow like in the stock picture above, the bow is just two rectangles sewn together. It's easy to see the underside of the bows when worn (at least that's what my mirror tells me. My mirror is at an angle though.). That bothers me just a little bit and it's definitely worth noting. I'm not sure if they all come like that or I just got unlucky ;^;. Also, there is no Secret Shop logo on the inside heel (not sure of the correct term;;) so there is no way to tell what brand the shoes are, which strikes me as a bit odd. The color is also a bit darker than than pictured, so be prepared!

I give Clobbaonline a 5/5 for their awesome service :3.
And I give the Tea Parties a 3.7/5 because the awkward bow really does annoys me. xD

I hope I helped you guys out if you wanted to order these items through either places! ;u;

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

Right now, my moms making as many cookies as she possibly can, and preparing dinner :D the house smells so good~!

Hope everyones enjoying their holiday!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Some crafting and an outfit shot!

You guys don't know this yet (at least I don't think so xD), but I ♥love♥ fairy kei! I don't have too many cute fairy kei things, but when get inspired to use up my small fabric stash, thats the first thing I think about! My goal is to be able to wear fairy kei every day that I'm not wearing lolita.
I also want to get into more fairy-lolita too, its just too much cute~!

Last night, I decided to make something, and ended up cutting up a bloomer patten from a second-hand dress I had deconstruction for its cute pink striped fabric ;3;

I ended up sewing the two heart patches last night too (by hand omg D: Sewing lace on by hand at 1:00 AM x-x) , and then sewed the rest together this morning.

They don't fit as well as I had originally hoped, but they're definably usable and totally cute! I want to pair them with mint tights and a long 80s sweatshirt and white leg-warmers and a loooong multicolored scarf xD I have none of that though, so this was the "omgnewbloomerslets trythemonnn~" coordinate I came up with :3

Simple rundown: All tops offbrand, all bottoms handmade, accessories offbrand, handmade, and mintymix.

So do you guys ever sew fun stuff? What have you created~? :D?

Thank you for looking! (^-^)/ ♥

Friday, December 17, 2010

Sorry for being gone so long!

Well, I probably wasn't actually gone that long xD
Last week was finals week at my school so I was really busy studying!
now that Winter break has started, I can post again! :)

I wanted to share with you guys two drawings that I did as Christmas presents to my friends! I can't really afford to go out and buy everyone a gift, so I try my hardest to put a lot of love into my art around this time.

Here they are~

They're definitely not perfect, but nonetheless, I hope you guys like them :)

Happy holidays!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Wishlist: Coats!

By now, everyone in the northern hemisphere is feeling winter! It's even already snowing in some places! So, I thought, why not show a bunch of cute, warm-looking coats? I feel so much warmer just looking at them x3

My absolute FAVORITE coat this season is one by Angelic Pretty (of course xD) called Love Princess Court

Isn't it gorgeous? All the extra-looking parts are detachable, and the bustle in the back makes it just that much better! I loooove it!

My second favorite coat is AP's Vanilla-Chan Coat! I really like its simple design, and of course the Vanilla-chan applique ~ It looks so fluffy and cute ;3;

The next super-cute coat comes from BTSSB, And it's called "Take a walk with Usakumya-chan coat." I adore the coats silhouette, but the ribbons and derpy usakumya put me off a bit.

I know this next one isn't a coat, but who can resist a fuzzy capelet! I've seen so many of them about, I really want one! x3 I may try and make one myself sometime soon~

Simply called the BABY logo fur cape

Ahh it's so cute ;A; i love the lace on it.

Even though looking at these coats is fun, and I really want to own them all, its a bit unrealistic for us lolis on a major budget! If you're looking for less expensive coats, I've heard good things about Bodyline and a few Taobao shops coats. Here are Some I've been eyeing on Bodyline~

First off, I really like this Bodyline coat, I'm 80% sure its a replica, though I don't know what brand it's replicating xD

I like that it's not too sweet, and its simple enough to wear, well, anywhere!

One of the cutest coats they have on the site, in my opinion, is this one:

I think its really~ cute, and I almost bought it, but when my friend bought it, I tried it on and realized it didn't suit me very well. xD

My favorite coat on Bodyline right now is this one~

And I'm very excited because I actually ordered it on Friday! Yay! I can't wait to get it and be warm :D!

What are you guys's dream coats? Have you acquired them yet? are they coming to you this winter? Have you had them for a while? Tell me~!

Thank you for looking! ♥

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Just a little post to say...

Happy Lolita Day!
I hope everyone enjoys it!

Today, I'm going to the Mall of Georgia with some friends, all dressed up! My outfit for today is here ~

Also, I wanted to show you guys my December nails! They're messier than usual, because I didn't use tape to stencil my stripes like I usually do,but here they are:

suuuper messy right?;;;

Anyways, what are your plans for today? I'd love to know!