Monday, December 27, 2010

Bodyline Coat and Clobbaonline /Secret Shop Tea Parties Reviews!

Today was a lazy day at home~. All I did today was stare at my computer screen, walk around my house, study, and eat! While playing around on the computer, I figured I should make a post reviewing my most recent purchases.

Okay! so my Bodyline coat:

And worn..

(see the weird bulge? orz;;)

It's surprisingly warm, first off! Wearing it keeps me nice and toasty. I've worn it out in snow and at 6:00 in the morning (coldest 14 degrees F) and stayed warm. I was worried it couldn't keep me warm in crazy weird Georgia weather, but it has proven me wrong. However, it's not layering friendly. When you use more than one or two waistbands underneath it, the midsection bulges a bit ;~;. Also, I've already had one button fall off and the others are a bit loose. The hook that secures the capelet also seems like it'll come off soon. But of course, these are all easily fixable. Other loose threads and normal Bodyline flaws are around too, but usually easily fixed or nothing to really fret over.

Overall, it's a 5/5 for ordering through Bodyline (shipping is always prompt, easy to deal with, no problems, etc, etc. The norm.)
and a 4.6/5 for the coat (I really wish it didn't bulge x~x)

Next off, my tea parties!

I bought the light pink Secret shop Tea Parties from Clobbaonline via pre-order in September, and after the release date getting constantly delayed, they finally came! Clobbaonline was wonderful to order from, and I would definitely order from them again and recommend them. They always responded very fast to questions and sent out emails to let me know about the release date extensions. The shoes finally shipped out on December 11th and arrived the 22nd or 23rd (I wasn't home when they got here;;). The tracking sucked, but thats not clobbas fault xD.

About the actual shoes:
The bows on the front of the shoes look a bit rushed. Instead of a folded bow like in the stock picture above, the bow is just two rectangles sewn together. It's easy to see the underside of the bows when worn (at least that's what my mirror tells me. My mirror is at an angle though.). That bothers me just a little bit and it's definitely worth noting. I'm not sure if they all come like that or I just got unlucky ;^;. Also, there is no Secret Shop logo on the inside heel (not sure of the correct term;;) so there is no way to tell what brand the shoes are, which strikes me as a bit odd. The color is also a bit darker than than pictured, so be prepared!

I give Clobbaonline a 5/5 for their awesome service :3.
And I give the Tea Parties a 3.7/5 because the awkward bow really does annoys me. xD

I hope I helped you guys out if you wanted to order these items through either places! ;u;


  1. Omg that Bodyline coat is super cute! ♥♥ Also, that's really strange about the Secret Shop logo not being on the inside like usual... very strange.

  2. It really is strange xD they came in a secret shop box though, so I know they are SS. I just think its so weird that they didn't include that!

  3. I just love Lolita coats! SO cute.
    I find that buttons are loose on many (non-loli) garments that I buy. Sometimes I prefer to re sew them on myself before I go out, since I don't want to risk on popping off when I'm out and about.

  4. I agree! I really want more ;3;
    I hate loose buttons! Bodyline usually puts an extra button on the inside of the garment, so if you lose one it's okay. I wish they were just sewn on properly though xD. It's a good idea to re-sew them before you wear it :D.

  5. Thanks for the review! Personally though, I'd rather buy a custom tailored one from Taobao ^_^"

  6. It looks so warm~ It's too bad the shoes are a little off but it's really hardly noticeable, unless I was staring really closely at your feet.

  7. @HSP - I agree with you. If I had been able to order my coat in September or October I might have done that, but it was already December when I ordered >~<.I can always count on Bodyline to get me my stuff in 3-4 days :P
    @Raindrops - mhm! overall they're still really cute and I'm glad I got them ;3;

  8. The color is way off for the shoes! :O
    I hope it still goes with your lolita wardrobe! ^^

  9. I must say that I love the way you've painted your walls. (:

  10. Thank you so much! I'm very proud of them ;3;