Monday, December 20, 2010

Some crafting and an outfit shot!

You guys don't know this yet (at least I don't think so xD), but I ♥love♥ fairy kei! I don't have too many cute fairy kei things, but when get inspired to use up my small fabric stash, thats the first thing I think about! My goal is to be able to wear fairy kei every day that I'm not wearing lolita.
I also want to get into more fairy-lolita too, its just too much cute~!

Last night, I decided to make something, and ended up cutting up a bloomer patten from a second-hand dress I had deconstruction for its cute pink striped fabric ;3;

I ended up sewing the two heart patches last night too (by hand omg D: Sewing lace on by hand at 1:00 AM x-x) , and then sewed the rest together this morning.

They don't fit as well as I had originally hoped, but they're definably usable and totally cute! I want to pair them with mint tights and a long 80s sweatshirt and white leg-warmers and a loooong multicolored scarf xD I have none of that though, so this was the "omgnewbloomerslets trythemonnn~" coordinate I came up with :3

Simple rundown: All tops offbrand, all bottoms handmade, accessories offbrand, handmade, and mintymix.

So do you guys ever sew fun stuff? What have you created~? :D?

Thank you for looking! (^-^)/ ♥


  1. I've sewed up bows and plushies before, but I'm sewing up my first skirt! I hope it looks Lolita-ish because I chose a super sugary cherry pattern! ^^

  2. Is that the cardi you bought from me? :D
    All I've ever sewn was head-bows; I wanna start sewing skirts & other items though.
    And now you made me want to sew myself some bloomers. xP

  3. @Audrey - Thats so exciting!! The pattern souhnds so cuute!! I wanna see when you're done x3
    @Caylee -Yes! I love it so much ;A; ♥ You really should. its a lot of fun and something to do when you're bored! Also, its really cool knowing you can start with some fabric, thread and lace, and 3 or 4 hours later have a wearable item!

  4. I love ittttt <333 you look so amazing in fairy kei. I really love the idea of you into fairy kei and me into hime stuff. It's kind of like a weird spinoff of Kamikaze Girls xD

  5. I love youuuuu <333! And thank you gurl~. It kind of is xD I think it would be a trip to see a hime gyaru + fairy kid out shopping or something xD