Sunday, December 5, 2010

Wishlist: Coats!

By now, everyone in the northern hemisphere is feeling winter! It's even already snowing in some places! So, I thought, why not show a bunch of cute, warm-looking coats? I feel so much warmer just looking at them x3

My absolute FAVORITE coat this season is one by Angelic Pretty (of course xD) called Love Princess Court

Isn't it gorgeous? All the extra-looking parts are detachable, and the bustle in the back makes it just that much better! I loooove it!

My second favorite coat is AP's Vanilla-Chan Coat! I really like its simple design, and of course the Vanilla-chan applique ~ It looks so fluffy and cute ;3;

The next super-cute coat comes from BTSSB, And it's called "Take a walk with Usakumya-chan coat." I adore the coats silhouette, but the ribbons and derpy usakumya put me off a bit.

I know this next one isn't a coat, but who can resist a fuzzy capelet! I've seen so many of them about, I really want one! x3 I may try and make one myself sometime soon~

Simply called the BABY logo fur cape

Ahh it's so cute ;A; i love the lace on it.

Even though looking at these coats is fun, and I really want to own them all, its a bit unrealistic for us lolis on a major budget! If you're looking for less expensive coats, I've heard good things about Bodyline and a few Taobao shops coats. Here are Some I've been eyeing on Bodyline~

First off, I really like this Bodyline coat, I'm 80% sure its a replica, though I don't know what brand it's replicating xD

I like that it's not too sweet, and its simple enough to wear, well, anywhere!

One of the cutest coats they have on the site, in my opinion, is this one:

I think its really~ cute, and I almost bought it, but when my friend bought it, I tried it on and realized it didn't suit me very well. xD

My favorite coat on Bodyline right now is this one~

And I'm very excited because I actually ordered it on Friday! Yay! I can't wait to get it and be warm :D!

What are you guys's dream coats? Have you acquired them yet? are they coming to you this winter? Have you had them for a while? Tell me~!

Thank you for looking! ♥


  1. I adore everything about the Usakumya apart from Usakumya, lol. I'm sure Baby has released a similar coat with that design in the past. In fact, I think I've seen a replica of it on Taobao somwehere.

    Also, I think most Bodyline items are replicas XD The first Bodyline coat is a replica of a Mary Magdelene one :)

  2. hahah! I'm the same on that usakumya one! Thank you for letting me know theres another one floating around x3

    Most of bodyline in general are replicas, so I'm not surprised ahahaha! Thanks for letting me know it was MM :D

  3. Although I do love Lolita and all the coats you chose, my dream coat is a Burberry Prorsum one I've been eyeing...I really like the capelet look and want one, but I haven't found one that I like and is a good price. ;~;
    All three of the bodyline coats I think would look really good outside of Lolita too! :3

  4. ooooh sounds so fancy~ x3! I love capelets! they make you feel so princessy, but for some reason, they are a ton of money x-x I know there's a pattern for a capelet in the english GLB...4? i think..? xD

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