Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year's Resolution Time~

With New Years right around the corner, I wanted to share my resolutions for 2011!

I have...well, tons of resolutions this year having to do with fashion and otherwise. I'll only post the main ones, though.

~Fashion resolutions~

~ Improve on Fairy Kei! I've been wanting to get into it for ages, and I finally did start to around august. However, I still have hardly anything that can work well for fairy kei, and want to change it my casual wear. I want to really start collecting and building my fairy kei wardrobe.

~ Build my lolita wardrobe! I still need a lot of basic things, like the perfect white blouse, an actual petticoat (which I still don't even have after 2 years ;;;), a parasol, and some other things I should have bought a long time ago xD.

~ Attend more meetups! I haven't been to a meetup since November, and I haven't seen some people since September x~x. I miss my community so much. I need to attend more meets in the Future!

~Other Resolutions~

~Drink more water! I hardly drink water, but I really do need to start ;~;

~Find a means of acquiring money! Not many places hire 15 year olds, so I'll have to be more creative. Money is good for just about everything up there xD.

~Learn to drive! I turned 15 in September and don't even have my permit yet @~@. Things would be so much easier if I could drive, so I need to get to that;;

so thats everything I am determined to do in 2011! What about you guys? What are your resolutions? I think its important to share them, because you can inspire other people to make new resoultions as well :)


  1. I should probably drink more water too...For the white shirt, you can buy a plain school girl top from a school uniform shop and decorate it yourself. Like embroider a heart on the collar or sew lace edges onto it! :3

  2. Most people should xD Why does it have ot be so tasteless?! xD

    Thats a really good idea! It would be so much fun to do as well x3

  3. By the way, thank you so much for the follow!

  4. Of course :D! I thought I was following you for a long time, but somehow I wasn't >~<. Sorry for not following you sooner!