Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First post of 2011!

Hi, everyone!
School started for the semester for me today, and I somehow managed to wake up and get ready. I wanted to share with you my outfit for school today and my nails for January! Hopefully, I can keep being a pink marshmallow all the time xD

For Christmas, I used the money I got to order the soft cream skirt in pink and two of the cute colorful petticoats from Bodyline. The petticoats work pretty well for now, I think! I'm thinking they'll deflate right after I wash them, though.

Rundown: Everything is Bodyline. Except for socks, which are offbrand, and shoes, which are SS.

My nails for January~

These are messy too ; A ;. For some reason I'm not totally happy with them. Probably because there isn't any pink xD. Oh well, February is my favorite month for nail art. I can't wait to do super pink valentines nails x3.

How is everyones 2011 so far? I have a good feeling about this year ♥!


  1. That is huuuuuuuuge poof action!

    I personally like your nails for this month -- they look very mature. (:

  2. I love the nails, but I think I'd love them more if they were pink. XD I don't know, maybe cos you associate with pink so well! <3

    But I do love the poofyness if your skirt! :D

  3. @Miss_Etherington - Yeah! It was hard to move around at school xD

    @Caylee - Thanks so much! I was worried because I realized they don't match well with my clothes xD (pink;;)

    @Apple - I think I would too, haha! Thank youuu :B

  4. Very, very cute blog! Sweet and pink and utterly Lolita, just a few of my favorite things.
    I've always aspired to have the perfect lolita wardrobe, and move to Japan and be in Japanese street-style blogs :)

  5. Aw, thank you so much! I'm so glad you think so x3!
    I think thats a great aspiration~ Keep working towards it! ^^!

  6. i have to admit that i'm a bit envious of your room, the walls alone are made of pure awesomeness ; w ; adorable outfit too, so poofy! <3

  7. Thank you so much! x3 I'm so in love with my walls ;3;.

  8. I wanted that exact same skirt in blue! XD
    I love it! :3

  9. I really like it! I'm starting to want it in mint ;3; ♥

  10. So cutteee!~
    I'm terribly jealous that you can wear that to school!~
    Everyone here is so judgmental and harsh~
    Ohh I want to be a pink marshmallow too!~

  11. Aww thanks so much!
    people are like that here too, and it sucks hearing some of the comments i hear about dressing up, but I think all in all, it's worth it because it makes me happy! You should be a pink marshmallow with me! its so fun >u<~!

  12. Gosh I wish I could (;^; )~ I go to a boarding school so it's a little different than a normal school experience... All cooped up here alone (.n. ) No fun at allll.... I'm sure if I even tried the higher up's would tell me I was out of dresscode... though technically I wouldn't be at all.
    Well, I will one day (;^; ) I defiantly will!~

    Ohoh and I love deco-nails. I just started my blogspot but I'll upload some nail pics next time I do them~

  13. Thats interesting ;o; I've never met someone who went to a boarding school. I'm sure you can get away with it every once in a while~!

    I can't wait to see your nails :D