Saturday, January 15, 2011

Handmade fluffy star and heart!

Fluffy (mokomoko~) accessories are my favorite! I wanted some from chocomint so badly, and was envious of those who knew the secret to making them. That is, until SweetxHolic posted her tutorial for them on Her blog! After reading through this tutorial, I had to try it! Last night, I had the chance to run out to Jo Anne's and grab all the supplies I needed. I made these for a friend of mine who I'm meeting today for her birthday, hopefully she'll like them ♥

♥☆Heart and Star together ♥☆

☆ The first one I made was this star ☆

♥ And then the heart ♥

I made them so that you can clip them on your hair or pin them onto your clothes ;u;.
It only took about an hour to make each one, and instead of three squares wide, I used two. you have to watch out for snapping the canvas if you try!
They're so much fun to make, and really cute!! I have a lot more supplies, so I can't wait to make more~ ♥

Do you guys like them? Do you think you'll try making some?


  1. Those are too cute <3 I'll definitely have to try this soon!

  2. They're so cute! I want to try making them! ^^

  3. @ クリス - Thank you! you should try! its a lot of fun ;u;

    @Audrey - Thanks :D Definitely do it!!