Friday, January 7, 2011

More internet Dress up!

I'm really starting to love polyvore ;u;

I wanted to share another coordinate I came up with using Milky Planet (which is probably my favorite print right now ♥) It's an attempt at Fairy Lolita, using no predominantly fairy kei items xD.

Milky Planet Fairy-Lolita coord

I think it needs more accessories, but I didn't have any clipped to Polyvore already, and didn't want to dig around for any xD. I think it's really cute ;3; I see a lot of Milky Planet virtual coordinates in my future ~ ♪.

Do you guys like it? I don't own any yellow or lavender to coordinate with so this was kind of new to me xD Does it look good? :)?


  1. Looks like an adorable co-ord to me :3
    The matching of the shooting star bag and the socks with the skirt is perfect!

  2. I adore that bag so very much.

    But I adore this!!! Fairy-lolita is so adorable. :3

  3. @spiffykidd, thanks! ;3; I really want it xD

    @Apple - I do too ;O; I need to get it or I'll die xD two replicas are out though so :D~!