Monday, January 31, 2011

Atlanta Lolitas High Tea Meetup!

Hello everyone! sorry again for not posting for a while x~x. School makes it hard, but I promise I'm trying really hard ;u;!
I'm not sure If I've talked about it here, but yesterday the Atlanta Lolitas hosted a high tea meetup in the Four Season hotel. It was, in a word, amazing. I had such a great time seeing everyone again and meeting so many beautiful lolitas for the first time ;u;. Of course, I took a TON of pictures. And half of them turned out blurry so I have a lot less than I imagined. Once the photographer posts their official photos, I'll be sure to link those here as well so you can see the whole group (or at least the whole group that arrived when were still taking group photos xD).

First off, I'll show my outfit ;u;. Blouse and skirt are bodyline, accessories are handmade by me or someone else and offbrand, except earring which is 6%dokidoki, tights are welovecolors, white fishnets are from hot topic, and shoes are SS.

I actually did my nails this way halfway through January, but I'm just now posting pictures of them xD. I think they were fairly appropriate for the high tea, since the theme was Rococo. I'll have new February nail art sometime this week though~!

Next are pictures from the event! I don't have them in order since my computer rearranged them and I can't remember exactly, so here are some pretty people~! everyone looked SO gorgeous. I only wish I had gotten more pictures of all the Rococo themed outfits ;~;.

Don't be fooled! They weren't as good as they look! The tea sandwiches we had were amazing, but I was too hungry to remember to take pictures of those xD. That chocolate covered strawberry though~.

These two looked so great ;o; I wish I could see them more often. Jessica on the left isn't from Atlanta so it was a great treat to see her again! and Brittany looks as beautiful as always ;u;.

All three came from Alabama, if I remember correctly >u<. I wish they lived closer, they look so wonderful and are so sweet! Must see you guys more!

She is SO SWEET~! I wish I could remember her name, but I'm seriously looking forward to meeting her again soon ;u;!

I have also completely forgotten her name ;^; ( EDIT: I'm told her name is Robin. Fits her so well ;u;). I'm so terrible at remembering names xD. I wish I could remember because shes so sweet and gorgeous and talented! She wore the most amazing gown, and get this - handmade! So jealous x3

Just a cute shot of a bunch of cute filly girls chatting ;u; I loved seeing the circles of poof form and forming some myself xD.

And last heres a picture of my friend Betty and I. I look like such a derp here haha xD.

I hope I can continue going to events with the community I love so much!

Of course there are so many more photos, but I didn't take any that can really show how awesome everyone looked in one. I wish I could, but it was so hard to do! I'm anxiously awaiting the photos the photographer took.

Also, If I have any pictures of you you would prefer for me to take down, contact me and I'll do so ;u;.


  1. Awh, you all are so beautiful!!! I love all of the outfits! And the girl who made the gown...I want her skills! That's GORGEOUS. *goes to watch 18th century based films now)

  2. Ohh so cute!

    I've never been to a loli meet yet, but I'm hoping to go to my first sometime this summer (;u; )~
    Everything looks so fancy! I love ittt!~

  3. You guys all look to cute! I wish my area had such lovely events. <3

  4. Aww, everyone looks amazing! Seems like a great meetup XD
    Also, the poof you have going on in your skirt is pretty incredible :3

  5. @Apple- Everyone looked so great, right?! ;u; I wish i could be around them all everyday :3. Isn't it beautifulll?! Lets go steal her skills together xD.
    @Gigglesnort - They are so much fun! I hope you have a great time at your first meet x3
    @Meagan - Thank you! I love our events here x3 I wish I could attend more x~x.
    @Spiffykidd - Don't they? x3? It was a ton of fun :D. And you can never have too much poof >u<.

  6. You look so cute and so does everyone else! I can't believe she sewed that on her own! :O

  7. Awww, you are super sweet for including us 'bama lolis in your post. :) The redhead with the gorgeous handmade gown is Robin, btw. ^^ I really wish we all lived closer together!!

  8. @Audrey - Thank you! It was like walking into a room of the cutest/most gorgeous people ;u;
    @Jess - I had to! I love you guyss <333. I cant wait until we can all arrange to hang out more ;u;~.

  9. It was an awesome meet!!! <3
    Sad you couldn't go to karaoke so we should go next time :3
    Also, the sleepover is in 2 weeks, I cannot wait >w< (please help me remind Mana.)
    I miss you already ;u;

  10. It really was! x3! I wish i could, I LOVE karaoke ;u;. Next time, I have to karaoke with everyone for sure! Sounds like a good time, i'll be sure to tell her x3 <3
    I miss you too ;~;! <3

  11. Everyone looks so cute!
    That food looks so good too bad it wasn't.