Sunday, January 23, 2011

Outfit Post!! Fairy Kei Today~ ☆

Hello everyone :D! I wanted to share my outfit for today ;u;. It's a good friend of mines birthday so a bunch of friends and I are going out to his favorite restaurant to celebrate. This is what I'm wearing for it ♥

Jacket - Old Navy
Skirt - Handmade
Petticoat - Bodyline
Bloomers - Handmade
Tights - We Love Colors
Socks - Target
Shoes (not pictured, planning on pink tea parties though ;u;) - Secret Shop
Accessories - Most are handmade, Lollipop pin is mintymix .

So do you guys think I've improved a bit with fairy kei? Tumblr is a godsend for inspirational pictures ;u;!

Thanks for looking!


  1. I love the Little Twin Stars bags, so cute. <3

  2. So cute, i love it!Tumblr is the best site ever--I am always looking for inspiration for pop kei and it’s the best place for me :D

  3. I really like this-- it's casual, yet totally adorable and well put-together. I like how the petticoat just peeks out :3

    Rather off topic, but I was wondering, how tall are you? You have such lovely long legs! XD

  4. @Mac- Thank you! I looove little twin stars ;u;.

    @Cajega - Thanks!! I really love tumblr too xD I'm always all over it haha.

    @Spiffykidd - Thank youu! I'm 5'4 but apparently I have really long limbs @~@.

  5. This outfit is so adorable! Your hair definitely adds to the cuteness of your look :D

  6. So kawaii! Especailly your acessories! ^^

  7. So exciting to see you have a blog! You look so cute! ;3;

    I hope you had fun at your friend's birthday party! :D <3

  8. @HSP - Aw thank you!! I can't wait until my hair grows longer so I can do more with it ;u;.

    @Audrey - Thank you!! :D

    @Alice - Thank youu! I had a lot of fun ;u;.
    I'm really looking forward to seeing you again! Do you think you'll be in town for momocon?