Friday, January 21, 2011

To Wear Lolita at School

First off, hello! Sorry about my week-long absence x~x! School started again and I've had tests and quizzes and homework galore!

Speaking of school, I've been thinking about making a post like this for a while, since it's probably what I hear and get questioned about most from other lolitas.

"It's so nice that you can wear lolita to school! I wish I could wear lolita to my school, but I'm afraid no one will like it."

I wanted to make a post telling all of you school-going lolitas (though I can only speak from experience for middle school or high school) that it is okay to wear lolita to school! Of course, other students will overreact, some will ask questions, some will make rude comments, or some will just laugh at the sight of frills and bows (I find this ridiculous considering I've seen people wearing tights WITHOUT pants/shorts/skirt or a long top or dress to cover them D:). On the other side though, a lot of people do actually like it! It's always nice to hear people pass you in the hallways and say you look cute or like a doll ♥.

If you really do want to start wearing your lolita to school, but aren't sure how to go in without freaking everybody out, try to ease into dressing up. Instead of boring T-shits, start wearing cutsews. Carry your lolita bags or wear your lolita shoes. Wear your JSK's with sweaters on top and without a petticoat, maybe. There are plenty of ways to dress down your lolita for school at first. After you get a feel for things, and feel that your classmates and friends aren't way weirded out, go for your petticoats and more traditional lolita coordinations! Another great way is to try to wear a full lolita coordinate once a week for a while, preferably some day later in the week like Thursday or Friday. Your classmates will slowly become used to the look until you can wear it as often as you like (this is what I did xD)!

Some people swear their schools are really bad; full of people who will definitely judge them for wearing the clothes. I must say that I understand you completely. Living outside of Atlanta, there are quite a few, erm, closed-minded people around xD. I've heard SO MANY "What the HECK is she wearing?!"'s and "OH GURL, UH-UH!"'s that you would think I would stop by now. The trick is to know that you're wearing your lolita for you. Always remember that you are the one who gets enjoyment from wearing these clothes, that they make you feel beautiful no matter what. No one else should be able to pry their way into something as personal as how you dress (other than parents/guardians or school officials).

People will say things, but if its something that makes YOU happy, you shouldn't let it get to you! Eventually, people will become used to you, and accept that its something you will do whether they like it or not.

I'm really hoping I hear about more girls wearing lolita to their schools. It really isn't as hard or outlandish as you might think! Of course, there are occasions where its not appropriate at school, but I trust you guys would know when it's not okay. If it's somehow against the dress code of your school, please don't break the rules ;u;.

I'll conclude this post with some older coordinates I've worn to school ;u;.
(If you would like to see the outfit rundowns, I have both outfits in a daily_ala_mode post here)

Thanks for looking! ;u;.


  1. BUH (;n; ) Lol I wish it were so easy here!
    Everything you've said is sososooo true, but man I just don't know about boarding school...
    We have a strict dress code (strict as in, guys have to wear a blazer and tie,... everyday. For girls it's a lot more lax, but it's still a collared shirt, etc.)
    It's such a close minded ridiculous place that I don't even think if I wore Lolita, for the purpose of wearing it because I wanted to, if it would be worth the aggravation this school causes. I'm a 3-year senior at this school, and after only being here for 3 years (lord help my friends who were here for 4). I don't think I could bare to share my precious frills with the unworthy close-minded(pleasepardonemylanguage) assholes here.
    Sure I wear what I want to because I can. Hell, half my head of hair is pink. But the mundane life at boarding school of seeing the same people every day for breakfast lunch and dinner bludgeons me to a state of not caring, at all, because no one here is worth my time. Of course the exceptions being my friends, but I know they'd love me no matter what, so they're well aware of my fill and lace wearing tendencies when I'm at home.
    It's not that I'm afraid to dress Lolita here, rather I feel the importance of Lolita to me can't be understood here to the point that I don't want to share such a wonderful thing with the anyone here.
    It's really sad and it sucks, but it's just something about LIVING in a school full of judgmental blonde haired white Fairfield county dipshits that dampens the excitement of wearing that brand new JSK out of the house. It's really not the same as living at home and going to school, only to be able to go HOME again afterwards... Here you can't escape to your beautiful Lolita world ocne the day is done...

    God I sound so emo. But it's the truth D8.
    I think I'll start a series of boarding school loli posts.....
    I really do apologize for springing that on you D8 my goodness gracious.

  2. This is actually a really interesting comment, because I never thought about it that way. Also I have no experience with boarding schools so this didn't come to my mind. My take on it is more "since its something that can make me happy, why not?" but I'm seeing why you would choose not to. Thank you for sharinggg ;u;! it really is interesting!

  3. Okay, I didn't dress Lolita while in high school, mainly because we had uniforms. So it was a lot harder expressing oneself, but that just meant a looot of accessories. But really, if anyone saw what kind of school I went to, they would hold back as well.

    But me? I didn't like most of the people at my school, so I mostly did what I wanted. (with what I could, anyway).

    But Idk about boarding school, that's a whole different story.

  4. I really like your idea of dressing lolita down and easing yourself into it.
    I've worn lolita to school on one occasion, and I got so many weird looks from people! And in general, if I wear something that is perhaps fairy-kei, or even just something colourful I get lots of random abuse (seriously, people shout things, or literally point and laugh). But, I have my friends. We joke about all those narrow-minded people and life goes on.
    Lolita makes me far too happy to let anyone else spoil it. <3

  5. Haha, wearing lolita to school would get weird looks at my school...;~; The funny thing is there are people who are dressed even more differently than lolita like scene, a guy wearing leggings, a guy who wears yellow skinny jeans everyday, a girl who wear pastel blue eye shadow that is smeared all over her face, but somehow these people are more accepted than I would be, if I were to wear lolita...I find it ironic! XD

  6. @Apple - yeah, I've heard with uniforms there's not much you can do xD At least some uniforms are really cute! Some schools may let you put a petticoat under your uniform skirt and wear bows? My mom had to wear a uniform and says she wasn't allowed accessories. Once she wore hoop earrings and the nuns (catholic school) told her they weren't allowed because they could get caught on the door-nob! xD!

    @Spiffykidd - I get weird looks all the time from everyone @~@. After a while you learn to block them out I notice. I hate when people shout things and laugh though x-x. It's so rude! It's as if they were never taught manners! But I agree with you, The clothes make me too happy to not wear them for other peoples pleasure ♥.

    @Audrey - Trust me, weird looks from everyone xD! you definitely get used to the looks in time ;u;. Lunch ladies really like it though, for some reason. ;u;.
    Yellow skinny jeans everyday..? The SAME yellow skinny jeans everyday? D:? It sucks that so many people that are considered "alternative" in their style would outcast someone else in an alternative fashion, because its different from theirs. Weird stuff :P.

  7. I am still new to Lolita type clothing. I use to just where the basic guideline for Lolita( ribbons, bows, knee puffy skirts,puffy shoulder sleeves). Other time i wouldn't where Lolita at all. Well now i go to a new uniformed school and i'm just wearing my regular rockish dark clothing look, but i really want to where Lolita( i thought uniform would be an easy gate way for a Lolita look). i have almost no Lolita style clothing(almost feel like crying). Plus i feel it would freak some of my "so rocker, emo-style, Gothic" or just everyday friends/ family.
    My mom always encouraged me to where what i felt like but now i'm living with my family with a completely differ. opinion (i am afraid of freaking them out, too).

  8. Oh, I go to a school where they have their own shop, and they give you the cloths that you're suposed to wear, The only accesories you are allowed to wear are in navy blue or magenta. I am a sweet lolita. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Wear a navy blue/magenta Alice bow with your prescribed dress. Get a skirt and wear a petti underneath it if possible.

  9. @Demibloom ~ Well if you don't try it out you'll never know ;u;. Talk to your family about wearing more lolita-ish things to see how they feel about it!

    @Anonymous ~ Make some cute accessories in navy blue and magenta to match ;u;! If that doesn't work out, then that's okay too! You can probably still carry a cute school bag or use adorable mechanical pencils etc. If all else fails, just wear lolita on the weekends. There isn't a way to get around it if the school is completely against it ;A;.

  10. For most of my school life I had to wear uniforms, so lolita was a no. But I was lucky, because in my last year of high school I went to an arts school, and almost everyone dressed in alternative fashion and didn't judge (and there were quite a few people that even dressed in lolita or fairy kei)

  11. I'm afraid to wear lolita to school (In the future, in high school) because I'm afraid I won't fit in my seat! Because like petticoats and small seats....
    Plus on gym days we get five minutes to get into our gym clothes and out of them before and after gym. I don't think that's enough time to get redressed in the lolita outfits! But mer.