Thursday, May 17, 2012

Shopping' Baby! Lots of Outfits~☆

Hey everyone~! Summer is almost here and I'm super excited about school almost being out!! We only have Tomorrow, and three half days of finals until summer vacation starts~! Lately I've been busy with AP tests and reviews one after the other, so that's why posting has been so insanely sparse, but I did find a little time in between everything to go shopping a little bit~! I also have quite a few outfits to show you and a really exciting announcement to make on here~

I've revealed it everywhere else a while ago, and realized that for some reason I never mentioned it here! But this summer, I'll be going with People To People on a Student Ambassadors trip to Greece, Italy, and France for 20 days!! I've been excited out of my mind for it recently, and in part that's what I've been shopping for ;u;! I've always dreamed about traveling the world and going everywhere I possibly could so having this actually happen so soon is so crazy and so exciting! Sadly, this means I won't be able to blog all the time while I'm there, but I'll definitely have a lot to update you on afterwards!

 But that's not really what I really wanted to post about so I'll get to the pictures of my recent purchases and outfits! ;u;!

So first off, Last weekend I went shopping with my friend in order to find some T-shirts and shorts for my trip, as well as a graduation dress for her! I wasn't expecting getting much of anything since my stomping ground is more 2nd hand and thrift stores than anything else, but I did buy this because how in the world was I supposed to resist? It was also discounted!!

ehehehe I forgot i took this picture with my new yugioh~ deck box next to it;; I found that at the thrift store for 15 cents!

We went thrifting the next day and I found some really kickbutt goodies! though I didn't find a whole lot~

A wonderful and perfect large pink hooded jacket, pink sweatshirty-t-shirty like thing (ahahahaa), A perfect mint skirt, and a pastel blue pleated skirt! I got a purple shiny belt for uchuu kei and a caboodle-like thingermabob!

I say caboodle-like because I can't find the brand on this anywhere, but it might as well be one! haha~

and now for a ton of outfits!! I haven't really been taking pictures as often as I used to, since I've been repeating and going lazy for school and stuff, so even though its been a lonnng time, I don't have too much to show! Sorry! 












So thats me lately~! I'm not entirely sure when I'll have time like I used to to blog more often, so please bear with my weekly posts for now ;u;! Thank you for looking ☆! 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ah! I've Been Tagged~ 11 Things About Me!

Hello Hello everyone!

Well onto the point of this post ;v;! I've been tagged to do the 11 Things About Me tag ;v;! I was tagged by to do this~!


1. Each person must post eleven things about themselves on their blog 

2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you plus create eleven questions for the people you tag to answer 

3. Choose eleven people and link them in your post 

4. Go to their page and tell them 

5. No tag backs 

6. You legitimately have to tag

Sooo~ lets go! 
1.What is the first thing you do in the morning?
Wish it wasn't already morning haha!

2.What's your favorite food?
I loooove curry! Every kind of curry from everywhere is my favorite food~

3.Are you in love?
Probably not!

4.Which kind of movie do you like?
Animated movies ;u;. I love watching children's movies and cartoons in general~
5.Which zodiac sign are you?

I am a Virgo!
6.Are you an extrovert or an introvert?

I'm an extrovert ;u;
7.Do you have a job?And if yes do you like it?

I don't have one u A u
8.What do you imagine doing in two years from now?

Working my butt of in Fashion School!
9.Which is your Favorited flower?

I don't know flowers very well, but I've always loved the scent of gardenias~
10.Who would you like to be in another life?

A famous magical idol!
11.What time is it in your country?

It's currently 3:47 pm in on the east coast of the USA~

Okay! so now my 11 questions:

1. Whats your favorite piece of clothing?
2. Who's your favorite artist?
3. Whats your favorite song?
4. Do you ave anything you're embarrassed to like?
5. How many posters are up on your wall?
6. What colors do you like to paint your nails?
7. What do you do to relax?
8. Whats a typical dinner for you like?
9. Do you sing in the shower?
10. How do you spend most of your time?
11. Where do you like to shop?

And~ I don't have anyone in particular to tag, but I'd love to see someone answer my questions ;u; hahaha!

Thanks for looking, you guys! I'll be posting again soon! probably sooner than a week too, since I do have some exciting activities coming up to tell you about, as well as outfits to post and so on~ so don't forget about me just yet ;v;!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

☆30 Day Fairy Kei Challenge Days 19 and 20☆

Hey there everyone~! I am really sorry about seemingly abandoning this blog for such a long time! It's the last few weeks of school, which of course means I have several projects, constant tests, AP exams, and all sorts of boring school related work to do! Prom was this past weekend as well, and I went with some friends, so I've been busy getting ready for that for a while! Speaking of which, let me know if yo would like to see any prom photos here! I probably won't post them unless you would like me to ;u;.

But anyways, it's just been an extremely chaotic month! I haven't done much of anything interesting lately at all so there hasn't been anything to blog about, plus I've just been super school busy and its been awful hahaha.Oh well! I'm back now, though I will be officially switching to weekly posts for a while, since I've been doing that anyways!

Well, since I was gone for sooo long, and feel bad about not having at least an image post, have some more 30 day challenge goodness! ;u;!

 Day nineteen: 5 of your favorite toys.

Oh man, this is fun! It was a total blast to go through all of my stuffed animals and goodies to find my favorites ;u;~

I love my magic wand! I twirl it and mess with it all the time haha! I even take it with me sometimes because it'll match an outfit ;u;! for sure my absolute favorite~

This little telephone that I thrifted is so cute and fun haha! It really reminds me of something that would be shown off in the Spank! stores. ;u; I love picking up the receiver and just saying random phrases, and if I'm chilling in my room I do it all the time for some reason haha! It's just fun ;u;.

Third is definitely this super sweet baby Cheer Bear that Caylee got for me!! I love this sweetie so much!

This cash register!! I found it a while ago at a thrift store, and I've kept accessories in it since ;u; I love that it makes a "Ka-ching!" sound when you press the button to open it~

And do scented bubbles count as a toy? Too bad if not! sometimes My friends will blow the bubbles And I'll have to pop them with my magic wand, which I am not very good at! It's always pretty funny ahaha

 Day twenty: What do you see in Fairy-Kei in general in the next 5 years?

I totally see it straying more from where it is now, maybe in a completely wild and care free way! It's already such a super free style, that I wouldn't be surprised to see it branch out further and further ;u;. Its already more or less limitless, so I think it's got a lot of potential to totally expand ;u;! I don't have any solid predictions, but that's why it's so fun ;v;!!

Thanks for looking everyone! I promise I'll post again soon~!