Thursday, May 17, 2012

Shopping' Baby! Lots of Outfits~☆

Hey everyone~! Summer is almost here and I'm super excited about school almost being out!! We only have Tomorrow, and three half days of finals until summer vacation starts~! Lately I've been busy with AP tests and reviews one after the other, so that's why posting has been so insanely sparse, but I did find a little time in between everything to go shopping a little bit~! I also have quite a few outfits to show you and a really exciting announcement to make on here~

I've revealed it everywhere else a while ago, and realized that for some reason I never mentioned it here! But this summer, I'll be going with People To People on a Student Ambassadors trip to Greece, Italy, and France for 20 days!! I've been excited out of my mind for it recently, and in part that's what I've been shopping for ;u;! I've always dreamed about traveling the world and going everywhere I possibly could so having this actually happen so soon is so crazy and so exciting! Sadly, this means I won't be able to blog all the time while I'm there, but I'll definitely have a lot to update you on afterwards!

 But that's not really what I really wanted to post about so I'll get to the pictures of my recent purchases and outfits! ;u;!

So first off, Last weekend I went shopping with my friend in order to find some T-shirts and shorts for my trip, as well as a graduation dress for her! I wasn't expecting getting much of anything since my stomping ground is more 2nd hand and thrift stores than anything else, but I did buy this because how in the world was I supposed to resist? It was also discounted!!

ehehehe I forgot i took this picture with my new yugioh~ deck box next to it;; I found that at the thrift store for 15 cents!

We went thrifting the next day and I found some really kickbutt goodies! though I didn't find a whole lot~

A wonderful and perfect large pink hooded jacket, pink sweatshirty-t-shirty like thing (ahahahaa), A perfect mint skirt, and a pastel blue pleated skirt! I got a purple shiny belt for uchuu kei and a caboodle-like thingermabob!

I say caboodle-like because I can't find the brand on this anywhere, but it might as well be one! haha~

and now for a ton of outfits!! I haven't really been taking pictures as often as I used to, since I've been repeating and going lazy for school and stuff, so even though its been a lonnng time, I don't have too much to show! Sorry! 












So thats me lately~! I'm not entirely sure when I'll have time like I used to to blog more often, so please bear with my weekly posts for now ;u;! Thank you for looking ☆! 


  1. Ooh what great purchases and 15 cents? What a steal!

    1. Yess! It was halfprice day, so all together what i got was around $23 but i got if for $11!! I loovvve~ thrifting!

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  3. i love the may 14th outfit * w * and your little thrifted box ish soo cute :,D what are you gonna use it for? ^^

    1. Thank you!! I'll probably use it for storing some trading cards or books something like that ;v;~!

  4. lovely outfits! and the sailor moon shirt is so cute :D:D

    1. Thank you~! :>! Sailor Moon is my hero so i couldn't resist! hehe

  5. soo soo cute! i wish i had a bunch of cool clothes too :D

    1. What are you saying?! You have the best clothes and outfits aaaa! I love everything you wear, doll~ ;u;!

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  7. Even with more simple pieces, you come up with the adorable outfits :)
    I wish thrift stores were as colorful where I live.

    1. Oh thank you!! I'm sure you can find some similar stuff! i have to dig through the whole store whenever i go hahaha