Monday, January 31, 2011

Atlanta Lolitas High Tea Meetup!

Hello everyone! sorry again for not posting for a while x~x. School makes it hard, but I promise I'm trying really hard ;u;!
I'm not sure If I've talked about it here, but yesterday the Atlanta Lolitas hosted a high tea meetup in the Four Season hotel. It was, in a word, amazing. I had such a great time seeing everyone again and meeting so many beautiful lolitas for the first time ;u;. Of course, I took a TON of pictures. And half of them turned out blurry so I have a lot less than I imagined. Once the photographer posts their official photos, I'll be sure to link those here as well so you can see the whole group (or at least the whole group that arrived when were still taking group photos xD).

First off, I'll show my outfit ;u;. Blouse and skirt are bodyline, accessories are handmade by me or someone else and offbrand, except earring which is 6%dokidoki, tights are welovecolors, white fishnets are from hot topic, and shoes are SS.

I actually did my nails this way halfway through January, but I'm just now posting pictures of them xD. I think they were fairly appropriate for the high tea, since the theme was Rococo. I'll have new February nail art sometime this week though~!

Next are pictures from the event! I don't have them in order since my computer rearranged them and I can't remember exactly, so here are some pretty people~! everyone looked SO gorgeous. I only wish I had gotten more pictures of all the Rococo themed outfits ;~;.

Don't be fooled! They weren't as good as they look! The tea sandwiches we had were amazing, but I was too hungry to remember to take pictures of those xD. That chocolate covered strawberry though~.

These two looked so great ;o; I wish I could see them more often. Jessica on the left isn't from Atlanta so it was a great treat to see her again! and Brittany looks as beautiful as always ;u;.

All three came from Alabama, if I remember correctly >u<. I wish they lived closer, they look so wonderful and are so sweet! Must see you guys more!

She is SO SWEET~! I wish I could remember her name, but I'm seriously looking forward to meeting her again soon ;u;!

I have also completely forgotten her name ;^; ( EDIT: I'm told her name is Robin. Fits her so well ;u;). I'm so terrible at remembering names xD. I wish I could remember because shes so sweet and gorgeous and talented! She wore the most amazing gown, and get this - handmade! So jealous x3

Just a cute shot of a bunch of cute filly girls chatting ;u; I loved seeing the circles of poof form and forming some myself xD.

And last heres a picture of my friend Betty and I. I look like such a derp here haha xD.

I hope I can continue going to events with the community I love so much!

Of course there are so many more photos, but I didn't take any that can really show how awesome everyone looked in one. I wish I could, but it was so hard to do! I'm anxiously awaiting the photos the photographer took.

Also, If I have any pictures of you you would prefer for me to take down, contact me and I'll do so ;u;.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Outfit Post!! Fairy Kei Today~ ☆

Hello everyone :D! I wanted to share my outfit for today ;u;. It's a good friend of mines birthday so a bunch of friends and I are going out to his favorite restaurant to celebrate. This is what I'm wearing for it ♥

Jacket - Old Navy
Skirt - Handmade
Petticoat - Bodyline
Bloomers - Handmade
Tights - We Love Colors
Socks - Target
Shoes (not pictured, planning on pink tea parties though ;u;) - Secret Shop
Accessories - Most are handmade, Lollipop pin is mintymix .

So do you guys think I've improved a bit with fairy kei? Tumblr is a godsend for inspirational pictures ;u;!

Thanks for looking!

Friday, January 21, 2011

To Wear Lolita at School

First off, hello! Sorry about my week-long absence x~x! School started again and I've had tests and quizzes and homework galore!

Speaking of school, I've been thinking about making a post like this for a while, since it's probably what I hear and get questioned about most from other lolitas.

"It's so nice that you can wear lolita to school! I wish I could wear lolita to my school, but I'm afraid no one will like it."

I wanted to make a post telling all of you school-going lolitas (though I can only speak from experience for middle school or high school) that it is okay to wear lolita to school! Of course, other students will overreact, some will ask questions, some will make rude comments, or some will just laugh at the sight of frills and bows (I find this ridiculous considering I've seen people wearing tights WITHOUT pants/shorts/skirt or a long top or dress to cover them D:). On the other side though, a lot of people do actually like it! It's always nice to hear people pass you in the hallways and say you look cute or like a doll ♥.

If you really do want to start wearing your lolita to school, but aren't sure how to go in without freaking everybody out, try to ease into dressing up. Instead of boring T-shits, start wearing cutsews. Carry your lolita bags or wear your lolita shoes. Wear your JSK's with sweaters on top and without a petticoat, maybe. There are plenty of ways to dress down your lolita for school at first. After you get a feel for things, and feel that your classmates and friends aren't way weirded out, go for your petticoats and more traditional lolita coordinations! Another great way is to try to wear a full lolita coordinate once a week for a while, preferably some day later in the week like Thursday or Friday. Your classmates will slowly become used to the look until you can wear it as often as you like (this is what I did xD)!

Some people swear their schools are really bad; full of people who will definitely judge them for wearing the clothes. I must say that I understand you completely. Living outside of Atlanta, there are quite a few, erm, closed-minded people around xD. I've heard SO MANY "What the HECK is she wearing?!"'s and "OH GURL, UH-UH!"'s that you would think I would stop by now. The trick is to know that you're wearing your lolita for you. Always remember that you are the one who gets enjoyment from wearing these clothes, that they make you feel beautiful no matter what. No one else should be able to pry their way into something as personal as how you dress (other than parents/guardians or school officials).

People will say things, but if its something that makes YOU happy, you shouldn't let it get to you! Eventually, people will become used to you, and accept that its something you will do whether they like it or not.

I'm really hoping I hear about more girls wearing lolita to their schools. It really isn't as hard or outlandish as you might think! Of course, there are occasions where its not appropriate at school, but I trust you guys would know when it's not okay. If it's somehow against the dress code of your school, please don't break the rules ;u;.

I'll conclude this post with some older coordinates I've worn to school ;u;.
(If you would like to see the outfit rundowns, I have both outfits in a daily_ala_mode post here)

Thanks for looking! ;u;.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Handmade fluffy star and heart!

Fluffy (mokomoko~) accessories are my favorite! I wanted some from chocomint so badly, and was envious of those who knew the secret to making them. That is, until SweetxHolic posted her tutorial for them on Her blog! After reading through this tutorial, I had to try it! Last night, I had the chance to run out to Jo Anne's and grab all the supplies I needed. I made these for a friend of mine who I'm meeting today for her birthday, hopefully she'll like them ♥

♥☆Heart and Star together ♥☆

☆ The first one I made was this star ☆

♥ And then the heart ♥

I made them so that you can clip them on your hair or pin them onto your clothes ;u;.
It only took about an hour to make each one, and instead of three squares wide, I used two. you have to watch out for snapping the canvas if you try!
They're so much fun to make, and really cute!! I have a lot more supplies, so I can't wait to make more~ ♥

Do you guys like them? Do you think you'll try making some?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

What do we do when we're stuck in the house?

Anything we can!

The snow/ice combo going on down here is making it impossible to leave the house! School has been canceled for the entire week (Which I must say, I don't mind not having school xD). Aside from a small trip to wall★mart I haven't left the house. There are a few things to do when stuck inside for a week, and I haven't done many of them. Mostly sat like a zombie in front of my computer. I have done a few entertaining things though!

☆First form of entertainment ~ Cook/Bake/Eat!☆

I've been eating so many yummy things xD

Mostly ice cream

and cupcakes

Thought there has been actual food thrown in there.

☆Second form of entertainment ~ [Internet] Window Shop!☆

Probably the best thing to do when you have oodles of free time is to look at everything you want. everything! I like to compile it all into a "wishlist" spreadsheet. So far, I have 32 items on my non-brand lolita wish list totaling up to $1,052. ;u; One day~!

☆Third form of entertainment ~ Do your hair & make up!☆

This is always fun to do! My hair is an awkward length thats hard for me to style normally, so I just leave it down. I decided playing around with my hair to discover what it could do wouldn't do much harm. The result~

Some hime hair! I think it's fun to do. I also discovered I can pull of a fluffy bun, two braids, and other cute styles. No excuses for me, I'l have to actually style my hair from now on xD.

☆Fourth form of entertainment ~ Start something new / craft!☆

I've been wanting to pick up knitting for a long time now, but never quite got the hang of it. Last night, at our small trip to wall★mart, I decided now was definitely the time to try again. I'm not going to say I'm horrible at it, but... xD I'm not doing too well. It's a lot of fun though, and keeping me from cabin fever! Maybe once this "Scarf" (I don't think I can even call it that;;) is completed, I can add some things on and edit it to make it look less terrible.

So many holes and gained / lost stitches x--x (I'll get the hang of it someday;;).

☆Fifth form of entertainment ~ Movies!☆

So far, I've watched Tangled, Tron Legacy, Despicable Me, Mean Girls, Little Nemo, Spirited Away, and Sailor moon SuperS - Black Dream Hole in the last few days. Sitting back with popcorn (or ice cream x3) and watching a movie is a great way to pass the time while staying relatively entertained :D.

Hopefully, this helps some of you out of whatever boredom you may experience!

P.S - Those of you who knit, can you help me? I keep gaining stitches (are they called stitches in knitting?;;;) somehow @~@.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow pictures~!

Last night, after watching a movie with my family, we looked out the window to see nearly four inches of snow! That's probably not such a big deal to most of you, but here in Georgia? In early January? Unheard of! Especially now that it's snowed two (or three?) times this winter. I was so excited to wake up the next morning and take pretty pictures ;u;.

Here are a few~

I was so enchanted by all the snow before we went out ♥ It's like a sparkling pure white world~
So pretty x3.

School was canceled today too, so I spent the afternoon actually working on all that homework I neglected on Sunday! Have you guys had any fun snow days yet this winter? Please share with me ^^!

Friday, January 7, 2011

More internet Dress up!

I'm really starting to love polyvore ;u;

I wanted to share another coordinate I came up with using Milky Planet (which is probably my favorite print right now ♥) It's an attempt at Fairy Lolita, using no predominantly fairy kei items xD.

Milky Planet Fairy-Lolita coord

I think it needs more accessories, but I didn't have any clipped to Polyvore already, and didn't want to dig around for any xD. I think it's really cute ;3; I see a lot of Milky Planet virtual coordinates in my future ~ ♪.

Do you guys like it? I don't own any yellow or lavender to coordinate with so this was kind of new to me xD Does it look good? :)?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First post of 2011!

Hi, everyone!
School started for the semester for me today, and I somehow managed to wake up and get ready. I wanted to share with you my outfit for school today and my nails for January! Hopefully, I can keep being a pink marshmallow all the time xD

For Christmas, I used the money I got to order the soft cream skirt in pink and two of the cute colorful petticoats from Bodyline. The petticoats work pretty well for now, I think! I'm thinking they'll deflate right after I wash them, though.

Rundown: Everything is Bodyline. Except for socks, which are offbrand, and shoes, which are SS.

My nails for January~

These are messy too ; A ;. For some reason I'm not totally happy with them. Probably because there isn't any pink xD. Oh well, February is my favorite month for nail art. I can't wait to do super pink valentines nails x3.

How is everyones 2011 so far? I have a good feeling about this year ♥!