Friday, November 15, 2013

Hello Hello Again ♪(´ε` )!! Sailor Moon Cosplay ~☆!

Hey babes! sure has been a while, huh? I totally overestimated how much free time I'd have during school! I've been doing a lot of fun things, and a lot of studying, so whenever I have time to myself i usually just space out with netflix honestly! I seriously miss being able to update regularly, but I think I might end up only being able to update every couple of months when I have the free time and energy to spare.

Since my birthday, there's been one really big event! AWA! I've been going to Anime Weekend Atlanta every year since 2008. This was my first time cosplaying there though! Jesse, Caylee, Malice, Claire and I all wore sailor moon seifuku cosplays on friday night. Jesse and I ended up arriving and getting ready later than we expected, so we didn't really get group photos, so I'll only share photos of myself. Hopefully we'll be able to wear them again and have a photo shoot though! I was Ami Mizuno & Saturday I swapped wigs with my friend Claire to become Usagi ;v;!

Heh I took this selfie while I was walking ; v;

Jesse took this photo for me!! It's my favorite Ami picture so far!! I just had a photo shoot for Ami so I'll share those pictures when I get them for sure ;v;!

Meatball Head!

And a mirror selfie! I only walked around in this for a while. Claire (Who cosplayed Usagi with me!) and I made our uniforms together so they matched perfectly ;v;!

AWA this year was really nice!! I had so much fun ;u;! I got to see a lot of friends that mean a lot to me and It was just such a great atmosphere and it was totally sad for it to end. It really got me looking forward to cosplaying for momocon and next AWA though! And to have more photo shoots! I definitely want nice pictures of the costumes I make in the future ;v;!

Thanks for dropin' by, babes!! I'll try my very best to update again as soon as I can ♪(´ε` )!!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

♪( ´▽`) Birthday Girl ♪(´ε` )☆!!

Hey babes! 
I'm so sorry for leaving this blog to hang around without a post for a bout a month now! Life's been moving so fast, and after moving to the city and starting college it's been so hard to find time to blog through the huge life adjustment! Lots of nice stuff has been happening though ;u;! My 18th birthday just passed on September 8th, so this is going to be a quick update on that with only a couple of pictures!

I went home for my birthday to see my family and to pick up a bunch of clothes and other things I left behind when I moved into my dorm! Mostly, we all went out and ate yummy things all weekend and spent time together. It was such a nice birthday honestly! I'm really lucky to have such a sweet family.

My birthday outfit ;u;! Everything's secondhand or thirfted other than my Double Decker shoes.

This was actually from the day before my birthday hehe, but me ans my little brother went out to get reaally yummy ramen together! We also got takoyaki and gyoza ;u; mmmm delicious! 

On my actual birthday, we went out to lunch at a restaurant my parents have been living for lately, the Loving Hut, which is all vegan and totally mega delicious! They also have the best strawberry cake ever, so naturally we ordered it as birthday cake!

My lunch was so pretty! Mung dal and naan bread. It was super delicious too.

Ta daaa! The yummiest cake for real. 

And just one lil selfie to wrap it all up with! 

I promise I'm gonna try my very best to get back on track with blogging! I've been out and about a lot and have been having a lot of lil adventures I'd love t share, so be on the lookout! 
Thanks for droppin' by!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Hey, babes! Last Saturday, I met up with Jesse, Caylee, Kane, Raven, and Alisha at SunO to catch up and hang out with everyone ;u;! Last summer, we spent time there regularly, but strangely enough, It was the first time this summer I went. It's always sooo great to hang out with friends, especially Jesse and Caylee, since they live pretty far away u~u! The best thing about meeting up at SunO is that there's a lot of yummy food in the H-mart plaza and a few really cute places to shop for stationary and asian cosmetics so we really had a lot of fun walking and shopping around.

First, my outfit! 

Seifuku top - handmade
Skirt - thrifted
Accessories - starlightdecodream, teenmermaid, handmade
Bag - teenmermaid

We met up at SunO, which was running this awesome 2 Strawberry Sunos for 1 deal! So we all pitched in a dollar or two to grab some! it's cheap stuff, just around $7 for a huuuuge cup of delicious shaved ice and sweet fruits, so two for that much was a killer deal! 

This is the only shot I got of everyone somehow! Raven, Alisha, Kane, Jesse, and Caylee! We were all walkin' to the Ramen restaurant just a little ways away ;w;

We went to get ramen next! Except, Kane's the only one who got it. I really regret getting the udon u^u! The ramens the best thing on the menu for sure, and its even priced the same.

I did get takoyaki though! Too yummy ;u;! My udon was so mediocre though! I'm still really sad about it.

For dessert we picked up some chocolate filled taiyaki from super H-mart, and then went into the cute korean bakery and coffeehouse next door to sit and snack ;w;

I took this great candid of Caylee with her precious weiner bread hahaha! She's such a cutie ;w;!

That was our last stop for the day ;v;! After sitting and snacking, we all went on our ways home. It was a really fun day full of yummy food and company. I'm a little sad it was one of the only times I got to see everyone this summer though! It's always so fun being around friends that it makes me sad that we don't all get to hang out as often.

Anyways, I'll post about all the sewing and art I've been doing over the summer soon ;u;!  Thanks so much for droppin' by!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Vacation♫ all I ever Wanted ♪(´ε` )

Hey babes! 
I hope your summers have been going well! I spent most of June just sitting around at home relaxing, but July ended up being loads busier. Last week I got my hair cut, but more importantly I got to go to Savannah, GA with two of my good friends, Alisha and Juliana;! I've gone with Alisha before, for spring break a couple of years ago, and it was totally just as fun the second time. I really love going there, because it ends up being a sweet cheap little get away. Historic Savannah is really beautiful and a lot of fun to explore! there are so many cute shops and art galleries and it's easy to just start walking around and end up having an adventure or discover great things! It's also the headquarters of SCAD, so there are a lot of local artists and galleries and fashionable cuties walking around. 

Here's my outfit from Wednesday! 
We arrived Tuesday night and decided to spend the night hanging around the hotels indoor pool and spa (which we spent a lot of time at!), But Wednesday morning we went out exploring ;u;.
Pink dress- Handmade
Pink Negligee- Vintage
Thigh Highs- Leg Avenue

Our first stop was a really well stocked beauty supply store! I've recently been inspired by my friends to expand my makeup collection, so I picked up these lip colors, and a few other new make up things that I've been needing. Aren't these colors so cute? I took the picture and tested em out when we stopped at McDonalds for some fries hehehe.

We shopped around a little bit and then went back to our hotel to relax in the pool and spa for most of the afternoon that day ;v;. Since our trip was only three days, I went ahead and changed before we went to Dinner ;v;,

Dress- A Gift
Accessories- Handmade/ Secondhand
Tote- Drawn by me

We walked around the City Market area before dinner, and found this ultra cute art gallery! I only got to peak in through the windows, since every time we returned here no one was around! We kept missing their open hours, which was a real shame because all the art was so great! Definitely check out their Facebook page to see more! I was really excited to see a Sailor Mercury print in the window and so much more sugary sweet art around.

We went to an italian restaurant that we liked last time for dinner! The antipasto was really yummy *u*! I ate most of it on accident. whoops!

The sun was going down so this pictures darker, but I had fettuccine alfredo with clams for dinner. Talk about yummy! My stepdad and older brother are both allergic to seafood, so I almost never get to eat it. This was such a treat!

Thursday was our day to check out Tybee Island! We did go last time, but since it was spring time it was cold and windy and the sand was bent on attacking us! This beach visit was so, so much better. I've never ever been to a beach as busy as Tybee Island before! When I go with family we usually go to secluded and peaceful beaches, which are heavenly, but this had so much energy and was ridiculously fun.

Thursdays outfit
Bralette- Handmade
Scrunchy socks- Gift

Beach towns are so cute. I love being by the beach because all the houses are pastel and super adorable.

None of us wore our bathing suits, since they were still wet from soaking in the hot tub, so we just walked along the shore and got about knee deep in the water ;w;. The temperature was  so perfect~ 

I drew a little in the sand ;v;

Busy beach days 

After the beach, we went on a search for somewhere with delicious crab legs *u*! They're one of my absolute favorite treats and I definitely didn't wanna leave without getting my fill of em. We found a cute little place called the Crab Shack with lots of weird attractions, like alligator ponds and a tropical bird area! 

I totally devoured my pound of crab legs. yum yum.

I wanted to pose with the little gator mascot hahaha!

After dinner, we went back to the hotel and basically ran straight for the hot tub! I could really get used to having one of those around all year! We had so much fun relaxing in the hot tub and pool before bed just about every night ;u;.

Fridays outfit!
Romper - H&M
Negligee- Vintage
We spent Friday walking around historic Savannah again, and shopping! We found this really sweet candy shop in the City Market *u*.

Candy Candy

We stopped by Leopold's Ice cream  at one point ;u;! I didn't get any, but Alishas mom, Juli, and Alisha did! I just had samples of everyone's flavors.

While we were walking around, this pink scooter kind of yelled my name! I was so obsessed with scooters last summer, seeing everyone in Italy zipping by on one. they're so cute! and this pink one needs me ahaha. It wouldn't be too convenient for me to drive one where I live, but I can dream! 

After that we set off on the relatively short road trip home! I seriously had a great time vacationing with my friends ;w;! It's always so nice to get away.

Thanks so much for droppin' by! See ya again real soon♪(´ε` )

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

☆ Whoops! A Slightly Late Frill 2013 post ☆

Hey babes, long time no post! So sorry about the unannounced little hiatus, but I refreshed my layout and updated things a little bit! I'm hoping to get back to posting somewhat regularly for a while now.

Life has been pretty complex lately with this being my last summer before going away to college, so I've been focusing a lot on things like hanging out with my friends and family, getting mentally prepared for a lifestyle change, and relaxing and enjoying my lazy summer days. I've also been feeling super inspired and have done some fun art and sewing projects lately that I'll share with you in another post very soon, I promise ;v;! But in this post I wanna share the last big event I went to, which was Frill 2013!

Even though I don't wear lolita anymore, I volunteered with some friends to help out at Frill 2013, a lolita fashion convention held in Atlanta at the beginning of June. I wasn't really expecting to enjoy a lot of the events because I'm not quite interested in the fashion too much, but I got to hang out with my Friends Jesse, Ayu, and Malice the whole time! I got to see Caylee for a while on Saturday too which was sooo great! I haven't had a chance to most of them for a while before then, so having good friends around made the experience totally worth it ;v;! 

Friday was totally the most fun day. It was before the con, so we all got to work together on the set up of the boutique and whatnot ;v;. Later that night, there was a Fashion Walk, but It wasn't really our jam, so we mostly went along to take pictures and ended up splitting off from the huge group to grab burritos!

A picture of some cute stuff in the boutique I took during set up.

My outfit on Friday!
Everything's secondhand or thrifted, except for my bralette which is Forever21, and my button and Tote which are from the lovely Jesse

Malice, Jesse, Me, and Ayu! 

Our delicious dinner that we ditched the group for hehehe!

Saturday was the last day that I went, but It was honestly pretty boring since I just worked in the boutique for most of the day. I did get to catch a couple of my friends panels and go out to lunch with them, so that was stellar! 

My outfit on Saturday! 
All thrifted and seconhand again, except for my skirt which is H&M, and my buttons which are Teenmermaid and Starlight Deco Dream.

Ayu and Jesse being sweethearts as always ;u;. 

My darling Caylee!

Me and jesse were goofing around on the way to grab lunch and ended up posing with this guy ;v;.

Isn't this such a sweet candid? Credit to Jesse again ;u;

I was asked to model in the Frill Fashion Show this year by the directors, and agreed because I really think modeling is so much fun! We ended up cramped up in this tiny hallway for the better part of five hours unfortunately, but I wore lolita again for the show and had a lot of fun! ;u; I don't have any pictures of me from the show, but I have a couple from beforehand.

All dressed up and ready! Dress by Nemeth Wild.

Donni and me together! Donni just looked way too fierce.

Frill was a really great time to catch up with friends! I had so much fun being around and seeing everyone again, and modeling is always something I love to do ;v;. I actually was the first person to walk in the show! It was really fun hahaha.

So, thanks so much for droppin' by! I'll try really hard to have a post of everything I've been drawing and sewing up next week. I'm going on a small vacation with a couple of friends to Savannah pretty soon so I'll be blogging about that too, ;u;! See you soon, sweeties!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

♫End of School♪Beginning of Summer♫

Hey everyone! Sorry for that long lapse in posts again! Things got so hectic with the end of my senior year in high school and graduation and summer starting and everything. Overall I've had such a sweet last few weeks that It's been hard to find the time to blog about everything ;u;! This is a really abridged version of everything I've been up to.

The last few weeks of school were super relaxed and fun for me ;u;. As an honor student, I was able to exempt all of my final exams so I basically didn't have to worry about any schoolwork or studying past the last couple of regular tests and assignments ;u;. The coolest final assignments were totally in my oceanography class, though! We got to dissect a squid

How cute OvO. We also painted ceiling tiles and other fun cute stuff like that! Since I ended up never having any work to do in school though, I spent most of the week in the school library reading and relaxing and hanging out with friends who could also get out of class. It was seriously a perfect ending! I have lots of pictures of my friends and I goofing around in the library, but I don't think they'd appreciate me sharing them hehehehe~

The weekend after the last Friday of school was this Arts festival that one of my teachers organizes every year called Arts in the Park. Me and my friend Kat volunteered to help out last year so we decided to do it again this year too. It was a ton of fun! Of course, we spent minimal time working and mostly scoped out the food vendors and hid from the directors hehehehe. 

A summary of what we ended up doing: sitting around the festival and snacking all day!

My art teacher found us at one point and put us to work to draw an advertisement for one of the sponsors of the festival. We were supposed to paint it and  probably make it look less ultra kawaii, but I think we threw the rules to the wind and decided to just have fun! Sadly, it got painted over later (but that's our fault for not following the rules in the first place haha!)

There's a sidewalk chalk contest every year at Arts in the Park, and this was my favorite one *u* it's so neat and cute and simple and sweet! 

The next big event was Graduation on the 22nd of May! I can hardly believe I'm a graduate now! It was a really sweet day full of friendship and happiness, and I only cried a really little bit at karaoke that night ;u;. Jesse even came to my graduation, which meant so much to me! It was awesome to be able to go through that huge moment with all of my best friends around me!

Me and Raven! We saw each other and immediately started posing together ahahaha. She is truly the selca queen.

The sky looked so great during graduation! They told us to turn off our phones but since I was in the first few rows, after I received my diploma I figured it wouldn't hurt to take a few pictures during the event.

Two of my main babes! Kane and Jesse ;u;! It was so great to see them at graduation together *u*! I could even pick them out in the crowd because both of them have such vivid red hair ahaha! Afterwards, we went out to karaoke to celebrate and have fun! I think I ended up singing every single song, or at least singing along or dancing when I didn't have a mic. Karaoke is seriously one of my favorite things in the world *w*! 

Jesse stayed the night and the next day we went to the mall! We walked around really leisurely and had a lot of fun looking through all the stores. neither of us bought too much either which was wonderful.

I did buy these though! Aren't they the cutest? Forever21's lingerie section is really on point!

Me and Jesse!

My outfit for the day. Super simple and light, I'm so glad it's finally starting to feel like summer outside.

Jesse took this great candid of me buying snacks! bless! It was a really ideal first day of summer break. 

I'm looking forward to so much this summer! I have a secret project coming up that will be incredibly fun to share as soon as it's ready, and a lot of neat events I'm planning on going to! Since things won't be as busy as they have been, hopefully I'll be able to keep up with posting once a week too. Well, until then!

Thanks for stoppin by!