Wednesday, July 17, 2013

☆ Whoops! A Slightly Late Frill 2013 post ☆

Hey babes, long time no post! So sorry about the unannounced little hiatus, but I refreshed my layout and updated things a little bit! I'm hoping to get back to posting somewhat regularly for a while now.

Life has been pretty complex lately with this being my last summer before going away to college, so I've been focusing a lot on things like hanging out with my friends and family, getting mentally prepared for a lifestyle change, and relaxing and enjoying my lazy summer days. I've also been feeling super inspired and have done some fun art and sewing projects lately that I'll share with you in another post very soon, I promise ;v;! But in this post I wanna share the last big event I went to, which was Frill 2013!

Even though I don't wear lolita anymore, I volunteered with some friends to help out at Frill 2013, a lolita fashion convention held in Atlanta at the beginning of June. I wasn't really expecting to enjoy a lot of the events because I'm not quite interested in the fashion too much, but I got to hang out with my Friends Jesse, Ayu, and Malice the whole time! I got to see Caylee for a while on Saturday too which was sooo great! I haven't had a chance to most of them for a while before then, so having good friends around made the experience totally worth it ;v;! 

Friday was totally the most fun day. It was before the con, so we all got to work together on the set up of the boutique and whatnot ;v;. Later that night, there was a Fashion Walk, but It wasn't really our jam, so we mostly went along to take pictures and ended up splitting off from the huge group to grab burritos!

A picture of some cute stuff in the boutique I took during set up.

My outfit on Friday!
Everything's secondhand or thrifted, except for my bralette which is Forever21, and my button and Tote which are from the lovely Jesse

Malice, Jesse, Me, and Ayu! 

Our delicious dinner that we ditched the group for hehehe!

Saturday was the last day that I went, but It was honestly pretty boring since I just worked in the boutique for most of the day. I did get to catch a couple of my friends panels and go out to lunch with them, so that was stellar! 

My outfit on Saturday! 
All thrifted and seconhand again, except for my skirt which is H&M, and my buttons which are Teenmermaid and Starlight Deco Dream.

Ayu and Jesse being sweethearts as always ;u;. 

My darling Caylee!

Me and jesse were goofing around on the way to grab lunch and ended up posing with this guy ;v;.

Isn't this such a sweet candid? Credit to Jesse again ;u;

I was asked to model in the Frill Fashion Show this year by the directors, and agreed because I really think modeling is so much fun! We ended up cramped up in this tiny hallway for the better part of five hours unfortunately, but I wore lolita again for the show and had a lot of fun! ;u; I don't have any pictures of me from the show, but I have a couple from beforehand.

All dressed up and ready! Dress by Nemeth Wild.

Donni and me together! Donni just looked way too fierce.

Frill was a really great time to catch up with friends! I had so much fun being around and seeing everyone again, and modeling is always something I love to do ;v;. I actually was the first person to walk in the show! It was really fun hahaha.

So, thanks so much for droppin' by! I'll try really hard to have a post of everything I've been drawing and sewing up next week. I'm going on a small vacation with a couple of friends to Savannah pretty soon so I'll be blogging about that too, ;u;! See you soon, sweeties!


  1. Wehhh, I really need to update on my blog as well, but nice to see you got to hang out with some peeps during your time in Decatur (other than one panel Sunday and the fashion, I was sitting at my table the entire time, hahaa~)
    And I can't hear the brand name well, but maybe this video can help jog your memory...?

    1. Aaaa! I hope we get to see each other more often somehow sooon ;AAA;! But thank you so much omg! I dont know why I never looked for a video before that was so great to watch! I'll edit the brand name into the post <3

  2. Do they usually need volunteers or do you kinda have to know people on the staff? It just looks like you you guys had a pretty good time and I miss you, Jesse, Caylee, and Ayu a lot! I was asking to know if I could possibly have a chance at being a volunteer next year, and like you, don't wear Lolita. Really glad to see you blogging and I'm glad you had fun!!

    1. yes yes yes yes!! They totally need volunteers! The staff was so limited they were asking for anyone they could get. you should totally volunteer next year ;u;! We miss you too!!! ;w;!

  3. Hey! I love your blog it's awesome, the bralet you've bought and the one you made are cool. It's inspired me to make one too =D you should check out blog :) you'd like it, it's all about DIY lolita/fairy kei and everything kawaii only just started but there are many more posts to come. also check out my pinterest for lots of lolita stuff!

    1. Hi! Thank you so much! I'm glad i inspired you omg ;w;! I'll check out your blog for sure! I love DIY stuff ;u;!

  4. I'm extra late to the show! ^o^ I remember meeting you! The pic you took during set up is actually my designs, hooray! <3 Would you mind if I used the pic on my blog as well? xo