Saturday, May 25, 2013

♫End of School♪Beginning of Summer♫

Hey everyone! Sorry for that long lapse in posts again! Things got so hectic with the end of my senior year in high school and graduation and summer starting and everything. Overall I've had such a sweet last few weeks that It's been hard to find the time to blog about everything ;u;! This is a really abridged version of everything I've been up to.

The last few weeks of school were super relaxed and fun for me ;u;. As an honor student, I was able to exempt all of my final exams so I basically didn't have to worry about any schoolwork or studying past the last couple of regular tests and assignments ;u;. The coolest final assignments were totally in my oceanography class, though! We got to dissect a squid

How cute OvO. We also painted ceiling tiles and other fun cute stuff like that! Since I ended up never having any work to do in school though, I spent most of the week in the school library reading and relaxing and hanging out with friends who could also get out of class. It was seriously a perfect ending! I have lots of pictures of my friends and I goofing around in the library, but I don't think they'd appreciate me sharing them hehehehe~

The weekend after the last Friday of school was this Arts festival that one of my teachers organizes every year called Arts in the Park. Me and my friend Kat volunteered to help out last year so we decided to do it again this year too. It was a ton of fun! Of course, we spent minimal time working and mostly scoped out the food vendors and hid from the directors hehehehe. 

A summary of what we ended up doing: sitting around the festival and snacking all day!

My art teacher found us at one point and put us to work to draw an advertisement for one of the sponsors of the festival. We were supposed to paint it and  probably make it look less ultra kawaii, but I think we threw the rules to the wind and decided to just have fun! Sadly, it got painted over later (but that's our fault for not following the rules in the first place haha!)

There's a sidewalk chalk contest every year at Arts in the Park, and this was my favorite one *u* it's so neat and cute and simple and sweet! 

The next big event was Graduation on the 22nd of May! I can hardly believe I'm a graduate now! It was a really sweet day full of friendship and happiness, and I only cried a really little bit at karaoke that night ;u;. Jesse even came to my graduation, which meant so much to me! It was awesome to be able to go through that huge moment with all of my best friends around me!

Me and Raven! We saw each other and immediately started posing together ahahaha. She is truly the selca queen.

The sky looked so great during graduation! They told us to turn off our phones but since I was in the first few rows, after I received my diploma I figured it wouldn't hurt to take a few pictures during the event.

Two of my main babes! Kane and Jesse ;u;! It was so great to see them at graduation together *u*! I could even pick them out in the crowd because both of them have such vivid red hair ahaha! Afterwards, we went out to karaoke to celebrate and have fun! I think I ended up singing every single song, or at least singing along or dancing when I didn't have a mic. Karaoke is seriously one of my favorite things in the world *w*! 

Jesse stayed the night and the next day we went to the mall! We walked around really leisurely and had a lot of fun looking through all the stores. neither of us bought too much either which was wonderful.

I did buy these though! Aren't they the cutest? Forever21's lingerie section is really on point!

Me and Jesse!

My outfit for the day. Super simple and light, I'm so glad it's finally starting to feel like summer outside.

Jesse took this great candid of me buying snacks! bless! It was a really ideal first day of summer break. 

I'm looking forward to so much this summer! I have a secret project coming up that will be incredibly fun to share as soon as it's ready, and a lot of neat events I'm planning on going to! Since things won't be as busy as they have been, hopefully I'll be able to keep up with posting once a week too. Well, until then!

Thanks for stoppin by!