Thursday, September 12, 2013

♪( ´▽`) Birthday Girl ♪(´ε` )☆!!

Hey babes! 
I'm so sorry for leaving this blog to hang around without a post for a bout a month now! Life's been moving so fast, and after moving to the city and starting college it's been so hard to find time to blog through the huge life adjustment! Lots of nice stuff has been happening though ;u;! My 18th birthday just passed on September 8th, so this is going to be a quick update on that with only a couple of pictures!

I went home for my birthday to see my family and to pick up a bunch of clothes and other things I left behind when I moved into my dorm! Mostly, we all went out and ate yummy things all weekend and spent time together. It was such a nice birthday honestly! I'm really lucky to have such a sweet family.

My birthday outfit ;u;! Everything's secondhand or thirfted other than my Double Decker shoes.

This was actually from the day before my birthday hehe, but me ans my little brother went out to get reaally yummy ramen together! We also got takoyaki and gyoza ;u; mmmm delicious! 

On my actual birthday, we went out to lunch at a restaurant my parents have been living for lately, the Loving Hut, which is all vegan and totally mega delicious! They also have the best strawberry cake ever, so naturally we ordered it as birthday cake!

My lunch was so pretty! Mung dal and naan bread. It was super delicious too.

Ta daaa! The yummiest cake for real. 

And just one lil selfie to wrap it all up with! 

I promise I'm gonna try my very best to get back on track with blogging! I've been out and about a lot and have been having a lot of lil adventures I'd love t share, so be on the lookout! 
Thanks for droppin' by!


  1. Happy birthday! You look awesome as always, and the cake looks so awesome :D

  2. Happy birthday! :D it was mine about a week ago, I just started college too. It takes up so much of my time, I love your outfit btw it's so kawaii! :3

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