Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Hey, babes! Last Saturday, I met up with Jesse, Caylee, Kane, Raven, and Alisha at SunO to catch up and hang out with everyone ;u;! Last summer, we spent time there regularly, but strangely enough, It was the first time this summer I went. It's always sooo great to hang out with friends, especially Jesse and Caylee, since they live pretty far away u~u! The best thing about meeting up at SunO is that there's a lot of yummy food in the H-mart plaza and a few really cute places to shop for stationary and asian cosmetics so we really had a lot of fun walking and shopping around.

First, my outfit! 

Seifuku top - handmade
Skirt - thrifted
Accessories - starlightdecodream, teenmermaid, handmade
Bag - teenmermaid

We met up at SunO, which was running this awesome 2 Strawberry Sunos for 1 deal! So we all pitched in a dollar or two to grab some! it's cheap stuff, just around $7 for a huuuuge cup of delicious shaved ice and sweet fruits, so two for that much was a killer deal! 

This is the only shot I got of everyone somehow! Raven, Alisha, Kane, Jesse, and Caylee! We were all walkin' to the Ramen restaurant just a little ways away ;w;

We went to get ramen next! Except, Kane's the only one who got it. I really regret getting the udon u^u! The ramens the best thing on the menu for sure, and its even priced the same.

I did get takoyaki though! Too yummy ;u;! My udon was so mediocre though! I'm still really sad about it.

For dessert we picked up some chocolate filled taiyaki from super H-mart, and then went into the cute korean bakery and coffeehouse next door to sit and snack ;w;

I took this great candid of Caylee with her precious weiner bread hahaha! She's such a cutie ;w;!

That was our last stop for the day ;v;! After sitting and snacking, we all went on our ways home. It was a really fun day full of yummy food and company. I'm a little sad it was one of the only times I got to see everyone this summer though! It's always so fun being around friends that it makes me sad that we don't all get to hang out as often.

Anyways, I'll post about all the sewing and art I've been doing over the summer soon ;u;!  Thanks so much for droppin' by!


  1. D'awww, Laffi! I had lots of fun too~ and I miss everyone so quickly ;n;♥
    and yes, I adore the wiener bread hahah :B

    I really can't wait to see you at AWA, dear ♥w♥

    1. I can't wait to see you either! ;w; momocon was so much fun omg ;w; i still can't believe we were conicidentally rooming right next door to each other!;3;!!

  2. I never had any idea that these places were in Georgia. I used to live near Atlanta and will be visiting again for AWA. I'm going to have to go hunt them down!

    1. Aw good luck! This plaza is the Super H-Mart duluth plaza ;w;! I'll be at AWA too ;3;!

  3. averything looks so yummy! I have a taiyaki mold! I often make them with azuki marmelade!

    1. aaa sounds so good! id loke a taiyaki mold someday *u*