Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February 2011 Nails

As promised, I have my February nails done and ready to show you guys!

How do you like them? I really wanted to do a chocolate theme, since Valentines day is coming up. I needed to use pink as well because, well, its February! Thats the month to use pink ;u;. I've also been feeling ink deprived lately xD. I also really wanted to try frosting tips. I feel like I put two or three February themes together xD. I love them though! ;u;.


  1. Cute!~ I like the chocolate idea, and frosting tips are always a good way to go d(>u< )~
    Hopefully I'll have my new nails done by tomorrow!~

  2. Thank you! They make me wish I had real chocolate haha xD
    Can't wait to see yours! ;u;!

  3. I'm not allowed to have cute nails at work. TT^TT
    That doesn't mean I can't enjoy other peoples' though, and yours are adorable!

  4. Thank you so much! :D
    It's too bad you can't wear nail art at work ;^;. You could decorate fake nails or press on nails and only wear them outside of work?

  5. NUUUU you stole my idea of chocolate tips. xD;
    Just kidding~ your nails are super cute! <3

  6. hahah! Do them! Nail twinning~~~☆!
    Thank you x3 <33

  7. Aww ;u; Thank you <3
    Cute nails make me so happy x3