Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentines Day! Some art for you~

Hello! Sorry again for not posting as often during the week ;~;. School work makes it so hard to blog! Anyways, tomorrow is Valentines day! I don't have a valentine or anything xD. But neither do my friends, so we're all exchanging valentines cards and candy at school tomorrow ;u;. I usually plan on making chocolate, but don't end up doing it xD. This year was no different, but I had to do something for them! So I decided to draw another two photos. They'll probably be sick of my art pretty soon LOL.

Of course I was planning on sharing them with all of you guys too!

I'd be really happy if you guys liked them ;u;!

Again, Happy Valentines day! What are you all planing on doing~☆?


  1. Aww, these drawings are too cute! I love how excited the girl looks in the first one, not to mention her gorgeous co-ord! :3

  2. Aw thank you so much! :D I had a lot of fun drawing her ;u;!

  3. Congratulations on winning the Lolita CharmXHawaii Kawaii giveaway! ^^

    Your drawings are so cute and I persoanlly love hand drawn gifts. My friends, Tina and Rebecca, gave me drawings of me with my friends for Christmas. I love them! :3

  4. Ohh~ Cute!~

    Lol I didn't have a valentine yesterday, but my rabbit usually is (since it's his birthday). I'm sad I wasn't able to spend it with him, but oh well~

    Your art is really cute (>u< )~♪ ! I love the chocolate dress in the 2nd one~

  5. Awww what cute handmade valentines! Hope you had a fun Valentine's Day! Unfortunately, I had school and other work that needed to be done yesterday, but today, my boyfriend and I are going on our Vday date :D

  6. Waaahhh,, you should draw me sometimes Puff :9
    Happy V'day <333

  7. @Audrey - Thank you!! I'm glad you like them x3! That sounds like an awesome gift to receive ;u; <3

    @Princess Gigglesnort - I didn't have one either xD. Thats so sweet for your rabbit to be your valentine ;u;! Im glad you like my art ;u; <3333

    @クリス- Thank you! I did have some fun yesterday, even though I don't have anyone to go on a date with or anything;;. I hope you have fun today!!

    @b.bunny ~ Aww I'd love to! I'm not very good with realism or likenesses, but I'll try ;u;!

  8. I am looking forward to it *w* excited!