Saturday, February 19, 2011

10/7 Challenge START!

I've been so excited since the beginning of the month to start this challenge! I wanted to wait until I had some new items to have fun coordinating with though. If you want more info on the challenge you can find the post on EGL here.
Here are the 10 items I've chosen to wear:

A~ Pink Bodyline Blouse
B~White Bodyline Blouse
C~ Pink and White Polkadot Mini Cardigan
D~ Mint Jacket
E~ Pink Bodyline Petticoat
F~ Bodyline Pink Soft Cream Skirt
G~ Mint-Chocolate-Chip T-shirt
H~ Pink SS Teaparties
I~ Black and White Striped Sweater
J~ Lavender Pleated Skirt

I'm excited to see what I'll come up with this next week~! At the end of the week I'll post all of my outfits together, so look forward to it~.

If anyone else has done the challenge, link me to your posts! I'm loving these :D!


  1. I want to try that, but I don't have enough Lolita clothing to do it. Do you think I can try with my normal clothing?

  2. Ah! So you're taking the challenge! I wish you luck, I would participate as well but I'm afraid I lack most beautiful clothing to do so with. I look forward to your success!

  3. @Audrey - of course! I'm only using three pieces of my lolita wardrobe. Everything else is what I use in causal wear. I think It'll be fun to see what everyone can come up with, inside and out of lolita :D

    @Alice - Haha thank you! I'm sure you can find some clothes to have fun with, lolita or not x3. Thank you~.

  4. *O* Cannot wait to see how creative you will get with all of these stuff Puff <333

  5. I love this! It's already Monday, so I'll have to do this next week!

    Also, I have a uniform for work, so that won't cancel it out, would it?

  6. @whipcrembunn - Aww! I'll be sure to get really creative!! x3!

    @Apple - I think it'll be fine to wear it outside of your uniform! The challenge has rules, but if its just you, of course you can play around with and disregard some of the rules ;u;.

  7. Btw, my fb is not working very well & I have been wanting to ask you when can you hang out?? ;-;

  8. Ugh I don't knoooowwww ;^; you live so far away x~X. I wish I could have last weekend ;^;.