Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This weeks thrift haul!

Hello again, everyone!
I've been thrifting twice since last time! Once last Saturday with my friends and again tonight with my stepdad. Here's everything I got together ~

I think I'm getting some great stuff for spring! On Saturday, I bought the lavender skirt, cyan skirt, and Cinderella pillow all for $5.27. Tonight, I got the mint jacket, polkadot sweater, mint chocolate chip t-shirt, and cute mysterious stuffed animal for $11.56.
All of these for under $17!

Today was actually another really quick run over, and we got there with just over $15 minutes left. I'm hoping I get to do this 15 minute shop more often, its actually a lot of fun! :D

Also, heres an extra photo of me from Saturday.

We found a really cute Barbie toy car. It even played cute music when you hit the radio button :D!

Thanks for looking and have a great week~!


  1. Ohhh, is that a princess pillow I see (>u< )~? Teehee, gosh I really want to go thrifting now! I haven't gone in forever!

    Lol that's adorable xD
    I love the car!~ What a way to ride in style~

  2. @Princess Gigglesnort - it is! I was pretty excited to find it :d I got it for only $.99! yay for thrifting! I kind of want to go back and get it xD

    @Apple - I'm glad you like them! :D!

  3. Whoaa that was Sunday? I swore it was Saturday o__O

  4. Great haul! These posts make me want to hone my thrifting skills a bit more. ^^

  5. @ManaStarre - Thinking about it, you're right! it was saturday! Wonder why I thought it was saturday;;.

    @Duskrose_Dreaming - Thank you! Luckily the store closest to my house has a lot of great things~!

  6. Awesome mint loot! It's nostalgic seeing someone sit in a barbie car XD

  7. I was really feeling the mint this week I guess xD! I used to have a lot of smaller ones, so I was totally impressed when I could fit in that one :D.

  8. I should ask my friend, Alicia, to go thriting with me. she's never gone before and she's dying to go! I like going to this one store that has all this couture clothing from the 30's-80's. It's expensive though and nothing ever fits. T^T

  9. Never gone thrifting? ;O;! you need to take her! Totally go to the expensive one to look around, but cheaper ones are always better for buying :D!