Saturday, February 5, 2011

Thrift Store Haul!

Today was pretty boring, I had an awkward family event to go to (With my step dads family;;;), which was pretty much terrible all around. However, driving there and back, we listened to Disney music and sang like dorks. Once we got back home, I was prepared to hit the internet and call it a day, however~

My step dad asked about going thrifting, and I'm always all for that! Especially since now I haven't been thrifting since...last year .__.;;. Anyways, we arrived at the store 15 minutes before it closed (what closes at 6:30 on a Saturday!? ;^;.). I found pretty much exactly what I was looking for. Oversized sweaters, a scarf, a cute display toy, and cute patterned sheets for curtains!

☆The sweaters are both pretty large and shapeless, unfortunately. I'll probably alter them soon, but I'm really excited about them, especially the lavender one, because I've been wanting more lavender in my closet for months! Now I can explore coordinates with it!
☆The scarf is really cute, but missing two pompoms. I'm thinking I'll remove one pompom from the middle of one side and put it on the end of the other side so it'll match again ;u;.
☆The cash register toy, oh my god. not only are the colors adorable, and the 'money compartment' works, but it was 69 cents! I adore it and can't wait to put all my jewelery in it x3
☆Last but not least, these Barbie ballerina curtains. When I bought them,
I was freaking out because I used to have the same pattern sheets as a kid. I thought they were sheets, but planned to make them into curtains. I actually found them one minute before the store closed! x3 When I got home and found out they were curtains~. Lets just say my excitement was unimaginable x3!

The kicker is that all together, these items only cost $11.69!! Thrifting really is a great way to get new things~! I'm finally get further on my goal to transition into fairy kei casual styles. Yay!

Have you guys ever had awesome under-pressure thrift finds? I love hearing thrift store stories ;u;!


  1. Sound like an amazing haul! I enjoy reading other thrifters' stories. Yesterday I went thrifting and was able to get together most of my first boystyle Aristocrat coordinate. Including shoes, which is amazing because I'm a US size 9 1/2 or 10. Yay! XD

  2. I'm really impressed with it, especially for having a good 15 minutes to shop xD. Thats pretty awesome!! I love finding shoes :DD!

  3. My first sweet loli-able dress came from the thrift store. It was a vintage puffy pink prom gown with little cup puff sleeves and huge front and back bows. The front had a really high sweetheart shape and pink lace down the center. 15 dollars, because it was an expensive thrift store. xD

    And my all time favorite find was a pair of brand-new doc martens in my size. =D

  4. Thats sounds SO cute! And even for $15, thats so much less it would be to buy a loli-able dress in any mainstream store!

    What a great find ;O; brand new and all, thats pretty amazing x3!

  5. So cute! I especially like that scarf of your's! :3

  6. Thanks! It's probably my favorite thing too, its really long and warm and matches anythinnng ;u;! Yay scarfs!

  7. If you like thrift shopping stories you should check out my blog, that's pretty much all it is lately. Haha. I've been too lazy to post much else.
    I love the idea of using the cash register for jewellery, I might steal it if I find a cute little toy like that.

  8. Ahh I wish the thrift stores around here had awesome loot. When I'm going shopping at the thrift store, my thoughts are like so : "If I like it, someone else will like it. Meaning, it won't be here when I come back." So I just buy it XD

  9. @Miss R - I definitely will do so! I actually came up with the storage idea after I had bought it;; I wanted it mostly because it was so cute x3!

    @クリス- I'm sure you can find some great stuff! I think the same way xD I hate finding things and then going back to see them all gone ;~;.