Sunday, February 27, 2011

10/7 Challenge End!

Hey Guys! Unlike a lot of others, I actually wanted to wear all of these outfits throughout 7 days. ;u;
Here's what I came up with from using these 10 items for 7 days.

The items~


The Results! I forgot to put dates on them, so
First row: 20, 21, 22
Second row: 23, 24, 25
Third row:26

The outfit from the 24th is me cheating xD. The outfit looked better with that black blazer and I wanted to wear it so I did! I feel that its okay to bend the rules for something like fashion, since it's yourself that you're trying to impress anyways.

Obviously, I didn't just stick to lolita while doing this challenge ;u;. I wanted to wear fairy kei and my own personal casual style as well here! I hardly wore any lolita, really. xD;;;

Thank you guys for looking! :D! Have a great Sunday~


  1. Awww, so cute!~ I would've liked to try the challenge, but it would have been so impossible to do at school (>A< )
    Your coordinates are super cute though! Congrats on finishing the challenge (>u< )

  2. Awww, all the oufits are so cute! :D and it makes me glad to see you use that cardigan often! ♥

  3. @Princess Gigglesnort- You can always just dress up in your room! It was pretty fun to see how much you can do with so little clothes :D! !hank you :DD!

    @Caylee- Aw thank you! And I do use it all the time x3 It's so cute~ <3

  4. The 5th outfit is my favourite. I love those striped tights! You look ridiculously adorable :3

  5. That ones probably my favorite as well xD. Thank you so much!

  6. Wow, all of your outfits are cute like usual Puff, I really like the last outfit *u*