Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March 2011 Nails!

It's March 1st! Happy March you guys! I'm happy because I actually did my nails around the week after valentines day for march xD. They're not particularly themed or anything, but Momocon (free convention in Atlanta) is being held soon and because I'm participating in one of the panels as a model of fairy kei, so I did kind of want them to match that ;u;.

Anyways, here they are~!

How do you all feel about them? I used an odd technique and kind of just did whatever I wanted xD I hope it doesn't look too weird! Also, I'm loving pink and purple combinations lately~.
I've been thinking of updating my nails maybe twice a month from now on, but we'll see I guess.

Thanks for looking, you guys~!


  1. Cute! I like that you did both black and white dots. (:

  2. I LOVE them! They have to be my favourite so far! And I definitely have to agree with you on the pink and purple thing. I've been feeling the same way.^^;

    If I didn't have another trip planned, I'd consider going to Momocon since it's FREE. ;~;

  3. @Apple- I'm so glad you like them!! :D Pink and purple~~~~ ;u;~ <3 And whyyyy~. you need to come and visit at some point! ;o;!

    @MOON - Thank youu! <3!