Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wishlist: Tops! Blouses,Cutsews, and Cardigans!

Hi everyone~. Sorry for posting so irregularly this week! I've had to take two standardized essay tests at school and they make you not want to write a thing once you're at home haha. I have to say, I love the gorgeous details put into bloses, cutsews, cardigans, etc. I just think they're all so pretty even though they can be simple. Tops have always been something I've lacked, so maybe it's the obligation to get more of them that keeps me interested in them. Or maybe I just have a huge soft spot xD. There are still some very original and creative designs for tops, which I definitely adore seeing as its hard to find much new features design-wise with skirts, JSKs, and OPs.


Blouses are so often overlooked! They're probably my favorite individual piece of clothing though, because of all of the detail and care put into designing them. It's easy to skip over a blouse, seeing that it's usually under a JSK, covered by a jacket, cardigan, or bolero, or outdone by a printed skirt. I myself prefer the skirt&blouse combo, but I can't lie, I myself only own two blouses. I want to give blouses some love by posting a few of my favorite blouses ever!

First, blouses from Angelic Pretty( get ready for a lot of AP haha!). They design my favorite blouses probably (lol, my favorite anythings really, though xD)

This is the Cutie Heart blouse by AP. I looove the heart in the center, and would probably wear this blouse until it tears apart xD All of the lace, riffles and ribbons, the buttons, and the detachable sleeves are great touches. I like the pink color the best, because it seems so versatile and the details stick out without too strong of a contrast.

This one is called Glitter blouse, and it combines a few of my favorite things together. The ribbon, contrasting placket, the lace, and is that dot tulle!? It's called glitter blouse for a reason, since the collar has stones on it that shine! I love blouses with yokes on them as well, so this one is calling my name xD.

Call my tacky, but I LOVE this blouse! It's called Pop Day blouse by AP and oh. my. god. Pompom trim, ribbon, lace, ricrac, ruffles, and the colors it comes in just blow my mind. I mean, this blouse comes in pink, blue, lavender, and white. All of them are on my wishlist xD.

Next comes the classic sailor style blouse, simply called Logo Sailor blouse. I'm not gonna lie, I've always really liked cutesy sailor styles and school girl styles in lolita so this takes the cake for me in cuteness *u*. I'm a bit biased with my love for Sailor Moon, but I would love this for a Chibi Moon inspired coordination, or to become my own pink senshi xD.

This is probably my favorite blouse ever. It's called Magic Show blouse. Anyone who knows me knows I freaked out over the Starry Night Theater series. I freaked out pretty badly. It came out around my birthday just when I was starting to really get into circus theme, and it blew my mind. I love everything about the series, especially the halter JSK and this blouse! the buttons and cut of the blouse are what makes it really stand out to me, and the high collar, bow, and long sleeves add a great touch of elegance. Doesn't it remind you of something a magician would wear? ☆ミ


I don't own any cutsews! I've really liked cutsews for the longest time but I just can't seem to get my hands on one. Again, I'm totally an AP girl when it comes to these xD.

I'm not sure if this is right, but I've always called this Wrapping Ribbon cutsew. There are matching socks that I also really want to get a hold of! I think this is perfect casual cute wear, and could even go really OTT and adorable if you wanted it to. I love the blue with white polkadots ruffle and sleeves, it gives a nice contrast to the mint.

This is a Little Bears Cafe hoody. I personally can't put hoods up often (theres always too much stuff on my head) but I think it's more for style than function here, seeing as it's short sleeved and has no pockets. I adore bears and bear motifs, along with donuts xD So I really want this one!

This just screams sweet elegance to me! seven bows in total adorn this cutsew, and the details on the bust and sleeves seem super cute and flattering. The collar is probably my favorite part though, its a turtleneck so it keeps you warm and there are frills on it *u* want!

I would love to own a cutsew like this for fall and winter months. A cutsew seems weird to wear during winter because of cold temperature, but when going indoors or lounging around this is perfect. You'll look wintery and keep warm. My favorite part is that the furry parts are detachable, giving so much variety!


Even though I don't actually own any full length cardigans, I've been feeling the need to add some to my wardrobe, especially with spring on our heels. I wish I had stock pictures for these, but I found most of them on mbok so It's hard to find the originals. If anyone has stock pictures, lemme know! ;u;!

Picture from mbok of an AP cardigan. Every time I scrolled past this I felt like I wanted it more and more. I've never seen it before, so I know nothing about it! I love star motifs though, and black and pink, and those buttons add so much cute!

This Nile Perch cardigan. Oh my god. I love it more every time I see it. unfortunately, Nile Perch is way on the pricey side. This cardigan would run me back the price of an AP jsk secondhand x~x! Doesn't make it less adorable, though~.

This cardigan is probably #1 on my wishlist of tops. The colors, the bows, the polka dots the stripes, the colored buttons! *o* Wantwantwaaant!

This cardigan is from ManiaQ. I'm so in love with pink&purple color combos right now, I definitely want something like this!

So that's it! I hope maybe I've inspired more love towards blouses, cutsews and cardigans. I feel they're so unappreciated. I pretty much hold blouses up there with great print designs;;; xD. I know there's mostly AP here, but I'd be really happy to see your favorite blouses and cardigans and cutsews from other brands too!

Thanks for looking~


  1. AP has amazing blouses's designs! I only have one AP blouse and it's one of my favorites piece in my wardrobe.

  2. I see what you mean with blouses... It's hard to give them an extra thought in the middle of all the hype about new prints and what not, but in reality it is the blouses and cutsews that in the end make an outfit! =D You have some fantastic choices of dream items here!

    Actually, most of my dream blouses and cutsews are off brand... Like these three;

    But I do love almost all of the blouses from Alice and the Pirates and especially this cutsew:


  3. SOCUTEE~!

    I totally agree with you about blouses, they need more lovee! I really love simple(but most certainly adorable) cardigan blouse combinations, and Angelic Pretty ~ So this post was awesome!

    Cutsews are also really awesome, and I wish they were a little more "advertised", I guess, as comfy-wear for loli's~

    Thanks for sharing (>u< )!~

  4. @MissVermillion - I'm always impressed by what they do with blouses! when I first got into lolita, I completely disregarded blouses as something that has to be designed xD. I just thought of them as peter pan collar, puffy sleeved shirts with lace and that they were all the same, but APs blouse designs are really inspiring *u*! I hope to own one one day, I'm sure it would beone of my favorite pieces as well ;u;!

    @The Fool - I love those offbrand items *u*. Especially the first one! I love stripes so much <3 I rarely go through the Baby or A/P web stores so I don't know much about their stock. I might have to change that because that last cutsew is so cute~!

    @Princess Gigglesnort - I'm so glad you liked the post! :D Cardigans and blouse combinations are sooo cute *u* I can't wait to get my hands on some! A few of these would be easy to kind of recreate and I'm thinking of doing that as well~ yay for cheap!

    I wish I had more pictures of cutsews on my hardrive ;~;. I got to borrow a frind of mine's but she sold it soon after so no more cutsew coordinates!...for now muahahaha xD.

  5. So much cardigan love! You have excellent taste m'dear!

  6. I love the Little Bears hoodie cutsew. You have such great taste <3

  7. I wish I could afford it all! haha thank you ;u;!