Thursday, March 17, 2011

Momocon post~!

I'm so excited for spring *u*! Lots of great things are happening: the weathers getting warmer, flowers are blooming, and pastel colors are emerging in shops! Yes! I love shopping around for accessories and t-shirts to reconstruct in the kids section around spring, since you can find pretty much the best colors ever hahahaha. I'm excited to go shopping at some point!

Today, I'm pretty much going to recap some things that went on recently, like Momocon! I didn't take any pictures (orz I still need to buy a camera) So I'm pretty much taking a few from some friends on Facebook and others that are watermarked.

First, my outfit! I actually completely forgot to take a picture in the morning x~x. But here's one a friend took at the convention!

Blouse, Skirt, Bow - Bodyline
Belt - Target
Mini Cardigan - offbrand
Shoes- Secret Shop
Socks - Angelic Pretty
Accessories - Handmade, Mintymix

I went with my friend Mana Starre from Star Princess and a few other of my good friends from school. After I had gotten there, I was forced into a rilakkuma kigurumi to take pictures with all the other kigu'd people ;u;. So fun!

Afterwards came the Dealers room, where we met up with Jesse from Teen Mermaid.

Haha, I look pretty derpy in this picture, But Jesse and Mana look good~ ;u;.

After the dealers room, we realized that we had so much time to kill between then and the lolita meet up being held around 4:00. So to the artist alley! I visited a few good friends and bought an adorable sketch of me from my friend Ayu (sgtspud on DA!) * A *!

I adore Ayu and her artwork~! I'm such a dork and kept touching and smudging it though orz. xD I'll learn not to do that someday;;;.

We also killed a bunch of time chilling behind Lindsey of Pretty Pop Designs table. I didn't find any pictures of her display, but it was so great and cute!

We left from behind her table around when the meetup started, (and the meetup happened to be a potluck oooh yeeeah) and basically derped around the room socializing and eating and whatnot ;u;. I had to head home shortly after, but Saturday turned out
to be a ton of fun!

Group shot from the meetup! I love everyone here so much~!

Here's my outfit from Sunday~

Blouse - Bodyline
Cardigan - Offbrand
Belt, Socks - Target
Skirt- Thrifted
Bloomers - Handmade
Petticoat- Thrifted
Tights - We Love colors
Shoes- Secret Shop
Acessories - Handmade, Mintymix, 6%DOKIDOKI, Pretty Pop Designs, Ayu, Taobao,
Bag- Sanrio

Sunday was pretty great as well. We got there late-ish because the time change tripped us up, so we arrived while the EGL panel was going on! The panel was a lot of fun, but I had to miss a good bit to go and change into the outfit I would be wearing as the example for Fairy Kei for the Japanese Street fashion panel

Outfit by Lindsey of Pretty Pop Designs btw! I looove and want this petticoat/tutu/whatever like you don't even know *u*

After this panel~, I went to the Para Para panel next door. I actually really love Para Para xD I used to learn Para Para after I learned Hello! Project dances, and after that I started learning Perfume dances xD. Lately I've been on a Para Para kick though, so it was fun learning some new dances again! I only learned the first two before I had to go and change back into my clothes, and run around and buy somethings for people that weren't able to go.

After the panel ended, I had to go and that pretty much summs up my momocon experiance this year! I always have fun at conventions some way or another :D I'm pretty impressed with myself this time, I only had $20 for the weekend and I managed to still buy some things (A mokomoko pink&purple bow by Pretty Pop Designs, and that adorable sketch by Ayu (sgtspud on DA). I'm now awaiting the next convention here, AWA and I'm super excited for it x3!

I also got to meet up with so people that I haven't seen for so long! I'm really happy with the time that I had x3!

I'm feeling like this post is totally pimping a few people here hahahaha;;


  1. i had so much fun! c: i love that picture of us~

  2. I know me tooo~! I love it too lol. I stole it from you >u> ~!

  3. you look so sweet ♥ pink suits you incredibly well!