Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day Out Shopping~!

Hello everyone! today was a pretty wonderful day. I got to sleep in late, tumblr all morning, and then go shopping! I went with my mom and stepdad, which was really nice because lately I'm always out with friends. It was really nice to talk and joke around with them more ;u;!

Heres what I wore for going out today~ This is pretty much my favorite comfy outfit right now lol! I can wear it anywhere and stay cozy and pink and cute x3!

I also tried out a new hairstyle by pinning some of my bangs back and pulling hair into a side ponytail! do you think it turned out well~? I'm so clueless about hair styling xD.

Anyways, we decided on shopping at Target and this post is to show you my new goodies! Since spring break is coming up, and I'm going on a trip to Savannah, GA with two dear friends of mine, I had to buy some things to prepare for it ;u;.

I didn't take a picture of everything together for god knows what reason, but the main things are totally my new pair of cloud patterned pajamas! They remind me of Andy's room from Toy Story ;u;! I may or may not be wearing them now xD

Okay, I totally am wearing them right now xD.

Next, I finally got a pair of dot tights! They were only around $7, and luckily I grabbed the last pair in white :D! I still want a pair with bigger dots, but I'm pretty happy with these.

I also nabbed a long monotone off the shoulder T-shirt! It's a really cute cut and I'm totally planning on using it to make shirts the perfect shape for fairy kei xD. I also got myself a long yellow tank top. I'm trying to add yellow to my wardrobe, since I think it looks so tacky and fabulous with lavender xD. I didn't take individual pictures of these, but I have a worn one!

yucky quality;; sorry about that! How do you guys like my touristy style~ xD?

I also got around to getting myself a lipstain, some sunglasses, and yellow nailpolish for my April nails! (I think I'll post a tutorial on them this time~)

and thats all for Target! After Target, I convinced my mom and stepdad to take me to Jo-Anne's to pick up some fabric. I ended up getting more fabric and things than I thought xD

Pink and lavender I'll be using for an AP-style salopette or romper hopefully! The yarn I'm hoping to make pompom style hair ties from, and I'm still not sure what to do with the polkadots! I have close to two yards of it, so maybe some bloomers~?

I also bought a new bathing suit, but I didn't take pictures xD When the lighting is decent tomorrow, I'll take some ;u;.

So that's that! Hope you all had a great day as well :D. Thanks for looking!

I'm going to lounge in these cloud pajamas all weekend forever *u*.


  1. Awww, on your way to Savannah, you'll totally pass my university D:

    And make a skirt with the polka dot fabric-- it's what I used for my JSK and it looked awesome. Good haul!

  2. Will I? hahahaha! What if I see you o3o!

    I might! It's not exactly two yards so it might not end up being full enough ;~;

  3. Nice finds! My wardrobe might be mostly black, but I like all the bright pastels you use. ^^ lol

  4. Thank you! Last year I had a really monochrome wardrobe, actually xD It's funny how things filter in and out and it all changes ;u;.

  5. Your hair is really cute styled that way!~

  6. @Sasha - Thank you! :D!
    @Winsome - Thanks :D I totally do too xD its my go to outfit ;v;

  7. I love those pyjamas! XD
    Polka dot bloomers would be so adorable :3

  8. i need a pajama like that in my life * A * !♥

  9. @spiffykidd - I'm totally going to live in them x3!
    @insertcake- you do! they're so nice *~*

  10. Such cute gets! I love Jo-Anns much more than necessary. I've been planning to make pom pom hair ties for so long, but I'm so lazy! D:

  11. Thanks dear! I love them too ;~; whenever I go I end up wishing I could buy more and browse forever ahahaha. they really don't take much time at all! I made one the other night in about five minutes ;u;.

  12. I've been meaning to get polka dot tights <3 They're too cute! The fabric is for a salopette or romper? Can't wait to see the WIP and results from those!

  13. You should! I really like them ;u;. These ones are pretty low quality though, theres already a tear in them x~x.

  14. Love your nightwear outfit with cloud prints, I'd wear the trousers out myself! xxX