Monday, October 31, 2011

☆Updates~ Cult Party Kei! Shopping and Outfits☆

Hello~ everyone! How are you on this wonderful Halloween? I hope it's full of spooky treats and sweets for all ;u;! Sorry for once again breaking that three day schedule I had going (for like, two posts xD) but this weekend was super busy and a lot of fun :D! It was actually the wonderful Jesse (Teenmermaid) 's birthday this past Sunday, and on Saturday I went to meet him and a few others to celebrate! The next day, Jesse and  I headed out to Little 5 Points, which is a great place near downtown Atlanta full of second hand and specialty stores. There was some really cute stuff that I spotted while we were out, even though I couldn't take pics while I was out (I promise I'll have a camera soon!), so here's what I got!

This from Junkmans daughter! I remember pulling it from the rack like "haha watch this be $40" but it was only $10! I really love it *u*!

And this long pink robe, only $9! 

A little bit different from my usual style, right? Lately I've been really interested in Cult Party Kei! It's not any kind of actual cult or anything like that, so no worries! The name of the fashion derived from the store Cult Party, which is now The Virgin Mary . If you've heard of Dolly Kei, it's a very closely related style to that, but with slight differences such as a more subdued color pallet like pastels and creams, cutesy motifs like anime characters  or vintage toys, lots of sheer fabrics, and more flowy,  light silhouettes. To me it seems like a cool, extremely feminine cross between dolly kei and fairy kei and I've been drawn to it for a while, but haven't gotten started on collecting a wardobe for it or anything. I did try my finds on to take a picture, but it's not really a ready coordinate yet, I'm still missing a lot of things! Hopefully I can go thrifting very soon and find some more useable stuff as well as make a few things for it ;u;!

I also bought these leggings! What a find ;v;! Only $6 in a small wig and accessories shop that happened to have a lot of tights and leggings. I'll probably end up using them a lot!

I'll probably love polka dots forever ;u;. 

I have a couple of outfits from october as well :D! This month was pretty work intensive at school, and I didn't go out too often so I sort of slacked on taking pictures. I only have four pictures from this month haha!  I hope you enjoy anyways ;u;.

Just for school ;u;.
~ Rundown ~
Tops ~ thrifted, secondhand, offbrand
Shorts ~ Forever21
Tights, socks ~ eBay, offbrand
Shoes ~ thrifted
Accessories ~ handmade, offbrand, taobao
Wig ~ toabao

So I caved and totally decided to wear this shirt normally hahahaha
~ Rundown ~
Shirt ~ offbrand
Skirt ~ bodyline
Tights/Socks ~ offbrand
Accessories ~ handmade/offbrand

~somewhere in here I got really lazy about outfit pictures and didn't take any xD~

Different right? This was for a school event ;u;.
T-shirt ~ Self altered
Skirt ~ thrifted
Tights, socks ~ offbrand
Accessories ~ Offbrand, handmade

Halloween! At school I was Barbie ;u;. I'm not going out tonight though(it's a school night and it's too cold!).
Dress ~ Handmade
Jacket ~ Offbrand
Tights, socks ~ offbrand
Shoes ~ Thrifted
Accessories ~ Offbrand, Bodyline ,Taobao

Thanks for looking! And of course I hope you all have a perfect Halloween ~ ☆


  1. YUGIOH SHIRT! I want haha.

    Love the duck outfit and the one below it...that dress is gorgeous!

  2. I love it hahah!

    Thank you so much~! <3!

  3. Omg that bed jacket!!! I am so jealous. It has such pretty colors. Loving the robe too. I also want to try some cult party kei outfits b ut I really haven't yet. I have pieces that I can incorporate into the look, but it really comes down to the accessories to pull it altogether and I don't have like anything yet! I need random lace pieces and red crosses and then I'll be set.

    The rest of your outfits are also totally adorable, especially the last one! The dress you made is so cute. I was thinking of being Barbie for Halloween too, but then our power went out and so I didn't feel like dressing up.

  4. You should definitely try! I agree with you, I for sure need more pins and I really want some bulky cute cross pins and accessories! I'm excited to collect more and more :>!

    Thanks so much! I understand that, it's a such a pain to do anything when the powers out ;A;!

  5. Yeah, I've been looking but even though I've been "studying," so to speak, cult party kei for a while it's hard for me to pick out things that I can be like "yes, I can work this into cult party somehow!" I find picking out accessories for fairy kei/pop kei much easier and I rarely even dress in that style! Sigh. At some point though I'm hoping that I'll find something. I might also salvage some vintage lace and things and see if I can make some kind of cute brooch out of it.

  6. AAAH! Everything is so amazing! I especially love your first two finds (kind of dying over that bed jacket seriously). I've also been super attracted to cult party kei lately :D

  7. @Ann - I totally know that feeling! It's always so hard to look for things to match specific styles. Good luck finding the perfect things <3! And you totally should make that brooch *u*!

    @Eline ~ I'm dying over it too!! I was so thrilled to find it ;v;! It's a really cute style, right~?